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The psycho vampire queen

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A sweet poison she is, sweet to humans with pure hearts but the worst nightmare to humans with dark hearts. She doesn't take chances with evil humans, she takes their lives immediately. She is Irena Ursula, the most respected queen of the vampire kingdom. But upon meeting Alexey Kojav, the playboy billionaire, she just couldn't hurt him because, at the last minute, she read his mind and realized he wasn't who she thought he was. How did love bloom between Irena Ursula and Alexey Kojav despite all the difficulties, and Alexey’s habits as a playboy? Will Irena be able to open her heart to a bad boy? Find out in The Psycho Vampire Queen.


Pigs everywhere


“Ahhhh yes, you are a s*xy woman Irena”

Smirking, I bit my lips and pulled his hair back “of course I am Senator, what did I tell you about telling me things I already know of?” I questioned naughty, licking my lips. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he shivered in pleasure.

“You'll punish me for being a naughty senator,” he answered.

Dirty f*ck*ng pig

“That's right boy, now I'm going to punish you for being a bad senator,” I smirked and picked up a rope. He looked like an excited Pit-bull on heat, ugly!

“Oh please my queen, I’m ready to take whatever you give to me, I've been such a naughty boy,” he moaned as I proceeded to tie his hands, restricting his movement.

“What are you going to do to me my queen?” he asked in a supposedly s*xy voice.

I spanked his butt a little bit harder than usual “No questions my boy!”

Cringing inwardly, I smirked and picked up a whip. He groaned in pleasure.

I stood up sexily and while biting my lips, I swung the whip around and twisted my hair around my index finger “Let me see that s*xy butt senator,”

He shuffled clumsily like the fat pig he was and extended his rear end. I kissed his arse and he moaned enjoying the sensation

“Now if you take your punishment like a good boy, I’ll give you a treat,” I squeezed his butt “so will you be a good boy?”

He nodded vigorously and I chuckled.

I lifted the whip and brought it down on his butt, not so hard and not so soft. Hard enough for him to feel the pain, and good enough for him to like it and remain aroused. But it wasn’t good enough for him though, I wanted him to cry, I wanted tears on his skin, I wanted blood, I wanted to laugh as he writhes pain and find his wails musical. I whipped him again, maybe a little bit too hard, but I couldn't help myself and he’s such a good boy that he wouldn’t express the pain.

“Are you my good boy senator?” I chucked rather cynically while I whipped him again.

“Yes, yes my queen! I’m your good boy!” he was already drooling from remaining in that position though and that was not a good sight at all.

How is he still married?

I flung off the whip. “You’ve been good, you took your punishment like a good senator.” He nodded moaning, I could see pre-c*m rolling off his hard d*ck “you can lay on your back now,” I stated.

He clumsily laid on his back breathing heavily. His fat face was flushed and he looked disoriented.

“You promised me a treat my queen, I’ve been a good boy,” he said through heavy breaths.

I smiled and kissed him “of course senator,” I pushed him back on the,e bed gently

“I would let you eat me” I whispered into his ears” his d*ck jerked in excitement

I chuckled and he grabbed my face kissing me wetly

I broke the kiss and sexily crawled up, until my p*ssy was on his face and he grabbed my waist and pulled me down on his face. I gasped when I felt his tongue flick on my cl*t.

“Just like that senator,” I whispered and then I started humping my vagina against his mouth, getting crazy from the pleasurable sensation.

I heard him moan and squeeze my butt, and I kept on humping, I felt myself drool. I was enjoying this, his muffled groans, my cl*t pressed against the softness of his mouth and the feeling of his vibrating mouth against my vagina. I wanted more, I humped even faster, feeling the climax build up as I kept going, this is good, so good

He kept on groaning, hitting my thighs desperately, wanting to breathe

I laughed

“Yes, isn't this good? I'm definitely enjoying myself,” I asked excitedly, his fat legs kicking about fruitlessly.

“You’re going to die pleasing me!” I exclaimed, laughing even more. It couldn't be any better, I was close, very close.

I lifted one of his arms and dug my fangs into his veins, enjoying the taste of his blood in my mouth. He moaned even loudly trying even more desperately to push me off, but he was human, he was weak against me. Drinking more blood and rocking the pigs head could never have felt better.

F*ck, oh f*ck

My body jerked and I laughed sloppily as I experienced the satisfying orgasm.

After some minutes of total silence, I looked down.


His head was crushed and my vagina is covered in his blood. I clearly didn't think this through, now I have to spend more time cleaning my vagina.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom humming the heathens as I stopped in front of the mirror. My beautiful red hair was messy, my lips were coated in blood and my vagina was dripping blood, I looked perfect.

I walked into the shower and washed off.

I got dressed, picked up my purse and gave Senator Freeman one last spank before leaving.

I walked out and stood in front of the door as it automatically closed behind me. I chuckled and resumed walking towards the elevator.

I’m not perfect, time couldn’t lay more emphasis on that and I would hate to be. But humans? There’s nothing really special about them, and they are disgustingly imperfect. Live for up to a thousand years and you’ll see no difference even as the world changes around you. Some humans; I find them disgusting. A lack of appreciative satisfaction is something almost all of them lack, and it’s one thing that is as old as Earth’s birth.

The elevator doors automatically opened and I walked in.

Well I use it to my advantage, a way to erase my guilt and feed. His wife doesn’t have to deal with a cheating husband and she’s very welcome. He was such an unattractive cheating b*st*rd by the way, a waste of space. The FBI wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with his embezzling *ss anymore. I chuckled, these people owe me.

I don’t have to worry about the body, I’m a vampire, I have no reflection, no existing identity or any biological means of identification. I’m undead, the body is for the humans to deal with.

Carlos, my driver, was waiting next to my car.

“Good evening madam,” he greeted while opening the door to the passenger's seat for me.

I nodded “ Take me to Sodom’s City Carlos!” I ordered excitedly.

“Not going straight home anymore?” he asked starting the car

“Eden said she saw André in my city, that fool thinks he’s smart or something.” I responded.

Sodom City is a club and brothel I own. It's a large facility, consisting of two buildings. The first being the club and hotel and the second building, was home to my loyal workers.

“I think he's behind those murders,” he considered.

I looked at him disappointingly.

“You think??” I scoffed, “I can tell that the human's lack of insight seems to have rubbed off on you more than time has.”

He laughed, “Madam you have zero faith in me!”

“I have faith in me Carlos, and that's faith enough.”

He chuckled and started driving.

Some information from the radio caught my attention, and I asked Carlos to increase the volume.

“… the body was found in West Coast's alley close to the Graham’s heart foundation and the victim was said to have died from loss of blood-” Andre! that pig!



“Drive faster!” I ordered in a harsh tone, I was beyond p*ss*d. I can’t wait to get to that club and dealing with that f*ck.

We soon at Sodom's City and I barged into my club at an unnatural speed.

“Where’s that pig?” I asked loud enough to make my voice echo in the hall filled with people.

The crowd paved the way for me, creating an opening around Carlos, and immediately he tried to leave. The f*ck??

Two guards immediately caught him and carried him to an empty room. I sat in front of him with the scariest expression on my face, causing him to flinch.

“Why did you do it?” I thundered with a voice cold enough to cut ice, and yet these words and expressions weren’t enough to show how angry I am.

André cowered “ I couldn’t control myself madam-”

I didn’t even want to hear his excuse

“ -And you have the guts to come to my city, to bring your crime to my place!” I exclaimed.


I punched him, sending him flying straight into the wall, causing a large dent. He hissed, extending his canines into fangs.

Thoughts from most hidden parts of his mind flooded into my head, he didn’t care about the number of victims, he was going to feed as much as he wanted because he’s stronger and vampires should overrule humans.

The audacity to have such thoughts when he knew very well that I can read his mind!

He stood up and tried to move toward me, but my guards held him firm. I spat in his face.

“By the time they’re done with you, you’ll know how to keep your trouble to yourself.” I said standing up.

“Deal with him,” I ordered walking out of the room “and remember, don’t cause any attention, I have guests in the house.”

Heck I needed a f*ck*ng drink.

I stopped in front of the stairs as soon as I got to the last floor.

“I’m sorry for that little inconvenience my friends,” I smiled, referring to the guests. “Some people know well enough to not cross me, while some just never learn.”

My guests laughed while someone placed a glass of champagne on my hands.

I walked down the stairs while August walked towards me. August was my youngest worker, and she is a sweet little thing that I fear would act like a teenager forever. She’s very loyal though, and also useful.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with a client?” I asked her while sipping my champagne.

“He left,” she replied adjusting her gown “ he was boring anyways.” she added.

I chuckled, “I don’t have to remind you that their personality should not be a problem to you when it’s not affecting you directly and negatively.”

She scoffed “and his palms were so sweaty, his touches made me cringe.”

I shook my head “You’re not dating him are you?”

She shook her head.

“so you don’t have to keep complaining.”

I got to my office door, opened it and walked inside. My secretary wasn’t in the office.

“Where's Lesley?” I asked. August plopped down on a chair.

“I don't know, I've been so busy with my client that I barely noticed her leaving.” She replied lazily.

“So tell me, what happened while I was away?”

She shrugged “the usual. A pair of human couples were found with crystal meth and were ordered to leave the city. They tried putting up a fight, but Duke bundled them up and threw them out. It was a funny sight.” she laughed.

I shook my head and dropped the glass of champagne on my desk. “Did Raymond return the money he owes?” I questioned frowning.

She nodded “he brought it in cash, here” she handed the money to me.

“Complete?” I asked.

She nodded “yup, I wouldn’t take it from him if it wasn’t complete madam.”

I took the money and placed it in the bill counter, it read one hundred thousand dollars, complete.

“It would be the last time that vampire would be getting a loan from me.” I fumed leaning back.

In case you haven’t realized, I run a brothel and club while I render special services myself.

All my workers are vampires. We vampires have been existing alongside humans, but under a disguise. Only a few humans know of our existence, and they are either dead or turned. It is important that our race be kept a secret, an exposure will cause another war and humans are useful to us because they are our source of food. The Vampire race has never been large because reproduction do not occur in high numbers and after the war between us vampires and humans, the vampires left are still undead with the council deciding that the number of humans should far more exceed that of vampires, to aid our secrecy and cause no struggle for human blood.

“There was a transfer of five hundred thousand dollars an hour ago, from a client we rendered service to yesterday,” Tonia announced walking into the office “I sent you an email.”

I looked up and stared at her coldly.

“and where have you been?” The money was transferred an hour ago and she didn't call to inform me.

“I-I went-”

She was a stuttering mess. I read her mind; She went to see her partner Matt who was traveling to Russia today.

“I love you Tonia, but this would be the first and last time you mix pleasure with work.” I warned her sternly.

Urghhh newbies.

“Yes madam, it wouldn’t happen again.” she replied.

I placed my legs on the table and threw bubble gum in my mouth.

“Oh it's not my problem if it happens again, it's yours.” I drawled while stretching out my wine glass for a refill- she took out a bottle of champagne from the wine bar and refilled my glass.

She cleared her throat.

“Madam, we received a special order today,”

“Now did we?” I asked raising my eyebrows and blowing a bubble

“A request for your most special service-” I am my most special service “-I sent you an email.”

I picked up my phone and checked my email

Alexey Lewiston- what kind of lame name is that? Some people ran out of brain cells when giving names?

“What kind of p*ssy *ss name is Alexey??” I asked no one in particular. They both chuckled.

To meet at the Frinston residential hotel at 9p.m Sunday; that’s tomorrow. Room 48

I dropped my phone. The Frinston residential hotel, isn’t that the hotel owned by the same tech company?

Who said something about the CEO being a playboy and being good at disregarding women?

“Has any of my workers done anything with him?” I inquired from Lesley

“Nope, but King the bodyguard got info from a human client that this CEO is not a big fan when it comes to respecting women, and he’s married,”

I nodded and picked up my glass of Champagne

We’ll see “Lesley, call my stylist!”

Lesley called my stylist, putting her phone on speaker.

"Hey Curt," she greeted

"B*tch, what the f*ck do you want?" He sounded rude and hostile, and we were all surprised.

Lesley looked nervous.

"Madam wants an outfit to see a client," she informed.

" I'll get it done," he declared and ended the call.

"What's going on between you two?" I asked calmly.


Talented appendages


It was Saturday and I decided to hit the gym before going for my appointment. I need to burn off some steam.

And I haven’t been here for two days. I excitedly greeted the security man and walked into the gym filled with ripped men and women. Yum!

Some of the men stared at me and I ensured to blow every one of them a kiss. I took out a bottle of water and drank some before I stood in front of the mirror and started stretching, I winced as my bones popped. Some men changed the direction they were facing so they could discreetly watch me stretch, and I don’t mind one bit! I deserve all the attention. I was wearing a black crop top, a pair of Tik Tok leggings enhancing my amazing hourglass figure. I looked dazzling as usual.

Lesley refused to tell me what happened between her and Curt, claiming that it's personal, so I left it as it is.

After stretching, I decided to lift weights. I got busy lifting a barbell when there was


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