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" I want you " " Me? " She asked, her lips quivering. His blue eyes, seemed dark, staring deep into her shy eyes. Moving forward towards her, she moved back, retracing her steps till her back was against the wall. That didn't stop him from moving, he walked slowly, carefully taking one step at a time, till he came close to her. Her eyes were half closed, her breath shaky. This couldn't be happening right now. Was he going to take advantage of her right here in his office? Her heart was racing fast. This was something she wasn't ready for, at least not for a man like Alexander Blackwood. Alex stared passionately at her, trying so hard to control himself from devouring her sweet, tender body. He knew she was scared from the look on her face, and it made him even more desperate to have her. He wanted her in his arms, his heart, and most especially his bed. But she was playing so hard to get. He knew and decided for sure that now and here was the perfect time to have a feel of her, and make her moan his name, and let out passionate screams. The Billionaire's Forbidden Desires is an enticing tale of temptation and morality, set against the backdrop of a steamy billionaire romance. Emma, a young and innocent woman, finds herself irresistibly drawn to the enigmatic billionaire, Alexander Blackwood. As their passion ignites, Emma is torn between her own desires and the moral implications of their relationship. The novel delves into the complexities of love, desire, and the choices we make when faced with temptation. Can Emma and Alexander find redemption and a love that transcends societal judgment, or will their forbidden desires lead to their downfall?


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