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Blurb The big bad billionaire,Varga Monti has it all, the money, the women, the class, the style. But his relationship status is mystery to all. Rumors are he is d!ckless or that any lover he ever had disappeared after seeing his d!ck, some people even believe he is gay.. The mafia princess, Vivian is coming for Monti. Even if it means going undercover as an ordinary maid. An insanely hot one. Monti Varga has something Vivian wants, she’s not yielding or buying into the rumors until she sees for herself. How far will Vivian go to get what she wants? Find out in this Hot romance THE BILLIONAIRE'S MAFIA GIRL

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ruby Mathews stared at the two wealthy-looking women sitting in front of her wondering what they wanted from her,

If she didn't leave this place in less than 20 minutes, she was certain Monti would burst out of anger and no one would like to see an angry Monti.

"Ruby Mathews, if am right?" the younger among the two women asked,

Even has a woman, it was difficult for her to not notice how beautiful the woman was, beautiful was even an understatement she felt, the woman looked like one of those goddesses the myth Greeks always talked about

"Yes" Ruby answered realizing she was drooling on a fellow woman

"And you have been working for Monti for the last five years if am right," she asked again Ruby nodded hesitantly.

Considering Monti's 'allergy' to women, only a few people knew she worked for him making her wonder how these women knew about this,

"And you do have a husband and a son, Leo" Ruby again hesitantly nodded looking at her wristwatch

"My name is Sara and this is my sister, Vivian, we called you here for something simple Ruby, As long as you cooperate, everything will be better for the both of us" the older woman spook for the first time, though she wasn't as beautiful as the younger one, she still had one of those intimidating faces one would call pretty and scary at the same time,

"We want you to quit working for Monti and recommend my sister to take up your position" she continued

"What?!", Ruby let out a light laugh, "do you even know my job is to care for his three daughters?" clearly these women had no idea who she was

"Yes, we know that quite well" the woman, Sara, answered her with a smile forming at the corner of her lips

"Then why would you want a job as a nanny, you two look  rich enough" she stated looking from one woman to another

"This is a delicate situation, Ruby, you can either do as we tell you or sit here and ask questions that I promise you won't be answered," Sara said sternly

"Okay, and what if I refuse," her voice sounded confident

"If you refuse, we kill your son Leo and not only that but your husband as well, but if you do agree, we pay you double the amount Monti pays you every month till we leave, as I said Ruby, this is a win-lose situation,"

Ruby was taken back by that, kill her son and husband?, she thought it was some kind of joke as the two women looked like anything but murders, She still wondered who these women were though, how did they find out so much information about her and mostly why did they want to work for Monti?

Were they his business rivals, no, if they were, she would have certainly heard about them even on TV, Sara and Vivian, those names didn't ring a bell.

"We give you the cash right here, right now if you agree to our condition" Vivian spook.

On the hand, the money was tempting, considering how huge Monti was paying her, making it double would change her life and that of her little family, but what to do?

What if these people intended to bring harm to Monti or worse his daughters?

Monti loved his daughters, he would give them his life if needed not even considering that they were only adopted and weren't of his blood.

The only time she saw him relaxed or happy was when he was with them. She cleared her throat as she spoke hoping to find out any information about them,

"Why are you interested in working for Mr. Monti, cant you find a way to him except through taking my job?" she asked her voice a little bit shaky due to how nervous and uneasy she felt

"Let's just say Monti has something which belongs to us and we plan to get it back by all means, you and I both know you are the only woman under his employment, so no, this is the only way to get what we want" there was soo much determination in Sara's voice that ruby shifted uncomfortably on her seat

"Who are you people?" she asked her voice lower than usual as the realization that these women were serious hit her.

"That is of no great importance Ruby, do as we tell you and you have nothing to lose" Vivian spoke with a sweet smile on her lips

"My son and my husband, why would you even think of harming them?" She asked her mind drifting off to her little family,

No one in their right senses would assume these women would cause any harm to someone, they looked beautiful, rich, and just too perfect to get their hands dirty, all this seemed surreal

"Your husband is at work right now and as for your son, let's just say one of our men is taking care of him"

Ruby felt her heart skip a bit, she got her phone and immediately called Leo's school,

His teacher answered on the fifth ring

"Mrs. Mathews, hope nothing wrong happened for Leo not to come to school today" Ruby felt like her heart had been torn apart,

she had dropped Leo at the school gate herself this morning, her gaze immediately turned to the two women who were looking at her keenly,

They had him, they had her son.

"No, I called them, to let you know, he could, em,,, Leo couldn't come to school today" She was fighting so hard not to break down while on the phone call, she immediately hang up and spoke with tears already visible in her eyes

"Where is my son?" She asked in a shaky voice

"For now, just Assume he is safe, we are not bad people Ruby" Sara answered taking a sip from her glass of wine.

"I want my son!" She almost yelled

"And you will have him once you do as we say" Sara replied, Ruby let out a deep breath suddenly feeling her heart tighten,

"What do you want me to do?" She asked

"Good choice Ruby" Sara grinned, "Tell Monti you want to quit, tell him your son is seriously ill and needs your attention right now, you will say you have someone, your cousin to take in your place while you are away, Vivian" She explained gesturing to her sister who was looking at her

"What if he refuses, what if he doesn't want another woman to fill in my place?" She asked knowing fully well how difficult Monti was

"You will make sure he agrees, think of something to convince him Vivian is perfect for this job Ruby, remember what you have at stake here" Sara warned.

Ruby sat quietly for some time thinking of what to do, she couldn't bare the fact that her son could be in danger, she would never forgive herself if something were to happen to him but then again, what they were asking her to do seemed dangerous, for starters, she didn't know they were and to think she would have to let them look after Monti's daughters, she raised the girls and loved them like her own, how could she just risk their lives.

Sara stood up, and so did Vivian

"I think we are done here, we are giving you 20 Minutes to decide on what is important to you," Sara said

"And remember we do not intend any harm unless forced" Vivian added empathizing with the word 'harm' "am sure we don't have to remind you what might happen if you think of telling this to anyone should we?", Ruby quickly shook her head

"I thought so" Sara grinned.

Ruby left the hotel they had met from deep in thought, what was she going to do, she knew she couldn't tell Monti about this because they had her son and yet she was still hesitant about doing what they wanted,

She let out a deep sigh as she got a cab to go to the Monti Mansion...

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The world's famous billionaire Varga Monti stood impatiently in his study waiting for Ruby to arrive,

He wondered where the heck she was, She was already 40 minutes late despite knowing how much he hated unpunctual people.

His eyes kept on looking at the entrance camera on his computer, this was the first time Ruby was late.

Just what was soo agent that she didn't call to explain she would be late? He felt frustrated.

Just then, his three girls walked into the study and ran toward him

"Daddy!" they yelled happily taking turns in hugging him, his face immediately lit up into a smile,

"Hey my Babies, Did you guys brush your teeth?" he asked

"Yes Daddy, you always say brush your teeth first thing in the morning," Zaya said imitating his voice making the other two girls giggle, she was the naughty one among the three,


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