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The landlord of Mankayane

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What would you do if you were a rich landlord and you had no heir for your succession? This was the life challenge of Paddy, a wealthy British baron who migrated to Swaziland and married Pola, a beautiful local woman. Unfortunately, the union was childless and Paddy was sad, for he feared dying without a successor until one day, while he was on his sickbed, he had a dream in which he received news he would soon be a father. However, there was an obstacle he had to overcome for his dream to become tangible. Find out more in the main content about this incredible tale that unfolds in one of the most beautiful lands in southern Africa! ***Other author's book: "The lumberjack and the beautiful Suzie" Genre: Fantasy romance Available on Alphanovel

Prologue (1)

Once upon a time, there was a fifty-year-old rich British landlord who lived in Mankayane, a beautiful green outback in western Swaziland. His name was Paddy.

He possessed a one-story manor house and a hundred thousand-acre cornfield with close to two billion magnificently maintained plants.

He built up his wealth with the help of his gorgeous Swazi spouse Pola. She was ten years younger and had been married to him for two decades.

Unfortunately, the union was childless and in constant strain because Paddy feared passing away without an heir.

One day, Paddy was lying on his bed and was very ill. He had an acute fever and thought he would die.

His wife Pola stood by his side and administered him treatment. She prepared a tisane and helped him drink the medicinal beverage.

She then applied a towel imbibed with hot water on his face to reduce his body's temperature but it was to no avail.

So she called on the native doctor. The latter hastened to Paddy's sickbed and provided him with Sudarshan leaves and ginger but they didn't make him get better.

Not seeing any improvement in his state, Paddy confessed to his wife that his end had come and regretted he would decease without a descendant.

Hence he made his last wishes in his heart and entered a deep coma. Two spirits appeared to him in his unconsciousness. One was for good and was spreading a bright light. The other was for evil and was secreting obscurity. 

The holy spirit told Paddy that he had happy news for him. He would not join the ancestors right now and his wife Pola would bear a baby boy.

Paddy heard the revelation and jumped for joy but the instant didn't last.

The gloomy spirit took the floor and announced to the baron that he had terrible news for him.

He would indeed become a father, however, at his son's first sunset, a spell would be laid on the manor and he would lose all of his wealth and the infant would become deaf and dumb.

Prologue (2)

Paddy woke up from his faint and looked very sad. He shared his vision with his wife Pola and like him, she was invaded by sorrow.

Time flew by and a month later, while the couple was sitting at the dining table, the long wait took its last bend.

Pola had concocted her husband's favorite meal: basmati rice with minced lamb and flavored curry sauce.

They were savoring the delicacy when suddenly Pola felt unease. Paddy was focused on his dish, so he wasn't paying attention to her.

Pola held her breath, placed her left hand on her breast, then rose abruptly and ran upstairs to their bedroom's restroom. She spewed in the water closet all of the repast she had just swallowed.

Paddy was surprised by his wife's unexpected behavior. He interrupted his dinner and rushed to where she was. He found her in a position of weakness and yelled for assistance.

Their housekeeper, Maria, a middle-aged woman and mother of four kids in their adoles


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