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What do you do when the world drives you to the very brink? Aurora, a young lady of 20 who lives with her wicked stepmom and sisters, has been ill-treated and maltreated by her step-family. The world turns against Aurora as she was sold into the royal family of the bad boy at school and her sworn enemy. What does life have for Aurora when she is forced to marry her enemy to keep the lineage going. WILL SHE AGREE TO MARRY HIM? What do you do when the world drives you to the very brink? Aurora, a young lady of 20 who lives with her wicked stepmom and sisters, has been ill-treated and maltreated by her step-family. The world turns against Aurora as she was sold into the royal family of the bad boy at school and her sworn enemy. What does life have for Aurora when she is forced to marry her enemy to keep the lineage going. WILL SHE AGREE TO MARRY HIM?

Chapter 1


"Wake up you lazy ass!" I heard in my sleep what seemed like a pile of clothes dumped on my body.

"Wake up ugly duckling" I heard as another round of clothes dropped on my bed.

I tiredly opened my blurry eyes as I used the back of my palm to clear my view to see piles of clothes on my bed all for me to wash!.

Clothes belongings to those young adults of 16 and 18, Harper is 18 while Aria is 16.

After all my endless chores yesterday and sleeping very late I still have to wash all this stinking stuff called clothes and do other chores just by myself.

The washing machine, dish washer and dryer were packed inside an old room by Fiona in order to make me suffer, even the vacuum cleaner was packed.

That's to tell you how cruel Fiona could be, not like we ain't rich enough, we are very rich but I stopped enjoying the riches after my dad got lost.

My mom is long gone, since I was five and ever since dad married Fiona life hasn't been easy for me.

At times I would wish death but death also turned it's back against me.

Back then when dad was around, Fiona controlled dad to the extent that she is now in charge of the company at Baltimore Maryland.

Now that I am alone with her I don't dare complain about anything, she would starve me for a week, and now she's even threatening to stop me from schooling but England doesn't accept students staying at home, they would arrest the adult living with them if noticed and Fiona would rather die than to sleep in jail a min.

I know what Fiona is capable of doing so I rather keep quiet and endure, maybe this is my destiny.

School has been my only place for free air even if I get troubled in school but thanks to the dummy weekend, I have to stay at home, and thank God tomorrow is Monday.

My life is bad luck… Yeah I said that..

I stood from my bed as I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and then started my daily routine. I swept and mopped the floors, did the dishes, washed the toilet, swept the big compound and trimmed the flowers in the garden and watered them.

I was already exhausted as I took the clothes to the washroom. I couldn't imagine myself washing at this point because I was really hungry and thirsty, but unfortunately I am not allowed to taste anything until I am done with all my chores.

Just as I was about to start to wash Fiona called out my name.

"Aurora!!, get your stinking ass here!" Fiona said as i ignored her and walked tiredly to the dining room

"Aurora come qui…" she tried saying as she saw me coming

"Aurora, I have warned you not to let me call you twice. Do you know how exhausting it is?Let this not repeat itself again, have I made myself clear?" she asked

"Yes ma" I managed to say, still waiting for the main reason I was called.

"Now go to my laundry basket and get all the clothes there and make sure you wash them sparkling clean" she ordered as I nodded and made it to her room when Harper's voice interrupted me.

"Aurora also wash mine clean because one of them is my dress for tomorrow's party" she said as I nodded and walked out as I heard Aria's voice

"I wonder why she's walking as if she has a boil on her butt " Aria said as they all brushed into laughter.

I wonder the joy they get in punishing me, they just hate me for no good reason.

Just look how they were devouring all the junk in the fridge without even asking if I cared for one, and after washing I will still have to cook.

Harper and Aria liked me when we were all young but I remember how Fiona made them hate, telling them lots of strange rubbish about me.



After washing, I cooked and ate. Luckily no one was home. Fiona obviously has gone to visit her sugar boy because she doesn't work on Sundays while Harper and Aria have gone to a far far away kingdom.

So I had time to rest and thank God for that…

I took my bath and went to my room to take a nap as that was the only thing I needed at that moment, I slept for what looked like hours because I woke up when it was already dark and for nobody to have woken me up which means none of them are back.

I yawned loudly and checked my phone time. It was 6:06pm, I sluggishly walked to the parlour and turned the channel to a music channel as a call came in.

It was Reeve…

"Hey girl! How are you doing today!"he asked as I smiled

"Reeve am fine at least they all left the house"

"You mean Fiona and her ducklings?"

"Ducklings indeed"i said as I laughed hard

"Aura guess what?"he asked girlishly and yeah he called me Aura, that's for short of my name

"Just spill it out!"i said

"Jen noticed me today!, like I could see the love in his eyes !" he said sounding really excited as I smiled

"lucky you bro, lets see how it will go tomorrow"

"ohh ya i can't wait like seriously"

"Reeve i will hang up now"

"Aiit kiss kiss"

"muah!"i said and hanged up

Yeah reeve is gay, and I love my kinda friends so much although I have just two friends, one reason I love gay guys is because they understand true friendship why girls are bladder mouthed.

If you think normal guys are better, one day they would fucking betray you, so I prefer my friends.

Have you met Goldie?That guy is a dickhead, he's really crazy and you will love to meet him.

I have stayed all night awake and waiting for these good for nothing big heads and it seems like they ain't coming back this night so I had to do my chores tonight against tomorrow in order not to go late.

It was morning, I quickly did my bathroom stuff, wore my jean cross belt dress and shirt inside and packed my hair in a neat ponytail.

I ran down stairs and took a cup of milk and hot cookies and packed Fiona and her daughters morning meal and ran out of the compound.

I was about to trek to school which was about 10 miles away from here. I wish Fiona would just have a heart and give me one of the cars.

I started my trekking journey, I have gone quit far when a really expensive looking car deliberately split water on me.

What the f!!

It didn't stain me but I was really embarrassed because that area was crowded.

"Fuck you!, just stop let me teach you a lesson!" I shouted at the long gone car as everybody brushed into laughter which got me more embarrassed.

I was so embarrassed that I wished the earth could just open and swallow me, who the fuck was that motherfucker and how dare he or she?.

The dick head just ruined my day…

I quietly walked out and headed to school, I got to school and I had class 10 mins from now so I headed to the lecture hall as we all sat down waiting for the lecturer.

It was quite a boring class as all the lecturer did was to tell random stories, some students were already tropping out of the lecture room.

Finally the boring class was over and I had no other lecture for the day and I can't see myself going home now, I needed rest of mind.

I walked under the umbrella tree opposite the convenience store and sat under it. I haven't seen Goldie and Reeve today and I really need a friendly chat.

I brought out my phone from my back pocket and made to dial a number when I heard a hand clapping mischievously and a musculin voice giggling devilishly.

I slowly looked up to see Clark and the bastards he called his friends, I gave him an angry glare as his presence disgusted me.

"Clark, what do you want?" I asked giving him a stern look.

"Oh… quit that look and tell me how nice your morning bath was because I am sure you didn't bathe this morning"he said as his friends brushed into laughter that was when my mind raced back to the morning incident.

So it was him, this mother fucker! I should have known and dealt with him earlier gosh I hate him!.

On remembering how embarrassing it was and how everybody laughed at me, my head sparked as I angrily stood up and gave him a hard slap which kept him and his friends in shock and attracted other students' attention.

" How dare you do such a thing and still have the fucking guts to approach and tell me shits about it, Clark who the hell do you think you are?, A god or something close to that?, because the last time I checked you are just a rich spoilt play boy" I said as he looked at me expressionlessly caressing his red cheek.

We are already on camera by the students and that's meant to make me alert because I hate the idea of posting my bad side on social media but right now I seem not to care.

"Look Clark, I am not a girl you do shits with and get away with it and don't you ever cross my path again" I warned as I walked out of the crowd.

What the f!!

©Pop Precious

Chapter 2

Clark's POV

"Clark, are you just gonna let this bitch go free?" Archer asked

"Guys leave her to me, I will handle her messy ass my own way let's just go" I said as we walked out through the crowd.

I could hear some hate speech…

*Geez that girl got some guts

Aww that bitch got to be spanked!, how dare she touch my Clark

I had class and I didn't want annoying questions from any lecturer.

The lecture was going on while I checked necessary things on my phone, I had no time to listen to invalid noise at the moment, I had a lot going on in my head.

"Clark Robertson stand up!" Mr salt clan ordered as I looked at him in a questioning manner as I signed and faced my phone again.

"What the fuck are you still doing sitted, is your butt glued to the sit?" He asked as I scoffed

"Obviously" I replied as all my course mates looked at me surprised.

Yeah because no one dare cross mr salt clans path, he is really a strict teacher but I


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