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The CEO's Hellish Passion

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Sheryl is a girl whose family has fallen on hard times and is adopted by her uncle's family. To help her uncle's struggling magazine, she accidentally takes compromising photos of the male lead, Austin, with a female star, only to be caught by Austin himself.   A series of dramatic events unfolds as Austin threatens Sheryl, demanding that she become his mistress. Austin, raised in a single-parent household, faced disdain from Sheryl when they were both in high school (back then, Sheryl was still an affluent heiress).   Later, when Austin is brought back to his family, his life experiences drive him to want control over every aspect, and he insists on making Sheryl fall in love with him.   Initially, Sheryl has no feelings for Austin and only harbors resentment. However, as time passes, she gradually realizes she has fallen in love with him. Despite the growing bond between Sheryl and Austin, they are forced to separate due to numerous challenges.   Several years pass during their separation, and Austin relentlessly searches for Sheryl. The story explores how they eventually reunite and the challenges they face when they do.   How does Austin find Sheryl after all these years, and what complications arise when they finally meet again?

Chapter 1

  In the deserted suburbs by the lake, a strange and urgent moan echoed, carrying a hint of ambiguous atmosphere even in the breeze.

  "Uh... Mr. Austin, is there a role for me in the next movie?"

  "Depends on your performance."

  "Uh... Well..."

  By the lakeside, a vibrant red convertible Ferrari rocked violently, and a barely dressed woman was putting on a passionate performance.

  Snow-white skin, a perfect figure, and an astonishing E-cup– her allure was undeniable.

  In the warm light, she closed her eyes, swaying her body to please the man while indulging in the pleasure this affair brought her.

  Her moans became more seductive, filling the air with an unmistakable scent of desire.

  In contrast, the man was neatly dressed, wearing a clean shirt without a wrinkle.

  He had sunglasses on, appearing as if he were on a leisurely driving tour.

  The man's expression was irrelevant; he was just a supporting character.

  Zooming in, the focus shifted to the woman straddling him, passionately indulging in the act.

  Shots were taken continuously, both in photos and videos.

  Snow Lleuwen Lebus, hiding in the bamboo grove, couldn't help but marvel.

  Her camera was lifted and put down several times.

  But the man's expression wasn't important; he was just a supporting character.

  Closing in with the lens, focusing on the woman enthusiastically engaged with the man, taking continuous shots and videos.

  Never thought I'd catch such a sensational scene today!

  The woman, moaning incessantly, happened to be none other than the current star, Nova Bianchi!

  [Nova Bianchi– From the pure on-screen star to a lustful woman, engaging in car intimacy in the suburban secret meeting]

  With such sensational headlines, this magazine issue is sure to sell out, and I'm going to make a fortune!

  "Mr. Austin, are you satisfied with my performance?"

  Listening to her seductive voice, even Snow, as a woman, felt a tingling sensation, let alone the man who must be experiencing a rush of excitement.

  However, the young man in the car seemed to be handling business as usual, speaking in a chilly tone.

  He gripped Nova's delicate chin with slender fingers, "Is that all the strength you've got? Didn't have lunch this morning?"

  It's been half an hour, no matter how much you ate for lunch, it would've been digested by now.

  Nova blushed shyly, her body swaying more vigorously, "Mr. Austin, you're amazing. I'm exhausted."

  She looked at Austin with a mix of shyness and admiration, wondering if this man's stamina could last any longer!

  At least another half an hour would be needed in this situation.

  "Amazing?" The man's lips curved into a slight smile.

  "Yeah... just amazing. It's my first time, and you're not going easy on me."

  "Heh." The man chuckled disdainfully, "First time?"

  "Yes, yes." Nova saw the mockery in the man's eyes and felt a bit scared.

  It seemed like he could see through her hypocritical words. Nova decided to stop talking and clung to the man more earnestly.

  The man coldly chuckled, allowing her to coil around him like a snake.

  Slowly, he took off his sunglasses under the moonlight, revealing a stunning face.

  With narrow eyes, a high nose, and delicate lips that carried a hint of wickedness when he smiled, he could instantly captivate any woman.

  Although Nova had seen this face many times, she was once again amazed, and her movements slowed down.

  Dissatisfied with her slowness, the man furrowed his brows, flipped her over, and forcefully pressed her beneath him.

  Now, Sheryl's camera captured only the man's back.

  Trying to steal the spotlight, what an annoying supporting character!

  Sheryl wanted to capture the female star Nova, not this man who was hogging the scene.

  Fortunately, she was prepared.

  Sheryl took out a voice recorder and quickly pressed the button to record Nova's enchanting voice.

  Amid the seductive movements, Nova's moans were unparalleled, stirring the birds in the bamboo forest.

  This provocative sound, if her fans heard it, their eyeballs would surely pop out.

  Sheryl worried about the legality of taking pictures without consent but decided to focus on recording Nova's voice.

  The man, unaware of Sheryl's presence, continued his actions.

  After a few minutes, Sheryl, having packed up her equipment, cautiously approached the scene to retrieve the memory card from her camera.

  Feeling triumphant, she planned to leave silently.

  Suddenly, a cold voice sounded behind her, "What, no comments after watching the whole performance?"

  Sheryl froze, feeling the chill even without turning around.

  She heard his footsteps approaching, but her legs seemed nailed to the ground, unable to move.

  Was it the man from earlier? Was he caught? What should she do?

  Without looking back, Sheryl sensed the man, who had just engaged in passionate activities with Nova, stepping closer.

  A tall figure, at least 1.88 meters, with straight legs and a shirt unbuttoned halfway, revealing a strong chest and an aura of desire.

  When he turned his face, perfect features and captivating eyes exuded a dominating aristocratic air.

  This man had a naturally intimidating presence.

  Sheryl, already feeling guilty for the clandestine photography, took a sharp breath.

  She inadvertently stepped back, asking nervously, "What do you want?"

  Her tone sounded like she was the victim, and he was the perpetrator. How laughable.

  "Did you enjoy the peep show?"

  The man sneered, approaching Sheryl like a formidable leopard.

  "Will you hand it over voluntarily, or shall I search for it myself?"

  This man was genuinely frightening.

  Sheryl continued to play dumb, "I don't understand what you're talking about..."

  Are you playing dumb with him?

  The man continued to advance, emanating an intimidating presence that left Sheryl increasingly bewildered.

  "Stop! If you don't stop, I'll scream assault!" Panicking, Sheryl shouted.

  The man did stop, looking at her as if she were an idiot, seemingly amused by something funny.

  "Assault? I haven't done anything, and you're already shouting assault. Did you call it 'visual r*p*' when you've been peeping for so long?" he mocked.

  Visual r*p*?!

  This man's choice of words was...

  "I genuinely don't understand what you're talking about," Sheryl insisted, continuing her act of ignorance.

  Did she think she could escape by pretending to be clueless in front of him?

  Her slender body was dressed in a white dress with a sweater, appearing delicate and fragile.

  Yet, her pure face displayed an inexplicable stubbornness.

  Stubbornness in... not surrendering the photos.

  "If you don't hand over the photos, I will make you realize that this is the biggest mistake of your life."

Chapter 2

  The man's indifferent voice carried a wild arrogance. Was he trying to intimidate her? What did he mean by the worst decision?

  Sheryl, having been an entertainment news reporter for so long, wasn't the first time she had been threatened.

  "What photos?" Sheryl innocently asked, determined not to admit guilt. She lifted the camera equipment in her hand."I'm here to take pictures of the scenery."

  Thinking she must find a way to escape, as these photos were exclusive, she couldn't afford to let them go.

  Her eyes quickly scanned the surroundings—on her right was the lake, and on her left was the wire fence.

  Backing away step by step, she thought about turning around and running for her life. But what were the chances of escaping?

  "Hand it over!" The man lost patience, suddenly pulling her hand and reaching for her body.

  Austin's fingertips made Sheryl nervous. Was he planning


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