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The CEO's Troublesome Bride

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She sneaked into his house, just wanting to put a fingerprint on his finger, but she didn't expect that she would lose everything. At a party, someone asked what was good about Logan. Annie was eating happily, ignoring the figure behind her, and casually replied: "Rich!" After returning home, she was about to open the door, but was blocked by someone.

Chapter 1 If you don’t want to die, get out of here


Under the dim light, a woman was standing against the wall. She was wearing a lake blue dress, the hem of which was covered with mud. She was holding her mobile phone tightly with both hands. The murmur inside was hard to hear, "Tim." Brother, is that you?"


After only a few seconds, there was a buzzing sound from the cell phone, and then it was cut off.

At the same time, there was a loud shout from the other end of the street, "She's over there, hurry!"

Annie lowered her head and glanced at the phone in her hand, and understood immediately!

GPS positioning!

She frowned, threw the phone forward hard, and ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction!

Annie ran very fast, and the cold wind blew across her cheeks, like a sharp dagger. She bit her lip. Her shoes had long gone, and her fair and delicate feet were bleeding. She had just run to the intersection, and suddenly she saw something in front of her. In a blink of an eye, another group of people rushed out without knowing what to do in front of them!

"Brothers, whoever catches Dyson's daughter today will get first-class credit!"


Attacked from both sides, the men's greedy eyes were like a fire, completely igniting Anne's fear. She hugged her shoulders, glanced at her, took out a portable dagger from her waist, and pressed the tip against her neck. He shouted coldly, "Who dares to come here?"

One of the men laughed when he saw this, "You'd better be obedient and don't move. We are here to catch you today. Do you think you can run away?"

Annie exerted her strength on her wrist, and the tip of the dagger was almost pierced into the snow-white skin, "If you push me one step further, I will ask you to bring a corpse back to report!"

The two groups of people obviously did not expect that she would be so decisive, and they all paused when they heard this. Although the mission was to take her back, if she really died, there would be no way to report it to their superiors!

This woman is really difficult to deal with!


Almost at the same time, a loud noise suddenly came from the sky, and white smoke fell from the sky, accompanied by a frightening smell. When everyone saw clearly, three military helicopters landed straight in the middle of the road!

Anne recognized the model of the helicopter at a glance, and the hand holding the dagger couldn't help but tremble slightly. This kind of helicopter only...

"What's going on, are you all here to rob someone?"

Sure enough, the door of the helicopter opened, and the man strode out. He was wearing a black fox fur coat that accentuated his slender figure, and his angular face was handsome and evil. His dark eyes swept across the crowd, and finally landed on Annie's hand holding the dagger. On the wrist, the thin lips were slightly raised, "It seems that I came at the right time."

"It's Logan..." There was no one with sharp eyes in the crowd. Everyone gasped when they heard the name, "It's really Logan! It's him!"

Logan, who doesn’t know who doesn’t? He can be called the most powerful man in the world. He is the direct shareholder of Luofik Group. His family has been in military affairs for generations. Regarding his other secret identities and family legends, I am afraid that three days and three nights are not enough to talk about him.

The man stepped forward, and Annie stepped back, bringing the dagger closer, "Is your dignified Master Logan here to join in the fun?"

Logan smiled when he heard this and raised his hand to signal the people behind him to step back, "I can't believe that Miss Anne still has such backbone."

Anne looked at the man in front of her warily. He actually knew her name? !

Besides, he showed up when she was so embarrassed!

Her heart was pounding and she stepped back again, "Are you here to catch me too?"

"No," Logan shook his head, "They are looking for you, it's called a mission. And I'm looking for you," the man's charming smile grew stronger, "There's no need for any reason."

Anne frowned, but the man no longer gave her a chance to speak. He waved his hands to both sides, and the two groups of people subconsciously stepped back.

"If you don't want to die, get out of here!"

The footsteps around her gradually faded away, and the street suddenly became deserted. Anne clenched her fists tightly, and her stubborn big eyes rolled around, thinking at a glance, "I won't go with you."

"It's not up to you."

Logan made a cold sound. The next moment, the man was in front of Annie and grabbed her wrist. The dagger Annie was about to raise fell to the ground. The man suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed her slender wrist!

"Logan, let me go—"


The helicopter rose steadily and disappeared into the night sky in a flash. At the same time, a black car appeared at the intersection, making a harsh sound when it rubbed against the ground, and quickly passed by where the helicopter stopped.

On the helicopter, Logan leaned on the soft chair with his eyes closed and said nothing.

Annie leaned on the seat with her eyes lowered, looking down from the helicopter. The bustling city was like a diamond scattered in the sea of sand, reflecting the dim light in the dark night.

"Young Master, look at this."

Matthew on the side took a stack of documents and handed them to Logan. He took them and looked through them. The two talked quietly. Anne listened carefully and vaguely heard the words replace and kill.

What on earth does this man do...

Anne frowned. The current situation was that she was in his hands, and she didn't know where she was going. She couldn't sit still and wait for death!

Last time she ran away secretly, this man must have known about it!

what to do? what to do?

She gritted her teeth secretly. Logan was careful and there would never be anything wrong in her territory, so she must find a way to escape before the helicopter landed!

She doesn’t want to be solved secretly by Logan…

"What are you thinking about?" The man who was reading the document suddenly raised his head and glanced over with cold eyes, "If you want to run away, just save it." He stood up and sat next to Annie, putting one hand on her shoulder, " If you fail to steal the chicken, you will lose the rice, don't you think?"

"Of course," Annie stretched out and leaned against Logan. She raised her pretty face and said in a sweet voice, "Master Logan, aren't you sleepy? Why don't you take a rest first?" "

By the way, she was blinking her eyes and acting cute and coquettish!

The subordinates on the helicopter all looked away in embarrassment. Logan twitched the corner of his mouth. Did he want to use this trick to provoke him to go away?

What a beautiful dream!

Logan's handsome face was smiling. He put the documents on the seat next to him, then tilted his head, and his magnetic voice was very pleasant, "Why, you want to rest too?"

The warmth of her palms brought into her mind along with the whirring sound outside the helicopter. Annie froze. The memory of that day appeared in her mind. A look of anger appeared in her eyes, and she pushed him away subconsciously, "I don't want it!"

"Then just stay still."


The man raised his eyebrows, "What?"

Anne pursed her lips knowingly and did not speak again.

Logan had just sat back to talk to Matthew when suddenly a gust of cold wind blew in. He squinted his eyes and raised his head, only to see a blue figure passing in front of him. The woman didn't know when she put on a parachute. The shape is light, like a dancing butterfly. He quickly pulls the hatch and jumps out!

"Logan, you'd better let the ghost sleep with you -"

"Depend on!"

Logan shouted, and almost rushed over to hold the hatch. He stretched out his hand and found nothing, "Annie, are you fucking crazy?"

Chapter 2 Annie, do you want to die?

This woman is so brave!

Several people behind him hurriedly grabbed the man's arms, trying to pull him back into the cabin, "Young Master, be careful-"


Logan waved his hand, without even thinking, quickly picked up the safety rope, put one end on the helicopter door, and tied the other end to his waist. He leaned half of his body out of the door, stretched out his hand and pulled. The next moment, the man also Jumped down!

"Young Master, it's dangerous!"

There was a strong wind outside. Anne's limbs were slightly spread, her body fell down quickly, and her hair was blown in the air. She was like an angel sent from heaven, blooming beautifully in the dark night. She narrowed her eyes, stretched out her hand and pressed hard on her waist. pull!

There was a faint sound from above. Anne was blown by the wind so much that she could hardly open her eyes. She stretched out her hand to block it. Looki


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