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Hera, a mother of one, started a new life after an overwhelming past. Her past wasn't just called a past for nothing and despite how far she tried to hide it or not let it show her in her day-to-day work, it still found a way to broadcast itself. Despite all the pressure she faced, she remained strong and continued pushing hard to make a name for herself and also to take care of her family. Things started getting more complicated for her after her boss whom she met under unplanned circumstances confessed to having an interest in her and her falling in love with him in return. This wasn't what she wanted. She was sure that after the hell that she had passed through at the hands of men, she would not want to consider being in a relationship and just focus on her son. However, things don't always go as planned for humans most times and that was the perfect description for Hera. She only found herself at the mercy of love but what happened after she was threatened to leave him alone for the sake of someone that she loved? Was the sacrifice worth staying with Zach? Wasn't she worth being loved as well? Was Zach able to protect the woman he loved and the family he sincerely wished to have against all odds? Don't miss out on this divine book. Thank you for reading.


Hera was running in the rain but not at a fast pace. It was quite dark due to nature's course of events. Even though it was cold, she had hot burning tears streaming down her now pale skin. That night was the darkest and most unforgettable night of her life as she was forced to experience a second death to her recovering heart that was filled with injuries that were scarcely bandaged. Why did this happen to her? Was it bad to ask for just one time a chance to be happy and to forget her sorrow?... Just one time to try to live in her world of fantasies? Someone who appeared to be a man ran up to her and grabbed her right hand, forcefully turning her around. He was breathing heavily as the rain reduced its power of pouring. " He...Hera, you've got to listen to me, okay? Don't jump to any conclusion yet, I need to explain what you saw earlier and it's not what you think. " " What did you say? It's not what I think? How could you have done this to me? She is my stepsister! Even if you wanted to commit such an abominable act, why should you have done it with my sister? Why? It's a month to our wedding, you fool! " Hera cried as she hits his firm chest harder. " Listen Hera, it's not really what you think... " " Shut up, James! Just shut it. Aren't you ashamed of saying these dirty words over and over again? I saw it clearly. I...I saw it with my two eyes, you and...and her on the bed...stark naked... " Hera paused as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She just couldn't say it out as it tasted like a bitter pill. She had planned all day how she was going to surprise the man she had come to love with her broken heart that she thought was being fixed with her arrival into her life. It was his birthday and she had baked a cake for him with rich ingredients...a homemade cake she was sure that he would love. Hera didn't bother calling him so she could inform him of her coming. She set out as early as she could in the evening after waving her son goodbye and making sure that he had dinner. She never planned to stay over for her son's sake so that was why she sets her short journey as early as possible not knowing what she was going to face. On her way to his house, she tried calling his number but it was switched off. ' Why is his phone switched off? It never gets switched off. ' She wondered but never cast any negative thought to the reason. There was traffic on her way and she was stuck for a whole thirty minutes before she arrived at her destination. She got to the entrance and knocked repeatedly but she got no response so she opened the door, surprisingly it wasn't locked. She looked around in search of him and opted for his bedroom with a huge smile on her face but the smile soon got wiped off when she heard erotic sounds coming from the bedroom. She did not want to believe her ears at first but her legs took her there. She opened the door only to meet the worst scene of her life, her stepsister was sitting on her fiancee having raw s*x. They did not seem to notice her arrival until the cake she was holding fell to the ground, that was when the two looked up at her with a shocked expression. James wasn't expecting her that late neither was Ella, Hera's stepsister but she did not stop the act as she continued moaning loudly and had her release. Hera's feet were rooted to the ground for about three minutes before dashing out of the room and house in pain. James, in a haste, pushed Ella off him and put on the least clothing he could think of before running after Hera. Ella did not mind as she picked up the remote control on the desk and turned on the air conditioner after the hot s*xy she had just finished. She stood up and went to take her bath so she could go home for the night. So, there they were, Hera was seeking an explanation for James's misconduct in the dark, cold, and rainy night. " You betrayed me, James. You betrayed I have for you. " Hera was sobbing hard as her lips shivered. " Will you quit it already? I am sick of hearing you tell me how much you love me when you certainly don't! " James accused and Hera's mouth widened in disbelief at the sudden outburst. " Yes, you don't love me, Hera. What do you think a relationship is all about? What do you think it entails, huh? No, you tell me. Do you think it's all about visiting me every time with that son of yours you got from God knows who? I am a man, Hera, and my body craves sexual needs and desires like every other man out there but denied me this multiple times even though we all know that you aren't pure anymore. " Hera looked dumbstruck by what she just heard. They started dating six months ago and their wedding...not even an engagement was planned for next month. She allowed him to kiss her and maybe go a bit deeper once in a while but she only denied him s*x because she wanted to know how faithful and loyal he could be if he wasn't a man who was only after her body and to add to her problem.


" But that does not serve as an excuse to have betrayed me just like that. You could have told me about it. " Hera replied. The rain wasn't pouring much anymore as it had now turned to a drizzle but the thunder still rumbled in the sky occasionally. James chuckled unrepentantly. " Yes, you are right. That isn't supposed to be an excuse. To be frank, I hate you, I really do. " He declared. The thunder struck again, a bit louder at James's words giving it a dramatic entrance. " You...You ha...hate me, James? " " Yes, with everything in me. " He answered. Hera could not react again as she kept on facing rejection after rejection so she could only stare at him with hopelessness in her tired eyes. " The first day I met you, I knew we wouldn't last long. Your family wanted to give you away to me by any means because you're a pain in their lives as they told me


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