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The Billionaire’s Possession

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TRIGGER WARNING: S*x, Violence, Suicide, Mental Health 🔞 “How much did he give you?” "One million in three months," Avery replied emotionlessly, her eyes glazed over. "All right, Avery Foster. Since you're willing to lower yourself to such a low level, I will double the price to have you." Blake laughed sarcastically and threw her onto the sofa, his heavy body falling down the next moment. "Blake, what are you doing? Let me go!” His lips were by her ear, his teeth nibbling at her soft sensitive earlobe, his voice low and seductive. "Avery, this is only the beginning." His possession was fiercer and more intense than ever before. "Avery, say that you are mine..." *** Avery Foster's rebellion after being betrayed by her boyfriend and sister leads to a one-night stand with the famous billionaire, Blake Anderson, which causes a media frenzy. They can't let their reputation in the industry be a laughingstock as they are part of a powerful and wealthy family. As a result, they decided to marry. After three years of marriage, Blake and Avery face difficult occurrences that will measure how strong their love for each other is. Will Blake ever have his possession until the end?

Chapter 1: Shades of Pain

In the expansive hallway of the hospital, the resounding echo of high heels striking the polished marble floor reverberated. Avery Foster elegantly fastened her ebony locks into a sleek bun, donning her pristine medical attire. The stethoscope draped around her neck gleamed with an icy, metallic sheen.

"Doctor Foster, all three surgeries are slated for the afternoon. Additionally, there will be a scholarly exchange at 6 PM..." The intern dutifully trailed behind her, meticulously outlining the day's agenda.

"Doctor Foster, the emergency department has just admitted a patient. She has experienced significant bleeding, necessitating your immediate attention," the young nurse hastily conveyed as she rushed in.

"Understood." Avery nodded affirmatively and swiftly made her way toward the emergency room.

Lying on the hospital bed was a pallid woman, her disheveled tresses framing her anguished face. She cried out in agony.

Beside the sickbed, the man's bespoke suit, tailored to perfection, appeared rumpled and stained a vivid crimson, yet he exhibited no hint of shame. Standing there with an air of composure, his countenance was as sharp as a blade's edge. His thin lips were tightly pursed, and his demeanor exuded an almost chilling indifference.

Avery rushed over, but as soon as she laid eyes on the man's face, she was frozen, her complexion turning pale as a ghost. Simultaneously, the man also locked his gaze on her. After a brief moment of shock, a faint smile appeared in her eyes.

Unfortunately, she had to encounter him while working at this hospital.

Avery quickly averted her gaze and focused on the patient lying on the bed. As she lifted the corner of the blanket, she discovered that the woman's lower body was drenched in blood, and her skirt was a vivid shade of red.

"The baby cannot be saved. Prepare for the surgery," Avery instructed the nurse. Even she couldn't help but admire her composure in this critical moment.

The nurse handed the operation consent form to the man. He swiftly took it and signed his name, 'Blake Anderson,' with a golden pen.

The surgery lasted for over two hours, but unfortunately, the baby couldn't be saved before they reached the hospital. All Avery could do was clean the uterus and minimize the damage.

Upon completion, she exited the operating room. She removed her mask and discarded it in the disposal bin along with her blue surgical gown. A deep, magnetic male voice suddenly resonated behind her as she washed her hands. It was a captivating voice, yet tinged with a hint of coldness.

Avery's head remained still, fully aware of the person behind her. The voice had been a constant presence in her life for three years. She finished washing her hands, dried them with the sterilizer, and slowly turned around.

Blake stood by the door, his tall figure mostly concealed in shadows. His slender fingers held onto the cigarette butt, casually releasing smoke into the air. The fog obscured his handsome face, creating an almost surreal atmosphere.

Avery met his gaze, her tone surprisingly calm despite the trembling hand hidden behind her back. She wanted an explanation. She would believe him if he denied any wrongdoing, even if it was a lie.

But he remained silent, disappointing her completely.

Blake brazenly carried another woman in his arms, openly entering the territory of his legal wife. It was a slap to her face, yet he couldn't explain.

Simultaneously, Blake narrowed his eyes as he looked at her. He wanted to strip away the indifferent mask on her face. After three years of marriage, no matter what he did, no matter how much he provoked her, she remained cold and unaffected. He began to question if she even had a heart.

"Avery, do you understand what it means when a woman lacks even the most basic trace of jealousy? I truly don't understand what you think of our marriage," he said coldly, throwing the half-burnt cigarette butt to the ground and crushing it beneath his foot. With that, he turned away.

Avery's vision blurred with tears as she watched him walk away, her smile now bitter and tinged with sarcasm. Her marriage had left her alone in a vast, empty house, a journey from hope to despair. It turned out that she was still crying because of this man.

Later, someone symbolically knocked on her office door a few times. Before she could invite them in, the door swung open, and Dina, dressed in a nurse's uniform, entered, tossing a magazine onto the table. It was yet another mundane gossip magazine.

Lately, the headlines have been dominated by the scandalous affair between Blake Anderson, the President of Anderson Corporation, and the popular model and actress Feliz Cruz. Avery had grown accustomed to such news.

"Hey, what's wrong? Are you crying?" Dina noticed Avery's red eyes and the lingering tears on her face that she hadn't wiped away.

"No, it's just dust," Avery replied, lowering her head and offering a vague response.

Dina shrugged, disappointment evident on her face. "Sure, keep lying. It's easy to deceive others, but not me."

Avery let out a bitter laugh and remained silent. The ache in her heart was painfully clear.

"I heard your man caused you trouble again. That woman just had an abortion in the high trunk ward, and you were the one who performed it! Seriously, Avery, are you out of your mind? Why would you help her?" Dina taunted.

Avery grabbed the stethoscope and rose to her feet, her gaze serene like a tranquil lake. "She was admitted to the hospital, and our relationship was strictly doctor-patient. Anything else you'd like to add? If not, go check the room for tonight's surgery."

"Hold on!" Dina called out, handing her a test tube. "This is Feliz's specimen embryo."

Avery turned around with a pained expression, biting her lip tightly, and coldly uttered, "Get rid of it." Just the sight of that thing made her feel nauseous.

"Avery, you have to understand this as a married person. If you use this to create DNA, even if you divorce your husband, you'll still carry his blood."

Avery slammed the patient's case onto the table, losing control. "I told her to throw it away. Don't you understand? So what if I'm married or divorced? It was never my decision. Even if I got a divorce, even if I received compensation, could money ever replace the emotions and years I've invested in this relationship? The more I comprehend it, the more agonizing it becomes."

Chapter 2: Indescribable Feeling

Dina was also angry; she threw the test tube in her hand back into the treatment box, "Fine, let me be nosy." With that, she slammed the door and left.

Avery's body fell against the hard door, her palms covering her eyes, tears continuously flowing out from the gaps of her fingers.

How could the pure Dina understand? If she did that, she would only be bringing about her humiliation. Her wounds were already bleeding profusely; why would she even need to sprinkle salt on them?

She’s hurting. She was not as strong as she had imagined.

With her condition, there was no way for her to operate, so she took sick leave and returned home early.

Her home was a garden house located halfway up the mountain. To be more precise, it was not a home but a house that Blake bought for her.

Her slender body was nestled in the window, quietly gazing at the garden scenery. There were no flowers in her garden, only large patches of golden pla


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