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The Billionaire's Surrogate

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"All I have to do is birth an heir for you nothing more, if you want any other thing then you are coming for the wrong person" she warned him sternly "Oh sweet I know that" he smirked curtely reaching out for her but she pulled away "which is why am coming for something else instead" His eyes filled with so much promises and threats he said this to her. Arya doesn't want to shiver, she just want to get her family away from all their debts. If been the surrogate to Wilson Beckett is all it takes then so be it, but she will never give him more if that is what he expects. Especially her heart, she plans to guide it for a very very long time and away from his prying eyes ....

Chapter 1

My feet hurt like hell, I can feel the heel pinch so deeply into my skin yet I cannot bend to take it off no matter how much I really want to do that

Instead I keep walking around, going from one table to another to take orders and getting them delivered

Not that I have any other choice, at least this is my work for now and I have to do it no matter how very displeasing it may sound so yes here I am

Late into the midnight at Carven Cora's corbel a midnight club that can be anything you want it to be.

To so many it is the place to wine and dine while talking about how your day went, for some it is the place to meet as many woman as you want and have all the fun you can get in a night

But for me it is my work space in the night, the place I am working during the midnight

The noise isn't my thing, the loud music is itching my ears and I hate it so much yet no matter what I am still here walking towards yet another group of drunk turds who wants more drink to waste themselves away

"Here here drop that already, you took forever, was someone f*ck*ng you??" One of the drunk turds says loudly and everyone around the table laughed so loud

I clinch my mouth so tight as I place the drink they ordered round to each person that placed it

"You don't have to hurt that pretty face of yours now honey, you can leave a bright smile" the grey haired fellow beside the first man to speak said

I held my feet down to the ground as I felt his hand grip my *ss. He held it, squeeze it and I close my eyes tightly bearing through it

Finishing up with the servings I waited as they check what I had dropped while the man's hand is still on my *ss, just placed there

His touch irritates me so much I want to strike him and cut his head and then go for his hands while skimming the fingers one at a time

"Now you have to smile Arya" a voice said behind me, a voice I know so very well

I tightened my hand on the tray am holding and then gave my brightest smile then moved my leg like am shaking off a fly and the man's hand dropped off from my *ss

I scooted a little far from him but not too far for him to notice anything

"How much does it take to have this one" the man who had grabbed me said to my boss, Charles

"Ah I must tell you gentleman, there are more women more beautiful than you can ever imagine waiting just for you" He offers like he always does

"Am done here then" I said to him and walked away before a joke must have been said by one of them and I heard laughter as I walk out

This isn't the kind of life I ever wanted for myself, waiting tables for some rich spoilt brat but yet here I am

Arya Martinez, have nothing to her name except the thousands of jobs am holding at a time

Not that I have any choice, having your mother dying every minute of the day except you make money to pay for the bills I have to work extra, more than extra and this is why am doing exactly that

"You shouldn't have walked out like that" I took a deep breath as Charles came beside me, touched my shoulder and is now facing me

"You were there and I know you want to take care of them by yourself" I replied to him

"Yes Arya I wanted to take care of them by myself, until when??"

"Until whenever you want" I gave him a light mock bow before taking the tray and walking to where the wine servers are to take another order to another tables

This is how am going to work all night with lots of interruptions yet here I am, still working and probably going to take another more insults

* * *

There wasn't more of it, already arranging the last of the money I have made last night I could call it a success without any doubt

The smile on my face grew as I recounted the money again. I will have enough plus the other savings for last week. At least there is enough money for her treatment for at least another week

This makes me so happy

"I can see that smile on your face, the natural smile that makes your blue eyes sparkle" Charles pulls the chair out with his own smile in a place and sat beside me

"What can you say? I made enough, the tips and then what you paid me" I say to him

"Ah the tips, they always come in handy don't they??" He knows I hate the groping yet if it means making an extra money or a tip it doesn't hurt not to hurt anyone

"What can I say?? It comes in handy as you can see" I show him the separate money I made from the tips and he couldn't keep the surprise off his face

"Well with a face like yours and the body?? Who wouldn't want to drop enough tips" he lips curled into a tease and I laughed, throwing my head to the back

"Well what can we say indeed"

Looking at the clock chimed I knew it was time to go, I stood up after putting the money into my pouch and look to my boss

"Tonight then" he nodded his head as I wave farewell to others still sitting around and walked out of the places

I turn back to look at where I work, not exactly the idle place but a girls got to pay her bills, and instead of been ashamed? I walk out without a wobbling leg...

Chapter 2


The sun feels the same, the air feels exactly how I know it to be since a month I left the state

Having concluded the business that took me there I can only find my way back to the state and continue from where I stopped

I glided my shades down turning away the sun that burns to my skin as I walk away from the jet walking down the the awaiting car

"How was your flight Mr. Beckett??" Sherry my assistant ask taking the jacket I had taken off and opening the door

I enter the car removing the shade and taking a very deep breath I smile widening on my face

It feels very good to be back here even if I know it is just for a while

She slide into the car beside me, ruffle some through her bags and handed a file to me

"I just got back Sherry" I groaned out and she gnash her teeth apologetically

"You know you want it too" she said and I could agree more

There have been so many things I have


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