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The Mafia - His Dangerous Love

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Harry Rey is a hardhearted, unpitying and cruel personality when it's about his family. He fully enjoys his life. On his business trip, he sees the dazzlingly beautiful girl when his brother pulls over the car at a red light signal. Unfortunately, Both brothers have the same feelings for her. Harry never felt love before. Her one look was enough to give him a kick. On other hand, Jackson Rey is less cruel and handsome than his brother. He is the future mafia boss. He didn't want his brother to lay his eyes on her as Harry dates a new girl every day. Love is an adorable, slim girl. Who is a tutor and loves her family. After her father's death, she fulfilled all the responsibilities. Her life turns east to West when she witnesses a scandal. To know who will marry her? Continue reading......

Chapter 1


Jackson's POV

Our private plane landed at the airport of a small town. Climbing down the stairs, I sat in my BMW and headed toward another Town in the city of California. Our accountant betrayed me and pilfered with our money. He hid himself here. He thought I couldn't catch him. My brother was my only childhood friend. He was sitting in the front seat. My bodyguard Billa was also with us. He was sitting in the back seat. Harry, my brother and I completed our studies together in the best university in the world.

' Harry is a cruel, vicious and pathetic personality. I don't find it bad as people like him are required in this world, especially ours. He doesn't hesitate to show people his worst side whenever it's about family. We're like brothers. His father lost his life protecting my father' life. His mother couldn't bear it and passed away. His father was a close friend of my dad and both were Mafia. His father works for my dad. So dad adopted Harry, making him part of our family. He's two minutes younger than me. Basically, we are brothers. He handles things with a hot mind and with efficiency. On the contrary, I do it with a calm mind. I suppressed my second side when I can easily do my task with the sunny side. '

" I'll kill that rascal. " Harry seethed. His jaw was set tight and his hand was fisted over his thigh.

" Chill! Harry. Money is not important to me. He was my man and he betrayed me because of money. I'll never tolerate this s**t. Betrayal and impossible words are not part of my life." I said to him, watching straight on the road. The accountant was perfect prey for the permeated monster inside him to devour, right now.

" F****r messed up with the mafia." Harry boiled. His gaze was intense. His jaw tickled.

" Sometimes I think dad shouldn't make you part of this world. He should limit you to the shipping business. " I said to him, staring at him.

He turned his face to see me, " You are kidding me, brother." He said intensely, his cold glare rested on me.

" Look at you. Rage has turned you red. We will catch him. We are the lions of this field." I said, turning the mirror toward him, so he could see his face.

" Huh! Your sunny side is equal to my tranquil nature. You just don't show anger. Don't paint yourself a saint. " He taunted and glanced himself in the mirror, " Fu**!! you're right. " he calmly replied to me now.

"Told ya!" I drawled, tapping my finger on the steering wheel.

I stopped the car at the red signal, " We are almost there. Take left from the signal." Harry said. His blue eyes were fixed on someone. He was looking f*****g calm as he was glancing at heaven.

' His blue eyes reminded me of my father. Both have the same eyes. No one can say after seeing them together that he is adopted. I haven't seen him staring at someone with affection and care. Only saw him glaring at our enemies.'

I ignored where he was gazing. I kept my finger tapping on the steering wheel, " Hmm, " I hummed and darted my eyes at the crowd.

A girl in a white top captured my gaze. She was slim. The perfect shape of her body, beautiful curves, was grabbing everyone's eyes on her. Her chestnut brown long wavy hair was covering her face from the view. She was standing on the same road where I had to take a turn. She tucked her hair in a high ponytail, showing her back. Her shirt was showing her perfect figure. Now her arms were hiding her face.

" F**k!" I banged my hand on the steering wheel in frustration. It didn't mean I was a bad boy or any philanderer who spent every night with a different girl. It was Harry, who spent every day with different girls. His phone didn't rest for a second. Some were not bothered he's mafia. They just want money, the expensive gifts he gave to them. Girls wanted to be with me. Genuinely, I wanted someone unique and special like the rarest diamond, who would belong only to me.

" It's not your job. She's mine. I've seen her first." He snapped, looking at her.

I cut him with my glare, " She is mine." I snapped sternly.

' I know my brother very well. I can't allow him to spoil her life. She's something special. '

" Hold on brother! Are you in love? You barely know her. You didn't meet that beauty. Right now, you're struggling to see her face." He said, pointing at her.

' I don't know about love. ' I turned my gaze back at her. Finally, she turned, showing me her beautiful face, brown eyes, full pink lips, glowing skin. She must be God's favourite. She walked fast in her black pointed heels, "She's not yours," I told him.

He gritted his teeth. His knuckles turned white, "She's not a thing, Jack. She's mine. I'm telling you," He snarled.

It astounded me. He always treated girls like a thing. I glanced at him. He was looking dead serious.

' What is wrong with him? Is he in love with her? '

The signal turned green. I could hear people blowing horns behind us. Clenching the steering wheel, I drove to the location and reached the spot where that rascal was supposed to be. Our people were already there.

' After sorting this out, I'm gonna find her. I don't care what Harry feels for her. '

I went into the house. I leisurely sat on the couch. My men knew to do their job. They were rummaging the whole house.

After thirty minutes, " Her wife has hidden herself in the bathroom upstairs. " One of my men said.

I stood up and crossed the distance.

Billa was straddling over a woman. I glared at him, " We don't hurt women and children " I was annoyed.

" I'm just trying to scare her." He smirked, hitting his belt on the bedside. He was finding a way to entertain all.

" Back off from her. "Harry ordered him after coming into the room.

Meanwhile, something smacked on the mirror wall. All the heads swivelled to see out of the mirror wall.

' Dear God! She is the same girl. '

I smiled. She waved her hand with a killer smile. I was standing close to the window. Her eyes met mine. I ran my gaze on her body. Her shirt was wet from her waist. Her slim stomach was on display and hugged her tightly, showing her skin as the shirt became transparent. Abruptly, the curtains started to close the adorable view. I scooted toward the man who dared to do it. I punched him in his guts. He crouched down in pain.

" Chill! Brother. He was doing his duty. He doesn't know. Who is she to us? " Harry smirked wryly and he tilted his head at one side, looking at the window.

" Us... " I raised my eyebrows.

" I'm dating her, not you. I've made myself clear. She is mine, " he said, intensely.

" She's Innocent," I said.

" And perfect for me. I'll marry her," he said, making me surprised.

" You ain't serious. " I frowned.

He couldn't stick with a girl for more than a week. Billa stepped out of the bed and put his belt on his waist back.

" She would have called the police. " I said.

I told Harry to get out of this place. I wasn't scared of them. I just didn't want any mess in front of her. Frankly, I didn't want her to be scared of me.

Harry's phone rang and he answered it.

" You are right. My girl has called the police. Brave girl! " he smirked, waving his hand with his phone. It wasn't like we had come here extempore. The police knew we were here and what we were doing here.

' Most importantly, they know who we are. They can't dare to lay hands on the mafia. By the way, we haven't broken any law in this country yet. They don't wanna bear the wrath of us, especially my father.'

" You go," I said, a smile was still clinging to my lips.

" Do you know anything about that girl?" Harry asked the woman. Who had pushed herself to the wall on the floor in dread.

" You're an obnoxious person." I snapped at Harry.

He ignored me, " Speak up, woman. I'm asking something indispensable. " he bellowed.

" S ss she is the tutor of Mrs Seth's Kids. " she shivered while sobbing.

" See... Stop blaming. I'm trying to help me to get her. " he mocked and cocked at me.

" No one will harm you. You can go wherever you want after we capture your husband." I assured the lady. I stared at Harry.

" No one will hurt her, Jack. " Harry rolled his eyes.

I walked out of the house. I unlocked my car and got in the SUV. Harry went off with the lady to inquire about her husband. I asked my driver to park the car aside on the road. I knew she would pass through this road. My eyes were waiting for her glimpse.

She came, lost in her thoughts. My eyes were not leaving her. She halted her feet near my car. She started to turn away. Without wasting time, I opened the door of my car. I wrapped my arm around her slim wrist. I kept it light around her wrist as I was so strong for her. She turned to see me. I clasped her mouth and pulled her inside the car.


Lovey's POV

It was quiet around. The pink walls were filled with various posters. Some were painted by my students and some to increase their learning skills. The small hands were writing down on their notebooks. The maid came into the room with a tray of orange juice's glasses. The kids grabbed it hurriedly from her hands. Rudra stood up from his chair and stumbled on the red carpet. He dropped it on my favourite white shirt.

' Oh no! It was the only white shirt I have in my cupboard. I bought this brand on sale. '

I instantly picked a handful of tissues from the table and began to wash it.

" Oh gosh! what did you do, kiddo?" She raised her voice on him, almost scolding him. Mrs Seth was reading a magazine at the end of the hall sitting leisurely on her favourite chair.

" It's okay. " I protested, wiping it with tissues. But I wasn't sure about it.

"I'm sorry, miss." Rudra looked up at me with his big brown eyes, his hair was covering his forehea


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