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The CEO I Love Wants to Kill me

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Raven Air Volten was a simple girl that didn't have the chance to finish school and didn't have time to make friends because of her mother's condition when she and her mother were struggling, someone came to their rescue and gave them supplies and their daily needs. Raven decided to find a job, not because she couldn't be satisfied, but because she was annoyed by not knowing anything about the man. Raven felt that it was so random that she had no luck in any of the job hirings until she reached a famous building, and it was surprising that her resume was accepted. Upon waiting for the results, she was kidnapped and forced to sabotage the CEO of the B.Group by exposing his dirty work and she'll do it as a cleaner. Raven was threatened that if she would not do it, her mother would pay. When Raven met the CEO of B.Group, he had a light aura that made her curious and eager to know him more, and when she saw that the man who forced her evil-doing was the CEO's Secretary. The CEO of the B.Group was named Terrance Ryle Borja, who is known for being business-driven. He was not at ease with a single woman beside him. He knew Raven even before entering his domain. He knew her as his father's mistress's daughter.  Raven falls for the man who's mysterious in her eyes, and after a couple of interactions, she couldn't force herself to do what she ought to... But what if the man she want to save the most would be the one who wanted to sabotage her in the end? Is it ill-fated that it turned into destiny? What would Raven do as she unlocks every mystery that Terrance Ryle Borja hid?

Chapter 1

"So, are there any last words you wanted to say?" The man asked

As I looked at him with blurry vision, my eyes were full of tears as a sign of betrayal. I was tied to a chair, not knowing where I was, but I knew the people who were present here were very dear to me.

"Am I being exposed?"

"I'm going to die? Wasn't I?"

"Is what I did a crime?"

Those were the question that swirled around my mind while looking at the man in front of me, he said, "You're Wilma's daughter, My father's mistress."

"And you haven't been embarrassed and were willing to expose everything you knew about me, even after everything I've done for you!?"

I was silent. I don't know what right words or excuses I had to tell him for being caught for what I had done with those last months. I know I fell for him, and I confirm that I even love him now.

I wasn't given a chance to speak and explain my side, but I clearly remembered what he said, "You made me feel sick!"

I was thrown out of the building with heartache.

And a knowledge that the CEO I loved wants to kill me, more than I want to kill myself because of what I had learned....


Four months ago...

"Honey, could you get that door for me quickly?" Wilma shouted while pushing her wheelchair with her hand.

Wilma had osteoporosis and only relied on medicine which didn't bother her, she was heading to the living room, and Raven was in the kitchen, washing the plates they used earlier for breakfast.

Raven stopped what she was doing, wiped her hand with foam, and came out of the kitchen, she saw her mother waiting in the living room, and then she knew who it was.

Raven with a confused heart opened the door with a smile and said, "Go ahead, my mother is already waiting for you, Uncle Timothy..."

Raven saw all types of groceries and things needed in the bathroom, daily food, canned goods, a chest of rice, and even frozen food and my mother's special needs.

Wilma thanked Tim by hugging him, and Raven stood there with a heavy question on her mind, "What relationship do they have?"

Timothy has been helping Raven and Wilma since Wilma got sick, Raven doesn't know how and why this man came into their lives because Wilma doesn't talk to Raven about him that much.

The guy looked old, and Raven was worried that he might have a family. Then, Raven and Wilma would serves as his second family. She also felt very annoyed especially since he always brought the things they needed as if he was obliged to do so.

Raven also feels grateful, but she can't stomach that the money being spent for them is not for them in the first place.

Raven finished washing the dishes with deep thought going in her head, entered her room, and laid herself on the bed.

When she closed her eyes, Wima came inside, and Raven didn't realize that she had fallen asleep a little and noticed Wilma when one of her eyes was open.

"Darling, your Uncle Tim cooked something. Let's eat---"

Raven frowned and said, "How many times do I have to tell you, mom---that I don't want him around, and what the neighbors say to you because he comes in here."

"He doesn't look like my father, so why bother letting him in?"

Raven lay down again not looking at Wilma. It was obvious on Wilma's face that she didn't care about what those around her had to say, but Raven gave a d*mn in every single thing and about what was going on because Wilma didn't give Raven a clue about what was going on between them.

Wilma just looked at Raven and said, "I won't stop him from coming here, I hope you take back what you said. He's here to help us."

Raven scoffed not letting Wilma see it and said, "Maybe the help is just for you mom, didn't you even think that he might have a family?"

Wilma stopped and looked at Raven who stood up to take her clothes, and Wilma said in a panic, "Are you going to run away? Don't even think about it, Raven!"

Raven rolled her eyes and said, "I'm going to find a job. We can't depend on him for life."

"I mean I can't depend on him for life. I'm not that thick." Raven added and left Wilma inside.

Wilma was still talking, but for Raven, it was no longer understandable because she blocked her ears and even blurred her vision by not focusing her eyes.

When she got her towel, Raven entered the kitchen where the shower room was located, and she met Timothy.

He said. "Do you want another round of breakfast?"

"No thanks," Raven said as she passed by him.

Tim just looked at Wilma, who went out of the door and asked, "Same reason again?"

Wilma nodded her head, and Tim just sighed and smiled.

Raven finished her bath not minding the lovely couple in the kitchen that were eating happily. The smell of bacon made Raven's tummy growl, but she didn't mind that.

Instead, she dressed presentably by wearing a simple polo shirt, pants, and running shoes.

Raven was about to go out of the door when she saw the plates they use were left on the table and couldn't even be put in the sink, Raven ignored it with a heavy heart.

Raven shouted. "Mom, I'm heading out!"

Raven didn't stop to hear would Wilma said and put her earphones on, as soon as she reached the bus stop, a bus stopped, she entered it, and found a comfortable seat.

Raven looked at the window when something caught her eye, it was a guy looking at her as if he was studying every bit of her.

Raven decided to look out of the window again and said to herself.

"What is he looking at?"

Raven took a few glances, and the man was still looking.

The man wears a suit and even looked presentable but had a weird attitude. Raven was about to confront him when the bus suddenly stopped, and the man hit the button and got out of the bus.

Raven was about to feel relieved by the man getting out before her but, she suddenly saw that she was in town she hurriedly got out of the bus, and she still saw a strange man looking at her earlier on the bus.

The man walked in the opposite way which calmed her nerves.

Raven placed her earphones at a low volume and looked at the sky as she stopped in her tracks and said silently, "You got this, Raven!"

But she thought that her voice was like whispers but, it was a lot louder enough for the people around her to hear what she said and when the music stopped a laughter replaced her music.

She turned around only to see the guy from earlier, but this time his features were clear and even more beautiful.

Raven stared at him as he said: "Are you even sure you got this?"

Chapter 2

Raven looked at the man who was now at the back of her and glared at him. She knew that he went in different ways but now he was in front of her, and she confirmed that he was indeed stalking her.

"I know what you need," The man asked Raven, and she looked at him confused.

"Is this some type of scam?" She asked herself.

Raven's heartbeat started to raise, and she looked around, "The sun is up, and there's a lot of people walking on each side of me, so why is he being a creep?" Raven was so scared and yet confused looking at the man in front of her.

"I don't talk to strangers," Raven said, then plugged her ear with her earphone, and continued to walk away from the creepy man.

The man grabbed Raven's right arm and said, "I'm sure I know what you needed. Lend me your time--"

The man stopped when a lady barged in and asked him, "Excuse me? Do you know him?"


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