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The Billionaire's Ex Wife

The Billionaire's Ex Wife

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Raven Daisy Richards, accomplished fashionista and former runway model after suffering a cold rejection and divorce from her ex-husband who accused her of infidelity, got over her past and moved on with her new life as a single mother. Suddenly, one day her present close-to-perfect life was upturned when the same ex came back, and this time when he realized what a fool he had been in the past, was willing to do anything to gain back the forgiveness of his ex-wife including suffering her rejection and horrible words. The question remains: Is the tenacious fashionista willing to abide by her words of not allowing her ex-husband back into her life? Or will old flames be rekindled and ruin her five years of determined detachment? Let's journey together on this love story born out of hate, and rejection and finally led to forgiveness.

Chapter 1

"Daisy, hurry, we will be late for the wedding!" Amanda careened the name of her best friend, Daisy who has been in preparation for more than an hour now.

If there was something Amanda is ever embittered with Daisy about in this life, it is the outrageous level of her tardiness whenever she was going out.

Daisy smiled ruggedly from her room where she was still struggling to smother her rouge lipstick, dropped it, and patted her mouth to even it. She knows how much her time waste would agonize her dear friend, so she didn't waste as much time as she would have taken to apply a nude shade to the rouge to form an ombre lip before running to her closet to pick out her shoes.


"I swear to you, I will soon be done in a minute!" She returned impishly, rummaging through her rack.

"You said that about thirty minutes ago!" The latter retorted with an audible huff and went to lap against the living room leather cushion to wait. Knowing her friend it would take an extra thirty minutes before she came out.

Daisy rummaged through her shoe racks, throwing away from one shoe to another as she searched for the right color to match her red short tulle. Fashion was something she could never flounder on, but if she would have to bruise the heart of her friend for another few minutes, then she has to make it worth it.

It was all her fault. Daisy reflected. She had told her she wouldn't be able to go for this wedding but the latter persisted. It all started three weeks ago when Amanda returned from her dancing class full of exuberance about meeting a new lesbian partner and then she had gone on to tell Daisy that the said girl is Bi, and would be getting married on the next the third Saturday, which happened to be today.

At first, Daisy had refused, saying she wouldn't want to be present and watch her, Amanda, marry off another lesbian partner after watching her break apart the first time that happened but Amanda insisted, saying she wanted to be there for the new friend because she was honest with her from the first, unlike the first time. And that was how she found herself in this obtuse situation.

Exactly as envisaged by Amanda, it was thirty minutes before Daisy hurried out of her room, possibly looking hotter than the bride herself.

"Daisy!" Amanda cried in alarm, "how come you look fancier than the bride? I told you, that for today you should be considerate with your fashion! Oh, Mother Mary..." She huffed and stood, not daring to ask Daisy to go back and change or risk forfeiting the wedding in total.

"I'm sorry, Mandy..." Daisy dragged, sucking in air and holding herself from laughing as she followed Amanda out of her apartment. "You know me well that there is no possible way I could have dressed lower than my standard just because I want to be considerate," She rambled on as they reached her black Chevrolet outside, and the back door slid open for them to enter.

Daisy Raven Richards is an accomplished fashion designer who resigned from her modeling career and had gone into the fashion business after suffering a terrible divorce from her husband who accused her of cheating on him the first day she broke it to him that she was pregnant. It is one huge blow she doesn't think she could ever overcome in her life no matter how much she tried.

Ethan was her everything. She literally adored the ground he walked on and yet that very day he stood before her and looked deep into her eyes and told her it was over.

At first she thought it was a prank, as they were often playing tricks on each other. Once, she called him and told him she was about to hang herself to test his love for her, meanwhile, she was in her house sipping a glass of lemonade and in a frenzy, the poor man rushed back to her from work and was very furious she had to lie to him about that. He had promised to pay back and it went a long time before he did.

So, that day, when he accused her of cheating and declared his intention of divorce, Dasiy didn't take it seriously, until the next morning he left the house, and one week later after nearly suffering a miscarriage from thinking something ill occurred to him, their lawyer has arrived with the divorce papers. That was the worst day of her life and the very day she truly believed it wasn't a prank at all.

Today would make it five years and their son, now in a boarding school somewhere in the Pacific. Ethan ruined her life after that and she swore come what may, she would never give her heart to another man, and if anything makes her get married, it would be without emotions and she just has her financial security for herself and her child.

Somehow the wedding reminded her of Ethan. Her lost love.


She jerked and took in a deep breath as she twisted to face her friend.

"I have been telling you something, are you all right?" Amanda ventured with a concerned expression..

"Yeah..." She nodded fervently and watched the road. " I hope someday the husband of your friend doesn't wake up and accuse her of cheating on him."

Amanda scoffed, knowing why her friend said that. Her hand found Daisy soothingly, "You have to learn to forgive eventually so that you can have a chance at true love again."

Daisy retrieved her hands from under Amanda's and folded them on her chest as she scowled outside the plying car. "Sometimes you talk like you are under the influence of one of those stimulants!"

Amanda hissed with laughter.

"You know that is not possible! I will rather eat my eyes than play that lane ever again. I learned from my first. All I care about right now is to take care of myself and my son! And of course, my dear baby, Ella." Ella was her tiny little Collier.

"I know you will say that, but still, I won't stop believing that someday, that man will come that will change your perspective. Becky did mine..."

Daisy snorted acerbically. "And yet today she is walking down the aisle with someone else..."

"I respected her decision not to be with me. After all, she promised to continue-"

"Fucking you!" Daisy finished and shook with laughter. "And here I am saying someday her husband would accuse her. Maybe when he does he won't be far from the truth!"

"Daisy!" Amanda smacked her arm. "You are not being kind."

"Whatever, Amanda. It's not like I give two fucks about it. Maybe when that day comes, she would finally be yours if her husband is a prick like my ex and is kind enough to cast her out. Into your arms." their laughter rang in the car.

"Maybe if you put it like that, I might pray for that day..." She trailed off as their laughter receded, and Daisy hummed in response.

Amanda and Daisy have been friends since they were in third grade and Daisy's parents packed into the neighborhood at Belmonte when Daisy's mother got a contract in France then. Daisy's mother became close friends with Mrs. Anthonio, Amanda's mom and their kids were Introduced after Mrs. Anthonio suggested to Mrs. Richards to admit her little girl into the same school with her princess.

That was how the two kids charmed each other, being that they were often in the same environment with their mothers. The first time Daisy found out Amanda did drugs and loved women was in college at a classmate's party.

That was the first time Dasiy took into cognizance that Amanda's refusal to have a boyfriend while incessantly watching lesbian porn and loosing herself gawking at a female anatomy, was actually not because she had interest in becoming a female gynecologist but because for a fact her girl was into women but hasn't gotten the opportunity to express it.

That day, there was this girl Florence who was from New York, where their college was situated, who was always picking on Amanda. Daisy found it irritating and wanted to shun the girl but to her chagrin, Amanda liked it. She told Daisy that the girl made her come alive.

The statement perplexed Daisy but she understood it that night at the party when she caught Florence nestled in the arms of Amanda while devouring her sizable blossom in the female bathroom. They had dismembered when they saw her but it was relieving to Daisy who later quarreled Amanda for not telling her.

They have come a long way, from college to moving to the U.S to base fully, and Amanda at one time falling in love with a man from their field and getting married. At least, that was what told Daisy. He never knew until his death that his wife was a lesbian.

Now, after Daisy resigned from modeling in which Amanda was her manager, being that she was also a fashion designer, they both run their own line and take care of their kids while Amanda jumps from one female to another, her present catch being this female whose wedding they were going for.

The car pulled into the parking lot and the ladies looked at themselves and smiled, and Daisy said as though in prophecy, "Let's go crash a wedding, sis." And Amanda, like the loyal buddy, nodded once and alighted.

Several cars parked in the front of the church showed they were late for the wedding and had to hurry to the only entrance.

"Everyone would see us enter, Daisy!" Amanda bemoaned. "This was why I asked you to hurry but..."

"Shhhh, less talk, more bravery. The more we are noticed, the merrier. You see why it's good to be hot. Now they will admire us rather than snarl at us." An unaffected Daisy, instantly yanked the door of the church open and at once an uproar went on air.

They paused at the door and their eyes flew in worry towards the aisle where the officiating pastor stood watching them and then said, "Which of you have something to say that would make this marriage not commence, Ms?" He eyed them.

Then it dawned on them that they might have entered when the pastor asked if anyone had anything to say that would halt the commencement of the ceremony. But that wasn't the problem, the problem right now is that, standing before the aisle holding the hand of the brunette bride is none other than Daisy's ex-husband, Ethan and immediately she looked at Amanda, from the panicked eyes of her friend. Daisy could tell the latter recognized him too and they both shrieked.



Chapter 2

"Raven?" Ethan dropped the hands of his bride and twisted to them, his face contorted into something indecipherable.

Daisy, who was still shocked at seeing him again after five years, couldn't believe it. She swallowed loudly and shook her head, stepped back, and held the church door. This can not be happening. She moved far away from Seattle to New Orleans just to avoid ever having any contact with and still, this is happening?

"I swear I didn't know anything about this," Amanda defended herself, reaching out to her friend.

"I know," Daisy quickly agreed. She knew if Amanda knew she would have told her. They had suffered together when it took place so there was no way she would keep something that delicate from her.

"We have to leave," Amanda suggested.

Amanda looked up to meet the eyes of the bride, who was glaring at her, her eyes relaying a message to Amanda inquiring what was going on, and if she co


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