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“Now take your b*st*rd daughter and get out of my sight! If you ever step foot into this mansion again, you will die!” Elsa Boseman’s thunderous voice sounded all over the room. Her lips quivered as the tears streamed down her cheek freely. “No..mother in-law, please! I’m innocent!” She cried from the floor where she was kneeling before Elsa Boseman. “Leave, you sl*t! Take this b*st*rd and get out of this place!” She heard Mrs Taiwo’s voice and her tears increased. “Guards! Guards! Take her out!” Dotun's provoking voice sounded all over the room. “No..I’m innocent, please don’t throw me out! Mother in-law!” She cried as she rushed over to Elsa Boseman. “No.. mother, I have nowhere to go!” She cried as she knelt before the two women. She was pulled up by the guards along with her daughter who was still crying uncontrollably. As she struggled with the men, she took a glance at Daren who was sitting dejectedly on the long couch with his head bowed. “My love, I'm innocent! Please don’t let them throw me out! Daren!” She shouted with her full strength but he remained silent and didn’t look in her direction. ** The rumbling of thunder could be heard as the rain continued to pour down mercilessly. Her lips continued to quiver and her body trembled as she wrapped her one year old daughter in her bosom. She thought of everything happening in her life at the moment. She had been accused, betrayed and rejected by the family she had worshiped all through the years. She looked at her daughter who was now sleeping peacefully in her arms and she sighed. “I will make them pay,” she said as flashes of lightning appeared in the sky.



In the spacious luxury room, she sat before the mirror, brushing her long black artificial hair tenderly. A smile appeared on her red full lips as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Everything about her speaks splendor. From her glittering necklace and earrings, down to her black one shouldered cocktail dress which flows down to her toes. She heard the door creaking and she turned and saw an able- bodied, young man with spotless brown skin, stepping into the room. He was dressed charmingly in black fitted suit and red bowtie with his derby shoes leaving traces of sounds as he walked in stylishly.

He stood behind her with his arms placed on the armchair she was sitting on. Their faces beamed with smiles as they stared at their reflections in the mirror.

“Would you give me a second chance to propose?” He asked and she laughed, exposing her white set of teeth.

“Oh, come on, don’t be silly,” she said as he took her hand and helped her up.

“You look stunning, breathtaking, and your mesmerizing beauty is what I can't help but stare at all day long,” he said in appraisal as they both stood, facing each other.

“Honey, we are almost in our fourth year of marriage and there is not a single day you don’t flatter me,” she said with a charming smile on her face.

“I love you, ife mi and that’s what’s driving me crazy,” he said with a smile as he kissed her forehead and she laughed.

He placed his arms on her smooth fair skin and then looked into her eyes.

“Isn’t this the reason she’s jealous of you?” He asked.

“You mean, Diana?” She asked with a chuckle.

“Yes, your beauty intimidates her a lot,” he said and they both laughed.

“Babe, come on, we’re gonna be late for the party. I don’t want to be in the Boss lady’s bad book. Of course I'm in her bad book already,” she lamented with a sigh as she looked away from his face.

“Hey, are you referring to my grandmother as the boss lady?” He asked with a chuckle and she giggled.

“Of course she is, she’s the boss lady of this family and you know what? Ever since I heard she’s returning, I’ve been thinking of how to cope with her constant nagging, and how she would always remind me of my childlessness,” she continued to lament.

He turned her face slowly towards him and he placed his hands over her arms.

“We will face it together. I’ve told you, I'm always here beside you and not even my family can separate me from you,” he said.

She heaved a sigh and her eyes welled up with tears. He quickly brought out a white handkerchief and wiped her tears slowly.

“It’s gonna be fine. Breath in, breath out, and remember that Daren will always love you,” he said and kissed her lips.

“Stop, you’re ruining my makeup,” she cried as he continued to kiss her.

“Daren.., stop it!” She cried as she hit his shoulders and he ran away to the door.

“Tonight, I'm gonna put something in there,” he said as he pointed at her tummy while she kept on staring at his lips which were stained with her red lipstick. She laughed as she saw him looking just like a clown and he stopped as he saw her laugh.

“What? Why are you laughing?” He asked.

“Sort yourself out in the mirror,” she said with laughter.

“Sh*t!” He cursed and wiped his lips and they both laughed.


Slow music played in the background as people moved all around the banquet hall which was all lit up with different decorative lights that night. The clattering of glasses and slow voices could be heard and a few people could be seen in circles, laughing and discussing in low tones.

Today, the Mother of the Taiwo’s family would be arriving in Nigeria after seven years since she was last seen. And a party had been thrown at the mansion, awaiting her arrival.

As they stepped down the stairs leading to the banquet hall, they became the center of attraction.

“Wow, Lisa, you’re looking so beautiful,” some of the ladies praised as they rushed towards her.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile

“The couple of the night,” A male voice sounded behind them. They both turned and saw a middle aged man with gray hair walking towards them. He was dressed in blue agbada and cap with a glass of wine in his right hand.

“Father,” Daren called with a smile as he prostrated in front of him.

“Father in-law,” Melisa called and knelt before him.

“You are both looking stunning tonight,” He complimented as he patted their shoulders.

“Thank you, father. You too, you are looking great,” Daren said with a smile.

“Charles,” they heard an enchanting female voice behind them. They turned and saw a middle aged, slim, fair and elegantly dressed lady walking towards them. She was donned in a pure white jumpsuit with an expensive fur coat hung over her shoulders. Her small long face was beautified with very expensive makeup that suited her face perfectly. She stopped in front of them with her bodyguards standing beside her.

“I’ve been looking all over the place for you,” she said as she looked at her husband sternly.

“Elsa, I was..,” he tried to speak.

“My mom is at the airport already. You will go to the airport with the men to pick her up,” she ordered.

Silence fell in and Daren looked at his father whose face became downcast.

“But mom..,” he tried to speak.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” she shot and he kept silent.

He tried to speak again but his wife pinched him.

“Why should I be the one to go to the airport to pick up your mom?” Charles asked in a low tone.

“Because I said so,” she said sternly.

He nodded and she turned and walked away with the men.

“Father,” Daren tried to speak.

“It’s fine, take care of yourselves. I will be back,” he said and walked away.

He swallowed hard as he watched his father walk away.

“Come, it’s enough, you don’t have to always stand up against your mother,” Melisa said as she placed her palm in his.

“Brother,” they heard someone call ahead of them. They looked up and saw a tall able bodied young man, dressed in black suit and bowtie, walking hand in hand with a tall, ebony, slim lady, dressed in a black long dress.

They kept silent as the couple walked towards them and stood in front of them.

“Melisa, I must say, you are looking so stunning,” he praised as his small round eyes scanned her face down to her body.

“Same as your wife,” Daren said with a smirk on his face.

Melisa kept silent as she looked at the ebony lady whose face was as hard as a stone. Their eyes met and she turned away immediately.

“Hello, Diana,” she greeted as she forced a smile on her face.

The lady looked away and waved back her short black artificial hair.

“Dotun, shall we proceed?” She asked as she looked at her husband.

Just then, a little chubby boy in black suit ran into them and he hugged Melisa’s knees tightly.

“Aunty,” he called in excitement, exposing his big gap tooth.

“Dele, you are looking stunning,” she said with a smile as she tried to touch his head.

“Dele, come over here, now!” Diana yelled and the boy moved away from Melisa slowly.

“What was that?” Daren asked angrily as he shot an angry look at Diana.

“Ask your barren wife,” she shot as she held her son and walked away.

“What!” Daren barked as he watched her walk away.

“Oh, I didn't see that coming. Maybe you guys should really work on having kids of your own,” Dotun added with a smirk and walked away.

Melisa remained still with tears clouding her eyes. She gulped as Daren took hold of her hand.

“Honey, don’t do this now, no tears,” he said as he stood in front of her and held her face tenderly.

“I’m.. I’m not crying,” she sniffed as she tried to hold back the tears.

“Come, Evan and Toyosi are here, let’s go over to greet them” he said as he tried to drag her along.

“No.. you know I’m not quite comfortable with Toyosi. You can go ahead and I will join you guys,” she said.

“Ok, take care,” he said and walked into the crowd.

She dragged her feet slowly as she moved over to a table. She sat dejectedly and took a glass of alcoholic wine from the waiter’s tray. As she sipped her drink slowly, she became lost as she thought of all the abuses she had received due to her childlessness. She doesn’t know what the problem was and they’ve both spent a lot of money visiting several hospitals. The doctors had assured them that they were both okay and should only be patient.

But how could she be patient when everyone at the Taiwo’s family had been nothing but a pain in the *ss? She thought.

She dropped her drink slowly on the table and ran her hand through her long black artificial hair. Just then, she heard a voice from the stage and everyone turned their attention to the man speaking on stage. The lights were turned off as the man began to speak while everyone listened in anticipation.

“Attention everyone, It’s my pleasure to announce the arrival of her lady, the wealthiest woman in the whole of Nigeria, Our great mother, Mrs. Selina Taiwo!” He announced and there were cheers as dramatic music began to play in the background while the lights came up slowly.

Her heart skipped, her feet turned cold as she looked at the entrance of the banquet hall to see her greatest fear standing right in front of her.

Chapter 2 THE PLOT

The hall was thrown into a frenzy as able bodied men in black outfits appeared at the entrance of the hall. Walking in the middle of the men was Selina Taiwo, one of the wealthiest women in the whole of the country. She was clothed fully in a long black corset dress that flowed down her toes, with a long white fur coat hung over her shoulders. Her small round face, coupled with high cheekbones was heavily beautified with makeup which made her wrinkles less visible.

She moved her slender, short stature with pride as she waved at the crowd who were cheering as she walked. Flashlights and cameras became the order of the day as everyone struggled to capture a picture of this woman who was one of the most influential women in the country as a whole.

She stood up from her seat as she saw Daren running towards her.

“Love, our attention is needed,” he said as he grabbed hold of her hand and they both walked away.

As she stood with her husband alongside other members


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