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The Life to Live

The Life to Live

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A girl wanting more than they were handed that one day gets what she wants a bada** wealthy guy a great lifestyle that everyone want or they think they want until they get it. If she thought the obstacles before were rough now well lets just say she cant buy here way out of this life that she wanted with her husband being a … She then learns that all of those friends she made after were … and that after all this there are a couple more surprises insure for more than a couple of people. She wonders did she ever actually know her life.

Chapter 1

Oh my god I have a very important interview and I cant find my nice pear of sweat pants. " You will be fine if you take the money I'm offering you", said Maya. I don't need your handouts what I need is a stable job so I can make my own money. " I have money it really doesn't bother me if you need some I know you want to make your own but if you don't wear decent clothing you are not gonna make any money" said Maya. I know I just want to do this without help I already am in debt for like 13k from a bunch of people I don't want to keep adding to that you know I just want to be able to live my life, oh shit its already 1:45 I have to go I'm gonna be late bye. " Ok bye" Maya said with a giggle". I still cant find my good sweatpants and I only have 5 Minutes till I have to leave to go to the bus station. I guess I will go with this old worn out pair of sweats rather than my newer sweatpants I bought last year. I need this job but if I don't get it I don't know what I will do.

Chapter 2

Oh thank god I made the bus on time but now I'm stuck with my crappy sweatpants with holes bigger than the grand canyon maybe I should have taken the money, well there's no time to do that now. How am I going to do this, should I list my talents or do a visual demonstration maybe I can borrow someone's laptop and I make a slide show on what I did for my last job. What am I going to do? … Hello my name is Valentina I'm here for the interview. "We will be with you when we can", Said the receptionist in an angered tone. … "Valentina you can go in now", said the receptionist still in an angered tone. Ok this is it my time to shine. I walked in an a bunch of business men in suits look at me with judgmental looks I go to say my name and immediately someone says, "Get out this is a job interview not a homeless shelter if I wanted to laugh I would have gone to a comedy show the businessman then asks if I have even gone to a college. They all loo


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