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  • Author: TARO-CHAN
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 29
  • 7.5

Raven Air Volten was a simple girl that didn't have the chance to finish school and didn't have time to make friends because of her mother's condition when she and her mother were struggling, someone came to their rescue and gave them supplies and their daily needs. Raven decided to find a job, not because she couldn't be satisfied, but because she was annoyed by not knowing anything about the man. Raven felt that it was so random that she had no luck in any of the job hirings until she reached a famous building, and it was surprising that her resume was accepted. Upon waiting for the results, she was kidnapped and forced to sabotage the CEO of the B.Group by exposing his dirty work and she'll do it as a cleaner. Raven was threatened that if she would not do it, her mother would pay. When Raven met the CEO of B.Group, he had a light aura that made her curious and eager to know him more, and when she saw that the man who forced her evil-doing was the CEO's Secretary. The CEO of the B.Group was named Terrance Ryle Borja, who is known for being business-driven. He was not at ease with a single woman beside him. He knew Raven even before entering his domain. He knew her as his father's mistress's daughter.  Raven falls for the man who's mysterious in her eyes, and after a couple of interactions, she couldn't force herself to do what she ought to... But what if the man she want to save the most would be the one who wanted to sabotage her in the end? Is it ill-fated that it turned into destiny? What would Raven do as she unlocks every mystery that Terrance Ryle Borja hid?


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