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The Heir's Scandal

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The Crown Prince was forced to marry a low-status maid after being caught undressed in a hotel room. The ensuing scandal sparked debate among other royals. Two days before the wedding, the Empress-to-be lost her life in the exile residence. No one was aware of the circumstances. For the sake of justice, the death of the younger sister. Eventually, Agatha disguised herself as the twin sister to find her sister's executor. The mystery of the twin sister's death certainly aroused resentment in her heart. Who was behind the disappearance? Could she succeed in completing her mission? Keep watching the story.

The Incident in Hotel Room

During Queen Zeline's busy birthday celebrations, Agnia received an important assignment from the principal steward of the Principality of Liechtenstein. She was instructed to deliver some of the heirs to the throne's fancy clothes to a hotel near the city centre. It was her first time meeting Erick Rodolfo III after four years of working in the agricultural kingdom. Of course, it made her very excited. Moreover, the heir was so charming. What woman wouldn't be tempted by his charms?

"Huft, it's almost halfway to the hotel. However, why is it so strange that there isn't a single bodyguard accompanying me there? Is it possible that the Crown Prince's presence is being kept secret in there? Ah, it could be." Agnia looked back at the driver, still focused on her journey.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the road, the vehicle had a problem. The dwindling time also made her feel threatened. The reason is Eric doesn't like something that is undisciplined. Everything that had happened certainly made the heart of the charming young waitress operate very excessively. She finally decided to order an online vehicle to reach her destination.

"Why did everything happen when I was in charge? This is my first time serving the Crown Prince. I also wouldn't want this good opportunity to be ruined. Hm, could it be because of this that I was fired by him? Ah, no. Don't let that happen," Agnia said in her mind.

Her two beautiful beads continued staring at the watch, still spinning. It was only about fifteen minutes from the hotel.

However, trouble never seemed to leave her side. Instead, she was stuck in a traffic jam one-third of the way to Eric's hotel.

"Why this traffic jam? What's going on up ahead? Was there an accident?" Agnia grumbled to the driver.

"That's right, Miss. It looks like it's going to be difficult to get through to the other end." The driver was also a little uneasy.

"Well, what to do? I was ordered to escort...," Agnia's speech stopped because she did not want to invite trouble for the Crown Prince. "Hm, can you help me carry some of these clothes?" she asked.

"Well, you have a lot to carry, Miss. However, if I go together with you. Who will look after my car? I might lose my vehicle to earn a living," the driver replied, not wanting to help Agnia.

With a sarcastic look, Agnia began to reach for the money she had deliberately kept in the pocket of her maid's dress. She didn't want to beg the man to help her. The best way was to get out of there to make up for the time she had left. She also began to take out the luxurious clothes she had brought one by one. However, there was no way she could carry all the clothes covered in plastic that was specialized to protect the clothes.

"These clothes are too heavy and numerous. How is this? Ah, no one will help me here." Agnia glanced back at all the people passing by. "No one can be trusted to carry these clothes."

Finally, Agnia decided to carry them herself in a very poor condition. She also didn't care about her condition at the time. The only thing on her mind was to get the clothes safely to their master.

"Hah, even though it's only one meter away. However, this foot is like walking a kilo. It's so pathetic," Agnia protested as she glanced at the clothes she had laid out on the hotel sofa.

"Miss with the servant who has been sent by the Royal Servant to bring the Crown Prince's clothes?" asked a man suspected to be the Crown Prince's special security.

Agnia nodded quickly. "Right, where is the Crown Prince? Do I also have to ride along with you there?"

"Of course, Miss. Who would put these clothes on if not a special servant? I'm no expert at it either," said the stern-faced man with a hint of a sweet smile.

Agnia was indeed an innocent woman from the village. After listening to those words, she also felt uneasy. She still looked flat when the special guard tried to flirt with her.

"This man really makes me uneasy. Huft, I haven't even met the Crown Prince yet but I already feel threatened by this bodyguard. This is my first time doing such a heavy duty job, and I have no experience in serving the Crown Prince," Agnia thought after getting into the elevator.

After getting out of the elevator, she was immediately met by a man highly coveted by the entire Liechtenstein society. She immediately lowered her head because she did not dare stare at the man waiting for her. The handsome man, dressed casually, began to stare at her very intently.

"Are you the servant that the kingdom has sent for me?" Eric asked coldly.

Agnia nodded quickly. "That's right, Crown Prince. I'm sorry that i─"

"Quickly bring those clothes into my room. It's been a long time and what is this? There's a lot of dust between the upholstery of the clothes. How long have you been working, that you have neglected everything?" Eric again fell silent because he felt sorry for the young female servant. "Ah, just quickly bring these clothes! I don't want any more mistakes after you bring them into my private room!"

"Yes, Crown Prince," Agnia replied, already trembling. "Just the first meeting has already made a bad impression. How would you like to be his personal servant? Ah, I'm sure I'll be selected at the beginning of the enrollment," she said quietly after seeing Eric had moved away.

After entering, he was left behind by the man. Of course, that made her feel very confused. With a look of sadness, she immediately cleaned some clothes hanging on the hanger. At midnight, she also got the presence of the Crown Prince. Her tired body also made her fall asleep on the luxurious super king-size bed.

She realized that something was touching her body gently under the blanket. With her consciousness still not good enough, she began to put her hand into the blanket to feel the part that already felt uncomfortable. Her eyes also immediately rounded emphatically when she realized someone was enjoying her body. Her small body also began to rebel, but she could not resist the man's actions under the blanket.

"Who? Please don't be like this!" Agnia shouted in a panic.

She also did not expect that it was Eric who had touched her virgin body. She was already unconscious under the thick white blanket. When she wanted to get away, the hotel room door opened wide. She panicked and pulled back the blanket, lying freely to protect her beautiful body.

Scandal With The Crown Prince

Near the female reporter, the bodyguard shielded the uncomfortable sighting inside the hotel room. He also did not expect such a bad thing to happen when the Crown Prince was scheduled to conduct an interview session before returning to the residence.

"Hey, what are you looking at? Go away, I warn you not to record or photograph the apparition. Try to give me the camera!" said Mark, the man in charge of protecting the Crown Prince.

Unfortunately, Mark lost track of the woman when Eric shouted when he heard her voice. He also didn't have the resolve to refuse the call. Although, he was worried that the reporter had photographed or recorded the events in the hotel room.

"Ah, what took you so long? What's wrong? Why did you fight with that woman over there?" Eric asked with a face that still looked staggered.

Agnia, who was already in shock, immediately ran into the bathroom. She felt very panicked when she found blood coming from t


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