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The Female CEO's Soldier King Bodyguard

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In that mysterious corner, his origins remain unknown. Years ago, he was just an ordinary man, a mystery disappearing into the hustle and bustle of the city. However, as a special forces soldier returns, the puzzle begins to unravel, and he now possesses a lethal force akin to a god of death. This man has long grown weary of a life filled with war and bloodshed. He dreams of returning to peace, living an ordinary life. However, fate proves cruel to his desire for tranquility. Forced once again to raise his fists, not for personal gain but for honor and love, he steps back into the brutal battlefield. In his wake, the backdrop of the story gradually unfolds. The once lively city becomes the backdrop of a tale that echoes for years. He has become a legend, his skills extraordinary, as if returning to fulfill a certain destiny. In a world where conflict prevails, his name becomes a deterrent, a mythical presence. Yet, the inner yearning within him is not for bloodshed and strife. He seeks inner tranquility, a peace he has been deprived of for many years. However, as the weaver of destiny once again guides his life, he must face the challenge head-on. In a moment of fighting for honor and love, he once again steps onto the battlefield, unwavering and unregretful. This is a warrior's return, a legend forged through struggles driven by responsibility. Amidst war and peace, his story resonates like a melodious symphony, captivating the hearts of every listener. The man who was once ordinary has now become the center of attention, and his destiny will script a new legend on the unknown battlefield.

Chapter 1

The azure sky stretches for miles!

A Boeing aircraft soars through the high heavens.

After half an hour, this aircraft will descend at the G City International Airport in Huaxia.

"Flight attendant! Someone has fainted! Help, please..."


A cry for help echoes within the cabin.

A man, approximately 25 years old, possesses chiseled features like a sculpture, with determined and piercing eyes. His tanned skin reveals strength. Swiftly, he stands up.

He wears a black crew-neck T-shirt, slim-fit army green trousers, and weathered black military boots. This man, surnamed Long, goes by the name Sheng.

When Long Sheng left Huaxia, he was merely a sixteen-year-old youth. Now, nine years have swiftly passed, transforming him into a mature and poised man exuding a masculine charm.

Long Sheng rushes towards the source of distress before the flight attendants arrive, reaching the distressed area.

He observes a well-dressed elderly man, around sixty, leaning back in his seat with a pale face, an expression of agony.

Beside him, a woman in a professional black suit, boasting voluminous wavy hair, appears agitated. She anxiously implores, "Chairman Wei, wake up..."

Her professional attire accentuates her figure, the fabric undulating with her heightened emotions.

Judging from her attire and speech, she might be a subordinate of the elderly man.

Long Sheng, at this critical moment, has no time to appreciate her. He speaks up, "What's happening?"

"A while ago, he experienced angina, and then he went into shock," the woman in the professional suit responds.

Nodding in understanding, Long Sheng takes charge, "Help me, let him lie down."

The woman in professional attire is unsure of his intentions but senses he is there to help.

"What are you doing?" Two flight attendants approach hastily, with one leading the way.

Ignoring them, Long Sheng and the woman lay the elderly man flat in the aisle before the flight attendants arrive.

He crouches down, loosens the elderly man's tie, belt, and buttons on the chest. Subsequently, he rhythmically uses his fist to strike the man's chest.

The two flight attendants recognize his first aid efforts, crouching and prepared to assist.

The woman in professional attire remains anxious, tears on the brink of falling.

Other passengers in the cabin gossip amongst themselves, some curiously stand up to observe, yet none show an inclination to assist.

After several rhythmic chest compressions, the stimulation on the old man's heart prompts a return to spontaneous beating.

Observing this, Long Sheng immediately performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

In this manner, Long Sheng alternates between chest compressions and artificial respiration until the old man coughs twice, signifying a recovery of consciousness.

"Sir, what is your name?" Long Sheng inquires.

"Wei Sheng!" The old man responds weakly.

"How many fingers do you see here?" Long Sheng extends two fingers.

"Two... two fingers," the old man replies.

Long Sheng nods slightly, then stands up, expressionless, and addresses the woman with wavy hair, "Does he have any medication to prevent a heart attack?"

Shaking her head, she says, "No. Chairman Wei has always been healthy; we never expected..."

"Is there nitroglycerin on the plane?" Long Sheng interrupts her, turning to one of the flight attendants.

One of the attendants promptly responds, "There is aspirin on the plane. Will that work?"

"Yes! Bring it quickly!" Long Sheng calmly instructs. His tone carries a certain authority, prompting the flight attendants to comply without hesitation.

One flight attendant hurriedly turns to fetch the medicine.

The woman with wavy hair suggests, "Let's have Chairman Wei sit in the chair first."

"No! Let him lie down, and don't move him randomly," Long Sheng insists.

"This gentleman is right!" The flight attendant shows a slight smile. "For someone experiencing a heart attack, it is not advisable to move around. Let him lie down to reduce the burden on his heart."

The woman ceases further objections, knowing that the flight attendants have received specialized first aid training, even if they are not professional doctors.

"Leave it to you here!"

Long Sheng utters this sentence, then returns to his seat.

In nine years, Long Sheng not only learned how to take lives but also how to save them.

During these nine years, apart from the brothers with whom he shared life and death, what he experienced remains unknown.

Soon, the plane lands at the G City International Airport.

Long Sheng carries a worn, ordinary army-green backpack as he disembarks. He walks directly toward the airport exit. Inside the airport, two emergency vehicles have already parked, and several medical personnel are lifting the old man onto one of the ambulances.

Long Sheng exits the airport and sees numerous journalists who have been waiting outside. Clearly, news of the in-flight medical emergency has spread.

Long Sheng is uncertain if anyone on the plane mentioned him, but as a precaution, he discreetly passes through the crowd, avoiding the possibility of becoming a headline.

His return to China was initially intended to care for the relatives who nurtured him, compensating for the regrets of the past few years. Therefore, Long Sheng only wishes to quietly enter. After all, figures like Long Sheng have long become the focus of various national security intelligence agencies.

When the flight attendant comes out, all the journalists immediately swarm, bombarding with inquiries.

Long Sheng leaves the airport, heading towards the taxi stand.

The autumn breeze gently blows, a chill settling in. The setting sun casts its warm glow, bathing G City in the hues of twilight.

Long Sheng's steps cross the zebra crossing, preparing to walk across to intercept a taxi.



The sound of urgent car horns reaches him.

A red sports car on his right is rushing towards the zebra crossing. Its speed is akin to a lightning bolt, meteoric and breathtaking.

The person inside the red sports car seems oblivious to the zebra crossing ahead. It speeds toward Long Sheng, paying no heed to the pedestrians on the crossing.

"Hey! Quickly, get out of the way!" Long Sheng sees a teenager in the middle of the zebra crossing.

The teenager strolls leisurely ahead of Long Sheng. Normally, there wouldn't be such reckless drivers. By the time the teenager realizes the sports car is coming, it's too late. He's about to be hit!

"Ah..." Long Sheng shouts, his eyes crimson. He leaps forward, propelling himself to push the teenager away. His momentum is like a rainbow, making it impossible to see clearly.

"Bang!" Long Sheng successfully pushes the teenager forward. Due to the force, he falls to the ground, covered in dust. In a split second, the red sports car "whooshes" past Long Sheng, narrowly avoiding a collision.

"Fuc*k !" Long Sheng curses, climbing up from the ground.

Glancing at the teenager, who is now safe, and realizing he is unharmed despite the fall, Long Sheng reveals a satisfied smile.

Chapter 2


A sharp sound of brakes echoed as the red sports car abruptly came to a halt. The door swung open, and the first thing that caught Long Sheng's eyes was a pair of Cheng Liang's creamy white high heels.

Subsequently, a woman dressed in a tight white blouse paired with milky white harem pants, showcasing her long legs, appeared before Long Sheng. Wrapped in the professional attire, her figure was particularly alluring, with curves that were captivating from any angle.

Around 24 years old, her eyes were clear and proud, exuding a sensuality that gave off a cold impression. Her chin was exceptionally smooth, with an elegant curve displaying both decisiveness and strength. Her straight nose revealed a strong will. This innate temperament made her seem like a ruler.

Under the sunset's glow, her whole being seemed to emit a halo.

"Wow!" Long Sheng couldn't help but sigh inwardly.

Although he had seen many


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