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Tom Holland, the CEO of Shellhouse Mall is nothing but a boring boss at work but has a secret no one knows of. His secretary, Amber Leo, is a fun-loving lady who also works as a stripper in the club during her free time. She got into trouble with him at work and signed a contract of being his slave when she was on the verge of losing her job but Amber didn’t know what she signed up for was bigger than what she expected. She got pulled into different dramas that even threatened her life while working as his slave. What happens when Tom begins to fall in love with her? Will Tom let her off the hook even after signing the contract with him? What exactly is the secret Tom is hiding?


Amber has lived in Chicago for the past three years after she moved from Boston to start her office work where she works as the secretary to the CEO of the biggest Department store, Shell House.

Her everyday work was always hectic but who was she to complain when her boss was always working with her even late into the night so it was not as if he was punishing her on purpose but one thing she really love about her boss, Tom Briggs is that no matter how hard they have to work, he makes sure she enjoys her weekend so every Friday she goes home as early as possible.

This particular Friday was like every other one and she was so happy to get off work because she actually had her own plans for the day.

“Miss Amber, the sales report should be ready by 2pm on Monday so make sure you try to finish it up over the weekend” Tom, her boss said to her as he came out of his office wearing a tired look on his face.

The week have been extremely stressful for them because new arrivals just came in at the mall and they had to monitor the sorting out because if they didn’t, their office’s telephone will certainly blow up with calls for complaint and he was not ready to go through such a hassle anymore.

The last time they had such situation, the employees had packaged the wrong orders all the way from Chicago to Thailand and they had to return the goods which made them suffer a huge loss due to the cost of shipping. Another situation was the employees sending the wrong size of wedding dresses to a party and there was no time to meet up since it was ordered at a very close date.

She stood up to reply “Should I draw up all the reports for the past three months? We seems to have a lot to deal with these days” placing her hands in front of her navy blue skirt

“You should leave that for now, the sales report for the new ones is important for now. Do enjoy your weekend Miss Amber” he answered and walked out of the office.

She released a heavy sigh with happiness as she closed her eyes and folded her fists in happiness, “It’s another weekend to do what I want” she muttered as she cleared her table before packing her bag to leave as well.

She was waiting to flag down a taxi when a text popped up on her phone, she opened it to check that it was from Mike

“Do you want to take a slot tonight? One of our participants suddenly came down with a cold”

She hesitated a bit before replying because she was honestly tired for the day and she was already dreaming of how to get home early, shower and sleep with her phone switched off to avoid any disturbance.

She thought about if she should take the offer or not for some minutes but finally kicked against it. She texted back “I don’t think I can make it today, I am so tired right now” but within seconds, Mike called back

“You should take this chance! There are many people of influence attending the show and who knows? You might be able to hit the jackpot” he stated trying hard to convince her so she can take the offer but she was not interested, her mind was made up.

“We are always treated invisible so I don’t want to waste my time” she replied with a discouraged voice

“Dave Lin is also attending” he whispered to her and her eyes bulged out in shock

“What? The same Dave Lin?” she shouted, scaring the taxi driver for a bit.

The tiredness she was feeling some seconds earlier flew off from her face at the mention of the popular name she just heard.

“Sweet goodness! I will be there right away” she answered immediately and told her taxi driver to turn to her destination

“Star club please” she told the driver and resumed her talks with Mike

“Costume? I have nothing on me right now”

“You should trust me, I have it available for you” Mike assured her and she told him that she will be there in few minutes before she disconnected the call

She had been working part time in the Star club ever since she landed in Chicago as a stripper thanks to her hot body. She has smooth and s*xy long legs, the perfect curves and shapes where necessary. She is a tall and slender lady, a very great dancer with head turning skills and over all a beauty with long eyelashes and brown eyeballs that are s*xy and captivating so she got hired quickly when she pushed for the job.

She decided to be a stripper because she really loved clubbing and she was great at dancing, the money she was getting as a secretary was not enough to cover her bills so she just took on the job as an extra source of income. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and she had been on chemotherapy for months, and this has been taking a toll on her

She had vowed to herself that she would quit the job once her boss increases her salary as promised by the end of the year. It was stated in the contract that her salary would be subjected to increase every three years and she couldn’t wait for the raise.

Even though she had spent close to three years with her boss, they didn’t have any other relationship except work. Tom is a strict man who doesn’t even joke around, he would never open his mouth unless it is about work and he doesn’t care about any other thing except work so that made him a boring man to everyone.


She pulled off at the club, ran inside and saw Mike already waiting for her at the entrance of the changing room

“Hey Mike” she greeted in haste

“Change into this, you are late already” he said and handed over a bag to her

“Thank you” she shouted and ran inside the room to change into a pink full body bikini that was hugging her body tight

“You look hot as always” Mike remarked with a wink as she tried to keep her blonde hair in place

He led her into the private section of the club reserved for the crazily rich men and women. She met others already at their poles and she quickly ran to take her place. The song started and she began to tease the audience sexily, she grabbed unto the pole and was whirling around it while enjoying herself when she sighted someone familiar and her heart skipped a bit.

“It cannot be, can it? There is no way Tom Holland will be in a club watching strippers” she muttered to herself but it was not a dream, her boss was in


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