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The billionaire's forbidden desires

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" I want you " " Me? " She asked, her lips quivering. His blue eyes, seemed dark, staring deep into her shy eyes. Moving forward towards her, she moved back, retracing her steps till her back was against the wall. That didn't stop him from moving, he walked slowly, carefully taking one step at a time, till he came close to her. Her eyes were half closed, her breath shaky. This couldn't be happening right now. Was he going to take advantage of her right here in his office? Her heart was racing fast. This was something she wasn't ready for, at least not for a man like Alexander Blackwood. Alex stared passionately at her, trying so hard to control himself from devouring her sweet, tender body. He knew she was scared from the look on her face, and it made him even more desperate to have her. He wanted her in his arms, his heart, and most especially his bed. But she was playing so hard to get. He knew and decided for sure that now and here was the perfect time to have a feel of her, and make her moan his name, and let out passionate screams. The Billionaire's Forbidden Desires is an enticing tale of temptation and morality, set against the backdrop of a steamy billionaire romance. Emma, a young and innocent woman, finds herself irresistibly drawn to the enigmatic billionaire, Alexander Blackwood. As their passion ignites, Emma is torn between her own desires and the moral implications of their relationship. The novel delves into the complexities of love, desire, and the choices we make when faced with temptation. Can Emma and Alexander find redemption and a love that transcends societal judgment, or will their forbidden desires lead to their downfall?

Welcome to our world

The sound of the chirping birds, the persistent ringing of the alarm clock and the loud music from the other room woke up Emma abruptly. Turning to the other side and covering her ears with her pillow, she groaned in annoyance but still proving stubborn without getting up, but the loud music coming out from her cousin's room threw her on the edge.

“ Turn it off, Cassie! " Emma angrily yelled, her voice ringing down the hallway. For the next few minutes, the music played on, and it seemed even louder. Leaning over her bed to turn off the alarm clock, she saw the time was 5:43 am. She had her alarm set by 5:30, and it was already 13 minutes late. Groaning in annoyance, she got off her bed and slid her feet into her “flip-flops” close to her reading table. She stormed out of her room, murmuring under her breath. Cassie was fond of this annoying behavior of hers, always disturbing the peace and serenity of the house with her loud music, and Emma was getting fed up. Getting into Cassie's room, she tripped over a box containing different magazines and song covers, and fell directly to the floor. Her face turned red with anger.

That seemed to draw the attention of Cassie as she turned to face angry-face Emma, battling to get off the floor. Cassie hurriedly threw the headphones she had on, across the room and rushed to help Emma up.

“ I'm sorry, “She muttered, holding her hand and pulling her up. Emma brushed off imaginary dirt from her pajamas, ignoring Cassie's apology, before venting her anger.

“ Did you check the time? Why disturbing everyone with your loud music?” Realizing the music was still on and loud, she gave her cousin a stern look,” Turn it off”.

“ Right away ma'am”

Cassie rushed to the home theater and turned it off. She dropped her gaze to the floor and walked slowly towards her.

“ Did you check the time? “ She repeated this time a little harshly, Cassie nodded her head slowly.

“ Don't you know mum is still asleep? I was asleep until you turned your music to the loudest. You know I sleep late at night and wake up early, why did you choose to interrupt that?”

“ I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.” Her voice was timid and low. Emma felt the rush of anger over her disappear immediately. She hated making her cousin feel sad or disturbed, and she felt bad that she had made her feel that way already with her tune of talking. She got down a little and placed her right hand on Cassie's shoulders.

“ Sorry for using that tune on you, Cass. I was just annoyed, I'll learn to control my anger next time”

Cassie raised her head up and smiled at her, she took her hand and held it with hers.

“ I was wrong, Emma, for disturbing aunt Susie and you. I'll be quiet from now on, "Emma returned her smile and pulled her into her arms for a hug. Although Emma was 20 and Cassie was 16, the love and respect they had for each other was one of their greatest gifts and strength.

“ I'm going to check up on mum now,” Emma said, pulling from the hug and getting up. “ You stay quiet from now on”

“Yes ma'am” Cass giggled

Emma walked out to the door and opened it. Looked around the room and saw the mess it was in,” Please clean your room too, it's messy. “

“ I will, mom "

Emma chuckled at Cassie's sentence and closed the door behind her as she left.

Her mum's room was close to the living room, and adjacent to Cassie's. It was just the three of them in the house, and also in the world of their own. Her dad was late – that was the only thing she knew about him. And so was Cassie's mum. Her mum was the younger sister of Susie, who was Emma's mum. Sarah got pregnant with Cassie when she was just 18 years old. The person responsible was the son of a reputable CEO who was against his relationship with Sarah. They wanted her to abort the baby, but she would have none of it. Oliver – Cassie's dad, was in love with Sarah, but was also scared of his parent's judgement and his reputation. He wasn't ready to leave everything and be with her. He ignored her and left her all alone with the pregnancy.

Depression crept into her, and the stigma her relationship with Oliver brought her was too overwhelming for her to comprehend. Slowly she got tired and fed up with life. Susie tried all she could to help her sister out of her situation, but it wasn't working, as she herself was going through the same thing.

After the birth of Cassie, things became very rough for Sarah, and she tried reaching out to Oliver, but it was fruitless. It seemed like he disappeared from the surface of the earth. After trying hard without any useful results, Sarah gave up and entrusted her daughter to the care of Susie, begging her to keep her away from the troubles of the wealthy devil's. Susie wept seeing her sister going through so much pain, and she vowed to make sure both their children would never experience such trauma.

A few years after Cassie's birth, Sarah passed on. Leaving the troubles and pains her love had brought her, Cassie was four years at the time, and ever since then she had been living with Susie and Emma.

Emma heaved a sigh as she got to the door entrance of her mum's room. Tears formed in her eyes as she opened the door to go in. Her mum was lying shakily on the bed, giving little coughs. Susie was suffering from a heart disease, and she required a surgery before she could get better. Each time Emma saw her mum, her heart broke into a thousand pieces, not being able to afford the money for her mum to get better was the most hurtful thing to her; she was determined to raise the money anyway she could.

Walking slowly towards the bed, she turned on the room lights and wore a fake smile for her mom. Taking a seat on the bed, she placed her hand on her mum's forehead.

“ How're you feeling today, mum? “

Susie trembled slightly. Wearing a smile for her daughter. Seeing Emma grow into a caring and strong young woman was a dream come true for her. She knew her daughter felt bad about her condition, and not being able to afford the money for her surgery. She felt bad herself, for making Emma go through so much just to put food on their table and now, the money for her surgery.

“ I'm good. How are you today? “

Emma replied with a smile.

“ Have you checked on Cassie? The sound coming from her room was so terrifying, "“ Right? It was one of the things that woke me up. I had to go to her room to make her turn it off. “

“ It's a good thing you did that. My ears hurt already from listening. "

Emma laughed, followed by Susie's. Mother and daughter laughed heartily, and it relieved Emma that her mum was holding up just fine. She searched for the courage in her to tell her mum about her interview for a job the next day. Knowing her mum, she wouldn't want her to take the job of an assistant in a company and work late hours. But all she needed to do was convince her mum and enlighten her on how good she was going to keep herself and her behavior in check. And also how bad they needed the money, but she wasn't going to say that because it would hurt her mum's feelings.

“ Mum? “ She called after a few minutes of silence.


“ I have something significant to say to you. “

“ Go on"

She took a deep breath before continuing, " Leslie introduced a job opportunity to me, so I have an interview with the company tomorrow by 7am "

Susie was quiet. And for the next two minutes she said nothing. Emma's heart raced, she knew this was how her mum would react.

“ Mom? “

“ I heard you the first time. So, you'll be going tomorrow morning?"

” Yes. If that's fine with you, "

“ You know I can't stop you, sweetie. I can only advise you, please be of good behavior and remember to keep yourself. Do not get enticed and give yourself out to any man because of money”!

Emma kept quiet, letting her mom speak. She knew she had just told her the one thing that was bothering her, and she was going to make sure she didn't disappoint her mother.

She took her mum's hand and placed it in hers, looking into her eyes she replied " I'm never going to do anything that will make you less proud of me mom, I'll respect myself, my body and uphold my values. "

Susie smiled and held her daughter closer for a hug, she knew Emma was going to make her proud.

The unexpected

The next morning, Emma woke up as early as she could. Cassie wasn't playing her music today, at least not loud like the day before. She walked to her window and flung it open, allowing the cool morning air blow into the room.

“ Good morning world” she greeted no one in particular, smiling broadly. There was no doubt she was excited and ready for her interview today, and she prayed silently in her mind to pass the interview and get the job. If not for anything but for her mom.

She went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, she did the dirty dishes, cleaned the living room, then went into her mom's room to check on her. But she was still asleep when she opened the door. She decided to go and prepare for her interview.

Walking back into her bedroom, she turned the knob closed and got out of her pajamas. She stood in front of her half broken dressing mirror and admired her tall, slender body, running her hand across her smooth, sensitive skin


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