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The Billionaire's Surrogate Wife

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Samuel Walters is a Billionaire. In all his life, he never thought his life would be this complicated. All stories start when his lover, Valerie Anastasia, who works as a model famous people refuse to go back to Los Angeles because collided with the schedule of fashion shows around the European continent. Samuel, who had promised to bring his future wife to a mother's birthday party is undoubtedly confusing. He struggled to find a good reason but couldn't also visit available. Until unexpectedly, that crazy idea appears. At the assistant's suggestion, Samuel asked Ariana Grey, the girl who works as his secretary is a temporary partner, so the mother does not disappoint. Unfortunately, the whole Walters family likes Ariana. They even urged Samuel to hurry and maybe marry the beautiful girl. No That's all; Ariana's cleverness attracts people's attention and makes some of Samuel's business relations willing to establish cooperation. Not a few offer themselves to sponsor their wedding. So, will Samuel still marry Ariana while he already has Valerie as his lover?

Chapter 1

Samuel let out an exasperated breath. Next to him was Valerie, hanging on affectionately, occasionally landing a soft kiss on the man's cheek. Valerie was deliberately seduced. She is doing this so that Samuel's emotions would not be re-ignited over the important decision he had just made.

Samuel Walters, or Samuel himself, is a man of Italian descent who is the only child of Alfonso and Arabella Walters. He is an Architect who only recently ascended the throne to become the chairman of Pacific Palace, a multinational company engaged in the property sector.

In recent years, Samuel has been in a relationship with Valerie Anastasia, who works as a model. Ironically, during dating, Samuel has not once managed to bring Valerie to be introduced to her parents.

"Come on, dear Samuel. You know that next month is my schedule for a tour around Europe," Valerie sighed in a spoiled voice. His hand then reached out, gently caressing the chest of the man who had been his lover for a long time. "How can I cancel a schedule that has been arranged neatly. What's left, I will be labeled as an unprofessional model."

"The problem is, this isn't the first time you refuse to meet Mama, Valerie."

Samuel glared disapprovingly. If you remember, Valerie never met her parents during a relationship. "Besides..." Samuel continued. "Earlier, you speculated that you wanted to attend Mama's birthday party. Why are you breaking your promise now?" The man turned and slapped Valerie's wrist, which was attached to his body.

"It's not that I don't want to let alone break a promise." Valerie immediately shook her head. "But the timing isn't always right, honey. In fact, your mother's birthday party this time coincided with my schedule to perform in Paris. You know, I've always had a big dream to be able to perform on the stage of Saint Laurent, Dior , Chanel let alone Hermes."

Samuel chuckled. The look of disappointment became more evident on his handsome face. He should have realized that having a lover of a famous model is certainly not easy. Not to mention Valerie's flying hours are increasing, making it very difficult to share her free time.

"Then how do I explain it to Mama? She must be disappointed that I failed to bring you to meet the whole Walters family again."

"Honey..." Valerie brought her hands back to cup Samuel's face. Gently stroked the man's jaw, which was overgrown with fine hair. "Please. Just this once. I promise, at the next meeting or party I will definitely come to meet your parents. But this time, please. Give me permission to do what I aspire to. You're not the one who promised will always support all my activities?"

Samuel didn't flinch. Taking a deep breath, the man soon only muttered a little.

"Hopefully there's still a chance for you to meet Mama."

Valerie pulled the corners of her lips into a smile. She anchored a deep and intense kiss without awkwardly approaching the lover's face. Keep on flirting until Samuel melts and finally retaliates.


Samuel massaged his forehead, which was throbbing in pain. Mother's birthday party will take place soon. Unfortunately, until this moment, he has not found a single good reason regarding a partner who is again impossible to bring.

Samuel realized that his parents, especially his mother, would be disappointed again. But what can I do? He had tried his best and even begged Valerie to come home for a while to Indonesia. Unfortunately, his efforts still failed. Seeing the giddy Samuel, Axton, the assistant, felt anxious. The man even ventured to rebuke the figure who had served as his boss for a long time.

"Mr. Samuel looks really crumpled. What are you thinking about important things?" asked Axton cautiously.

Samuel looked up. The man took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly. He tried so hard to get rid of the tightness in his chest. "This is about Valerie, Axton. I guess I failed to bring her to meet Mama this time," he complained.

"So, Mr. Samuel previously planned to introduce Mrs. Valerie to Mrs. Arabella?" asked Axton to confirm. Samuel immediately nodded languidly. His demeanour is precisely that of someone who is not passionate about life. Never before had Axton seen his boss as grumpy as he was now.

During this time, he knew Samuel was an energetic figure who was always enthusiastic about dealing with anything. Even the pressure at work has never made him dizzy, let alone to the point of stress.

"What should I do, Axton? Mama must be very disappointed. I failed to bring my partner to an important family event for the umpteenth time. How long ago was I given a warning? He didn't want a luxurious gift, but I wanted to take my future wife there."

Axton felt how nervous Samuel was feeling. He subconsciously thought about what kind of solution could help him whack his boss. Not long ago, a crazy idea emerged from his brain.

"Sir..." Axton called. "If I suggest, why don't Mr Samuel try to find a replacement wife instead?" Samuel gasped at Axton's words. The next thing he did was a protest. "I love Valerie, Axton. How can I be told to find a replacement wife."

"It's not what you think," Axton squeaked. The man hastily clarified before Samuel misunderstood.

"So what do you mean? If you speak clearly, Axton. So that I don't misunderstand."

Axton, who had been standing, immediately pulled the chair in front of Samuel's desk. Sitting there, then began to explain.

"Look, sir. Why don't you find another woman to be your future wife for one night? Yes, so Miss Arabella won't be disappointed to see you come to the birthday party without bringing a single partner."

"One-night wife-to-be?"

"Yes, sir. For the night. Specially accompanying you to meet Miss Arabella."

Samuel was silent. His mind immediately wandered somewhere. Take into account what Axton had just said. He wondered if he should do what his assistant suggested.

"But this is the same as lying to my parents and extended family, Axton."

Axton immediately nodded. "Yes, instead of making them disappointed, it's the same sin, sir. After all, this is only temporary. Later, in the future, you will make reasons why you suddenly broke up or separated. To be sure, while waiting for Mrs. Valerie to return to Indonesia, I'll just bring this pretend couple first to face Mrs. Arabella."

Samuel rubbed his chin gently. He was again digesting the advice Axton made to him. To think of it, there was no safe choice but to follow his assistant's advice.

"Ok, let's say I agree, who do you think is the right candidate for me to be a temporary wife? Then where should I look for her? Because honestly, I don't have much free time to look for myself," he complained.

Axton rolled his eyes. Thinking carefully, then before long, the man snapped his fingers in the air while speaking excitedly.

"It seems, I know, who is the right woman to accompany Mr. Samuel to Mrs. Arabella's birthday party." Samuel immediately raised an eyebrow and asked curiously, "Who is it?"

"Ariana Grey. The woman who has just been appointed as your private secretary," Axton answered confidently.

Chapter 2

A woman seemed to hurry down the Pacific Palace building corridor to get to her room on the 15th floor. She might easily fall or slip if she didn't maintain her balance correctly. As soon as she entered the room, she was taken aback.

A well-built man wearing a formal suit seemed to have been waiting for her for a long time. The man folded his arms in front of his chest while leaning casually in one corner of the room.

"It's already 8.20 minutes. According to the rules, you should be late," said the man while checking the watch wrapped around his wrist.

Damn itl!

In this one month, Ariana Gray counted twice late in coming. And now, she was even caught directly by the boss, who was suddenly in her room for some reason.

"I-I, I'm sorry, Mr. Axton," the beautiful woman replied, irritated. "Earlier the online motorcycle taxi I was riding broke down in the middle of the road. So, I had to wait for a replacement driver t


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