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The Billionaire's Regret

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Ethan Falcon is the heir of the Falcon Empire, and everyone admires and desires him for being a billionaire at such a young age, all on his own. Prior to his succession, Ethan needs to be married first. So he married the most convenient girl he knew, Pennelope Lopez. Pennelope knows the marriage she gets herself into, and because she's been loving Ethan most of her life, she agreed to marry him. But when Ethan's ex-girlfriend, his greatest love, came back, all he wanted was to marry her, but to do that, he had to divorce his marriage first. Although Pennelope wants to fight for their marriage, she ends up signing the divorce papers after learning of her husband's affair with his ex-girlfriend. Six years later, she came back with her child, and Ethan wants her back. Will Pennelope accept her ex-husband? Or will Pennelope decline... the billionaire's regret?


"You really are so sweet, Penny. I wish you and your husband a lifetime full of love." Layla smiled sweetly at me.

She's helping me prepare a surprise dinner for Ethan, my husband.

Today is our first anniversary, and I wanted to make it more special and meaningful for us. I asked Layla for help because I thought an outside dinner would be more romantic than an indoor one, as we would have a chance to watch the stars and the moon in the sky while celebrating our first anniversary.

I stared at my wristwatch, and I saw that it's almost quarter to 8, so we cleaned everything up and made sure that everything was okay before the clock hit 8:00 PM.

"Thank you so much for your help, Layla. I owe you this." I sincerely thanked her as we walked out of the house.

Layla then gave me a hug. "Just call me when you need anything, okay? Enjoy your dinner date with Ethan." We both laughed at her remark.

I waved my hand at Layla when Julius, Layla's husband, came. I sighed as I went back inside our house.

Everything is settled and prepared already, but Ethan is still not yet home. Maybe he's still in their meeting?

Ethan Falcon, my husband, is the heir of the Falcon Empire. He's been managing the whole empire for almost a year now, which is why he doesn't want me to work. He'd always say that taking care of me and making me happy was his number one responsibility. Although I wanted to work and use my knowledge for passion, he won't just let me.

I smiled and shook my head to stop the thoughts from running through my mind.

I wear a yellow bodycon dress, golden stilletos, and gold chandelier earrings. I face the mirror, and a smile appears on my face as the yellow dress matches my fair skin. My eyes are smokey brown, my lips are highlighted because of pink lipstick, my nose is pointed, I have a thick eyebrow, and my black hair is straightly falling down my back. I put light make-up on my face before going down the stairs.

Nana Leticia is in awe when she sees me. "You look great, my love," she softly said.

I smiled at her and embraced her. "Thank you, Nana."

I then looked outside, hoping that Ethan would finally come home, but I didn't see anyone. "Nana, you can rest now. I can manage it here already."

Nana Leticia nodded before giving me a small smile. "Ethan will surely be happy and surprised when he comes home!"

I waited for more minutes until the clock almost hit 10 PM But still... There's no Ethan. I'm starting to get worried about my husband's safety, so I tried calling him, but he's not answering.

My heart is now beating fast, and my breathing has become heavy because of the situation. I continue on calling Ethan, and after three missed calls, Ethan finally answers.

"Hello? Ethan! God! Where are you?! Are you okay?" I stopped when I heard a moan from a girl.

"Ughhh~ohhh, that's it... Ethan ohhh~"

My lips parted and my eyes widened because of shock. Tears started to form around my eyes, and when I heard Ethan speak on the phone, that's when my heart broke.

"D*mn, I really love your moan, Elyse."

The phone slipped out of my hand when I heard Ethan calling that name. I shook my head, I can't believe what I just heard. It was his f*ck*ng ex-girlfriend's name! What did that mean? Is he... Is he f*ck*ng cheating on me?!

Hot tears cascaded down on my face. The rain started to pour down, but I don't care about it. I wiped my face off, but it seems like my tears can't stop falling. I can't even identify if the wetness in my face was because of the rain pouring or because of my f*ck*ng tears.

I waited outside, still wearing my elegant dress. I'm now soaking wet while waiting for Ethan to come home, but I don't care about it. I don't even think about the cold that's starting to envelope my body.

The dawn came in an instant; the rain had already stopped, and just like a second ago, my husband entered the gate.

"H-Happy... anniversary," my voice broke when I saw Ethan enter the gate.

His eyes were wide apart at first. But in just a blink, he turned them into emotionless.

"What the f*ck are you doing?" His dark voice roared around the area.

He wanders his eyes, and he observes the foods and decorations that I have prepared for him. See that, Ethan? I prepared them for you. I made them for you.

"Happy Anniversary, E-Ethan..." I tried to gulp all my sobs away.

His eyes widened a fraction. He clenched his jaw and glared at me darkly.

"Are you done with your dramas?!" He harshly said.

I feel like throwing up because of what he said. Dramas?! He thinks I'm just... on my drama?! It hurt me to the core. And I feel like I'm being stabbed in the heart, continuously and harshly.

I was about to open my mouth to answer, but I halted when Ethan's car door opened. My eyes focused on the car, and another pain stabbed my heart when I saw who it was.

It was f*ck*ng Elyse.

It was Ethan's ex-girlfriend.

It was his f*ck*ng ex-girlfriend.

"What the hell are you doing in here, you b*tch?!" I screamed, ready to attack her.

But before I could even attack her, Ethan pushed me to the ground. I can't believe it! I looked at him in disbelief.

"How could you do this?!" I cried out of pain.

"Get out here, Penny! Leave my house! Now!" He sharply shouted.

I was crying my heart out while trying to compose myself. Watching my husband take care of another woman hurt me the most. But still, I want to fight for my husband. I want to fight for my marriage. So even if it was against my principle, I slowly knelt down the cold grass that shocked him.

"What the hell, Penny?!" He was about to kneel down with me, but Elyse held his arm. He stopped and looked at Elyse.

She shook her head. "Please, don't leave my side," she whispered.

Ethan closed his eyes deeply. When it opened, they were sharply looking at me, who was still crying like a mess.

I composed all my remaining strength, and I looked at my husband with his mistress.

"E-Ethan, if you were just tempted by that woman... please tell me! I can forgive you, Ethan! Please! Just tell me that it was a mistake." I pleaded, but he only shook his head.

"It wasn't a mistake, Penny. I chose this."

I shook my head. "It's okay! I can a-accept it! Just don't leave me. Ethan, you l-love me, right? I know it! I felt it!"

"I love her..."

"Then did you ever love me throughout our marriage?" My voice is like a glass that's been shattering a million times. It sounded like a fading whisper... like our marriage.

The truth is, our marriage wasn't formed because of love. It was formed because I made a move. I did everything I needed to do just so Ethan could break up with Elyse. And I succeeded. I planned it all. Seducing Ethan at her lowest and submitting my own body just to fulfill the place of Elyse. And because Ethan needed to be married before he gets the whole empire, he married the most convenient girl he knew... and that was me.

He sighed deeply. He then snaked his arms around Elyse's waist, and he bent down to give Elyse a deep kiss. I felt like dying as I watched my husband kiss another girl. I wanted to kill them! I wanted to attack her! I wanted to hurt them both!

But I have no strength to do it anymore.

I'm powerless.

They kissed for almost a minute, exchanging saliva with each other through their tongues. When they stopped, Ethan went to his car to get something.

Elyse smirked. "You won't win, Penny. Just give up. Ethan doesn't love you. He never did and never will."

The only thing I could do was glare at Elyse. If looks can kill, she could be dead by now.

She wanders her eyes around the mansion. "This mansion will soon be mine." She bends down, and she firmly holds my jaw. "And Ethan and I will f*ck each other in this mansion all night long. We won't stop until we're sated with each other. I won't stop sucking his d*ck... because I own it. I have all the right for it. And you? You'll be back on dirt, to which you truly belong."

All the fire went up to my head. I spit on her face, which made her scream.

"F*ck you!" She screamed at me.

I tried to smirk. "You deserve it, w-wh*r*!"

"What the f*ck, Penny?!" Ethan's voice thundered.

He went immediately to Elyse and took care of her.

"Sign this now!" He gave me a paper. "I want us to divorce so that I can marry the woman I love, and that's Elyse."

It felt like a slap on my face. I startled and shook my head... but what's the point of fighting for?

No matter how hard I want to fight for our marriage, if Ethan wanted to leave already... What's the essence of fighting for? Even though it hurts me so much that I feel like dying, I slowly signed the divorce paper.

He gave me an hour to prepare everything I needed before finally leaving his mansion. I did what he told me.

As I was walking out of the mansion, I saw them both kissing in the living room.

I don't want to prolong my agony anymore... So, even though I'm not yet prepared, I left the mansion. I ran away faster. I heard Ethan calling my name, but I never looked back. I wanted to die already... because I know that my heart is already dead.

While running through the roads, I was so busy crying that I didn't see a car coming in my direction. It was too late when I saw it. Before I could even run away, the car had already hit me, causing another painful experience.

Chapter 1

"You need to unwind sometimes too, Penny! You've been working hard for almost six years of your life now! It's good to feel liqour in our bodies, you know," Jessie boredly said as he sat comfortably on the couch in my office.

I smiled at him. "Jess, I have more important--"

"... things to do, and going to the bar is just a waste of time." He cut me off, mocking my favorite words. "Penny, a night of enjoying life won't cost you a billion. I understand that you want to take care of your position and the company that you have built. But, aren't you sick in this office of yours? Don't you want to have something new in your life aside from just facing your computer all day? Come on, Pen."

I sighed. I get his point, though. But I'm just literally not fond of partying anymore. Aside from my primary priority right now is my company and my position, I also have my son to take care of.

A smile escape


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