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The Mafia's unknown kids

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Synopsis Beauty, Smart and outspoken Bridget Lorenzo who lives with her poor parents and helps them out in their restaurant after getting fired at her work place. Xavier is an American Mafia lord who deals in all manner of illegal businesses. He had a one night stand with Bridget. After which she revealed to him that she's pregnant . Will the great Mafia lord accept the pregnancy? What will happen when Bridget finds out that she's carrying his twins? The story takes another turn when Xavier had a gr at power tussle with his rival Jacob which lead to a great memory loss. What happens when Gloria Bridget's best friend frames to be pregnant with Xavier's child. Will he still reunite with his kids? Will Bridget accept him even after she's moved on?

Chapter 1

The Mafia's unknown kids

Chapter 1

I walked home, shoulders slumped dragging my feet with a sad look on her face

I kept on cursing my luck for being beautiful and curvy

My boss, who was an old perverted man had took a liking to me and wanted to bloody sleep with me but I had always somehow ignored him until today when he groped my breast from behind while I was adjusting the supposed broken blinds in his office

I got angry and kicked his balls which resulted in the bloody fool for me.

It's no thought that am beautifull with sky blue eyes with chestnut hair, dimples, smooth straight legs and a gentle baby face

I huffed out in frustration as she got home "Mom, I'm home" I yelled out.

Dropping my keys on the dining table, I headed towards the kitchen.

I met my mom cooking, taking a bottled water from the fridge I gulped it down as I breathed in,


she thought to herself.

"Hey momma" she turned to her mom who didn't turn to look at her, "what ya cooking?"

I asked her with a raised brow.

"I'm making Mac and cheese" My mom replied still not looking at her

"That looks yummy mom" I said licking my lips, I looked around and saw that my mom had prepared different kinds of varieties,

I stretched out my hand to take the juicy chicken that was calling my name only to get my palm slapped away, I rubbed my palm in pain

"Your grandma is coming today"

My mom blurted out obviously happy.

"oh no! Gran gran is coming?" I said as I groaned my mom smacked my head.

"She's your grandma so get used to it" she reminded me.

"I know but she'll be talking about her friends grandchildren who had gotten engaged and all" I said with a groan and my mom chuckled

"Go get changed, she'll be here in a minute" I dragged my feet .

'can today get any worse'

I thought within me.

After freshening up I headed downstairs, on hearing my grandma's booming voice I got scared and wanted to skip dinner but was caught by mother

"Honey, grandma is here" my mom said

" Hi Gran gran" I said sarcastically

" Hi baby, get down here and greet Gran gran" her grandma said with a smirk

Settling down at the dining we began eating after saying a short prayer not without my grandma always bringing up my boyfriend issues

I soon got angry and stormed out, I headed to a popular club downtown

I sat at the bar and ordered for strong drinks,

"Hey b*tch" My best friend greeted me as she sat down beside me. I had earlier called my best friend over.

I felt eyes on me and I looked up towards the VIP to see a pair of green eyes staring intensely at me

Having been drunk, I felt horny and winked at the man who smirked at me which got my panties wet all of a sudden.

"This is crazy"

I thought to myself.

I bit my lips as I stood up heading to the dance floor with my wobbly legs leaving my friend behind

I began dancing sensually to the song as I stared right back into his eyes.

I was lost in the song when I felt hands around my waist

I rubbed my booty against the hard stuff that was poking me, He groaned in pleasure as he gripped my waist tighter

I liked the response I was getting from him as he used his left hand to grip my buttock

"Why don't we take this to the room" he said as he spanked my booty

I shivered in pleasure as I felt his hands gripped my thigh

He wrapped my legs around his waist as I put my hands around his neck to hold herself

We began kissing fiercely, He dominated me as he s*ck*d every corner of her mouth while walking towards a room

I didn't know when they got to a room, I felt something soft below me and figured that it was a bed

I began to have second thought on giving my virginity to a stranger i just met but that thought was soon gone from my head as he s*ck*d my boobs through my bra, I didn't even know when he took my clothes off "snap" he tore my bra open, licked his lips as he used his hands to fondled my breast

They were calling him to s*ck on them, without wasting time he latched on the right one as I l arched my back in pleasure

He s*ck*d in intervals, switching from both.

He traced his right hand from my stomach towards my p*ssy as he lightly spanked it causing me to shiver

He left my boobs and began sucking on my p*ssy making me squirm

"I..I'm..ab... Ahhh" I screamed as I c*m undone, he licked his lips and kissed me making me to taste myself

He soon became naked as he rubbed his d*ck on my p*ssy.

My eyes widen as I saw the monster that was about to go into me, he smirked

"I don't think that would..." I was cut off by his penetration

"It hurts" I said groaning in pain as I tried pushing him away from me "I know baby, just hold still the pain would soon vanish" he said as he peppered my face with kisses

He began to go slow after some minutes

" Oh baby, you're so f*ck*ng tight" he said with a groan as he began to thrust into me

All I could feel at that moment was pain mixed with pleasure

Soon I began to feel pleasure "go faster" I urged him and like that was the statement he was waiting for he plummed in me like this is his last f*ck

" Rrrr"


Groans and moans could be heard as he feasted on my breast while f*ck*ng me.

"I'm about to cuumm...." I screamed with her mouth left open with my eyes rolled back as i c*m undone, feeling the tightness of my p*ssy which gripped him like a vice he c*m in me as he collapse on the other side both falling asleep from exhaustion.

Chapter 2

The Mafia's unknown kids

Chapter 2

Bridget's POV

Waking up the next day I felt pressed and decided to get up only to be pulled back.

I looked down to see an arm wrapped around me

'An arm'I wondered

Tracing the arm, I was met with a hunk looking man

Everything about him looks perfect

Damn he is handsome

'Hold on, a man! What am I doing in bed with a man and why am I naked?!'

I thought with my eyes wide

I screamed pushing him to the ground

"Fuck!" He muttered in pain as he got up

"What the hell bitch, why did you fucking do that?"

"I should be asking that bloody questions to you dummy, what are you doing on my bed naked?" I asked pointing accusing fingers at him

He chuckled" why don't you look around you"

" What do you mean by..." I gasp as I looked around wondering where I was

"Where am


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