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The Billionaire's Submissive

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“Open up, Eve.” His voice was deep, yet velvety like silk. "Wider, I want to f*ck you in every single hole till all you can remember is my name." He drawled, parting my legs with a swift move as he stared at me lustily. I gulped hard as the heat pooled between my legs. "Who do you belong to?" A smirk grazed his face as he trailed his fingers on my thigh. "Say it!" And at his command the temperature in the room plummeted dramatically and every fibre in my body wanted to obey that command but I clamped my lips together choosing not to give into the wave of lust that almost drowned me. I would not allow him to possess me. The warmth spreading from my p*ssy sent shivers rippling through my body. "Say it!" He spanked my *ss without pity. "I-I am yours!" I moaned as he plunged his index finger into my wet moist folds. *** Eve Harrison was stuck between her abusive husband who sought to control her in every way, and popular business magnate Adam Stone, who was completely obsessed with and possessed every part of her. In a bid to exact revenge on her cheating husband after years of pain and suffering at his hands, Eve started a secret relationship with Adam and soon got entangled in a web of passionate lust. Eve fell in love with the handsome billionaire but would her husband let her go? Tom vowed to stop at nothing to keep his wife and Adam would do anything to make her his. Who would win? In this twisted tale, love and passion becomes a game and she, a prize. This is the FIRST book in the billionaire erotica, ENTANGLED.

A broken heart

Oh yes, f*ck me hard Tom.My goodnessRight there, just right there. F*ck me harderI’m going to c*m all over you.Yeah… I want that. F*ck me, oh f*ck me, I wanna come hard. I shut my eyes tight trying to drown their voices in my head but it was hard. He had done it again just like the last time and the time before that.I opened my eyes watching as the tears stained my cheeks and the mascara ran through my face. ‘Pathetic’ I thought to myself. My reflection of course did not say a word; after all, it was simply a blank canvas waiting for more makeup to paint across its tear-stained skin. I sighed heavily, wiping away another tear with the back of my hand. “Stop crying already,” I whispered to myself. Frustrated at the tears that kept streaming down my face. I couldn’t believe he had done it again. Well scratch that, I could believe it, but it just stung really bad as always. “How dare him?” I said once again to my reflection in the mirror, hoping for some sort of answer. My reflection didn’t speak; it just waited for more makeup. It always did. This wasn’t the first time I had cried since his arrival in my life. I knew this wouldn’t be the last either. I shook my head gently trying to get rid of all the negative thoughts that were running through my mind. I had been through enough and at this point what I needed to do was leave. I just needed to find a way to survive the next few months and then maybe I could try to forget about everything I had lost. My career, family, money, him, everything. It seemed like a lot for one person to lose but one thing was certain I wasn’t doing this relationship with him anymore. This was the very last straw for me. I was just very tired of the unending cycle of lies, cheating, deceit, and tears. I deserved more, so much more. I dabbed some more concealer under my eyes, hoping that maybe by applying, even more, concealer, I could cover up how red and puffy my eyes were. Once I was done and it looked good enough, I took a deep breath preparing myself for whatever was going to happen from the moment that I would walk out of the hotel and into the night. This was going to be a no-hold-back night for me. Ton had promised me so many things when we had gotten together, he had talked about loving me unendingly and protecting me, but it had been all lies, he had broken my trust and had left me hanging emotionally, mentally, and physically while he continued to cheat on me shamelessly. We were still on our vacation in Paris. I had left my dear husband to go shopping and then he still brought in a wh*r* even on our vacation! Things weren't always like these. He treated me like a queen and put me first in everything, but that changed the moment he had a breakthrough with his finances. The very first moment that he had a taste of the money that had come from years of both our hard work and determination, he became a changed person, all of those promises had gone to hell and the cycle had begun. This was his usual game, whenever he would commit one of his disgusting acts, he would do something extraordinary for me. Gift me a ridiculously expensive item, and take me out on a vacation. Anything to make up for his stupid ways. He had bought me a ridiculously expensive diamond ring two weeks ago. The ring currently sat perfectly on my finger, not too heavy and not too small. Now two weeks later, on our supposed make-up vacation we were back to his cheating.It hurt more than any physical pain he could inflict on my body, and yet I stayed with him. I put up with his lies and his deception. Because there was nothing else I could do, after all, it was my fault this happened in the first place. He always insisted that I could not give him the pleasure he wanted. Although I had tried watching new videos and had even suggested different styles, Tom wasn't still satisfied so I stuck with pleasuring myself but for how long would it continue.I removed the ring and placed it on the vanity then I picked up the black clutch purse that sat on the counter, taking one more look in the mirror, enjoying the way that the dress hugged my figure and complimented my frame, before leaving the bathroom. Being married to a Billionaire certainly had its perks, that is if one could deal with the constant heartbreaks and disrespect. For the umpteenth time, I wondered how the wives of the Billionaires coped with this cycle. It seemed like the more money the men had, the worse they treated their women. I sneered under my breath, beyond disgusted with the situation. ‘Not anymore.’ I thought.I was completely tired of the cycle and of being the pliant woman who took it all. Tonight was going to be my night. I had every intention of throwing all caution to the wind and having the best night of my life. If he was going to indulge in all of his pleasures without considering me and everything that we had built and shared then I would do the same thing. I made my way toward the front entrance of the hotel, enjoying the power that coursed through my veins as I heard the click-click of my heels against the floor. "Good evening." I plastered a fake smile at the receptionist when I stopped to drop the key card at the reception. I stepped out into the street, taking a deep breath of the evening air. For tonight, I would let go of caution. I would let go of the burden of my name Eve Harrison, wife of Billionaire Tom Harrison. A cab drove before me almost immediately. I pulled it and got it."Just drive." I told the cabman and leaned back in the chair.

Red Satin

The city of love certainly had its charm and my heart constricted in my chest when I was reminded of the fact that there had been no one to share it with me from the moment that I had stepped into it.As the cab drove through busy streets, past people dancing on the sidewalks, past buildings that reached higher and higher into the sky. I leaned against the window, looking out at the passing scenery allowing it to calm me. It pulled to a halt outside of a very old-looking building, almost hidden amongst the other buildings. If we hadn’t stopped here and we had been driving past, I probably would have missed it. "Descendras-tu ici?" He said in a thick french accent. I didn't understand a word of it but I nodded my head in acknowledgement, reaching into my purse to pull out some money to pay him before stepping out. I felt my phone buzzing in my purse. I knew who it was, it could only be him. He was after all the only one that texte


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