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The Billionaire’s Contract Bride

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It was a stormy night when Tracey's world fell apart. She lost her father to the storm, and her mother, an alcoholic, blamed her for his death. Tracey worked at a coffee shop to make ends meet, but her life was far from perfect. She had a boyfriend, Tristan, but he was unfaithful, and she felt like she was drowning in despair. But one day, a mysterious customer walked into the coffee shop, and everything changed. Tracey's heart was broken when she discovered Tristan's betrayal. After five years of dating, it all ended in tears, and things only got worse. She was accused of stealing from the cafe where she worked, and despite her innocence, she was taken to prison. Alone and scared, she had no idea how she would prove her innocence and get out of this mess. But then, she had an idea. She decided to use her story to inspire others, and she began writing a novel in her cell. Tracey never expected to be bailed out of jail by a millionaire, but that's exactly what happened. The catch? She had to marry him. With no other options, she agreed to the deal, desperate for freedom. Little did she know that her life was about to change forever. Her new husband was cold and ruthless, but as time went on, she began to see a different side of him. They developed feelings for each other, but their contract was coming to an end, and Tracey's ex-boyfriend returned, begging for forgiveness. Tracey felt torn between her past and her present. Her ex, whom she'd dated for so long, was begging for a second chance, but her millionaire husband had shown her a side of him she never knew existed.

Chapter 1

Tracey Lopez

It's a Monday morning and the worst day of my life. I hate Monday with passion and I wish that day could be canceled from the calendar. I just want to sleep but it's never going to happen cos lots of work is waiting for me at the cafe.

My alarm won't stop making those stupid noises. I groaned loudly "Why me? " I tried to stop the sound by covering my head with a pillow but it's never going to happen. I can hear the sound of my door. I just don't know why this has to be happening to me.

I rushed to the door to get it. I'm sure it's the delivery man. The moment I opened the door, I realized my mistake. The delivery man was a cute-looking man with a small dimple on his cheek. He stared down at my bare chest and I knew instantly that I f*ck*d *p.

I forgot to take my robe with me. My breath was slightly on display. I took the message from him and hurriedly said " thanks " before closing the door. I realized a breath I didn't know I was holding.

This is my life. I'm a normal college student trying hard to make a name for myself. Having lost my dad the full responsibility fell on me as the only child. My mom is a drunkard and doesn't care about me. All she cared about was herself alone. I've learned to live with that fact. She made my life miserable when I was living with her and that is what led me to leave the apartment for her and then went ahead to rent one for myself.

I was glad the apartment belonged to Dad and she is his next of kin which means I don't have to worry about two rent fees. She steals and demands money from me and I can't help but give it to her. She is my mother, right? And I should do my duty as her daughter.

At some point, I find it draining. I feel like she does this thing to get back at me. Why I said so is because I'm the only one who was with dad when he passed away.

It was a faithful evening, I went for a party with some of my friends, Dad was just heading home that night and I called him to pick me up. I thought I was going to spend the night with my best friend and that is Sasha.

It was all planned but things changed when there was a storm. Everyone was stranded and they all called their family members to come take them home and I was all alone. Sasha followed her boyfriend and I decided to call Dad. Dad came to take me that faithful day. It was the worst day of my life. I regret ever calling him cos if he hadn't come he would still be alive and Mom would be her normal self. I changed everything for everyone.

I ended the thought and went upstairs to prepare for work. I have just twenty minutes left to be at work. I need to take the bus cos I don't have a car. My life is a disaster trust me.


I didn't take much time in the bathroom. It was faster than I could think of. My clothes were already hanging. I always hang the clothes I'll be wearing the next day just to ease the stress of finding clothes to wear on a particular day. I put it on and took my bag and some things I know I always take with me.

I gave myself a final look before rushing to the door. I locked the door the moment I went outside. My phone has been ringing in my car. I groaned but brought it out to see who was calling.

It was none other than Tristan my boyfriend. I have a smile on my face seeing his name pop up my screen. I picked it up instantly.

" hey Tristan," I said with a wide smile. He makes me so happy. Lately, he has been distant but that hasn't stopped me from loving him the way I did. He was with me throughout my hard time.

" hey love, I'm sorry I didn't wake you up early. I was so busy that I lost track of time "

I rolled my eyes " My alarm did the work and it's so annoying "

He chuckled through the phone. The sound of his laughter soothes my heart. I can't love him less " I'm glad you aren't late. Let me not take much of your time. I'll call you when you get to work. I love you"

He ended the call before I could replay with " I love you too"

I heaved in a sigh and put my phone pack in my trouser pocket. I know he has been so busy lately but he doesn't give me his time like he used to before. I don't want to think too much about it but it's unavoidable.

I walked to the bus stop. The next bus will be there in five minutes so I race to the bus stop. This is why I ended up being all sweaty when I got to work. One would think I had a morning run before coming to work. On second thought, it's a morning run. I laughed at my joke.


I was lucky not to have missed the bus. I got inside and found a spot to sit. The bus was still slightly empty. It wasn't full yet. I decided to keep myself busy with my EarPod. I didn't know I was dozing off not until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I raised my head to see who was it and then green eyes were staring down at me. It was a nice-looking man who was maybe in his thirties. I raised a brow at him "Yeah?"

"Can you move to the next seat please?" he said and I stared at the next seat. I wanted to ask him to find another spot to sit but stopped myself. I don't want to be rude this early morning. I'm always grumpy every Monday morning.

I moved to the next seat and he sat down on the spot I was sitting earlier. I used that moment to stare through the window. I smiled watching how people were in a hurry to go to work. Monday is the most busy day ever and I think that's why I hate it so much. I know I have piles of work waiting for me at the cafe. I squeezed my face at the thought.

The bus finally came to a stop and I rushed out of the bush. I don't have enough time. I'll be late if I don't run to the cafe. I ran through the street and I could see eyes on me. Most wondered why a lady like me was running. I don't care anyway. They can say what they want to say. As long as I make a living through this work, I don't mind what people say.


I got to the cafe right on time. It was eight on the dot when I went inside. Debra saw me walking in and waved at me. I waved back and rushed to the changing room. The boss must be in his office.

I came back to join Debra at the counter. She is my partner at work and also a good friend.

" hi there," I said with a smile

She nudged my shoulder " You almost got in late "

I heaved in a sigh " I hate Monday "That is what I can say and she knows that Monday is not just my kind of day.

" I'm glad you made it on time by the way. The boss passed a message to both of us " She started

My ears perked up at what she was about to say "What is that? Did we do anything wrong again?"

Yes, we are the troublemakers of the cafe. On Friday we had an encounter with some high school students. They came to the shop and refused to pay then Sasha and I did what was best and that was by locking the door and calling the police on them. Let's cut the story short. It turned out that the children came from a wealthy home and their parents wanted to sue the cafe.

The boss wasn't happy with the measure with took and gave Sasha and me a final warning not to take such action ever again. We thought we were doing the right thing but it still ended up making us the bad person. Such is life.

" so as I was saying, there is going to be some visitor and they are going to be at the VIP areas "

"What does that have to do with us ?" I asked confused

"We are going to be serving them . " she finished. I let out a sigh not liking this idea at all. The last time I went to take the VIP area, I came encountered a creepy *ss man who wouldn't stop staring at my boob. No one knew about this Sasha.

" don't you worry? This won't be like the last time " she tried to assure me and I hope so.

Chapter 2

The shop was so crowded today with no break. Sasha and I were so drained and to top it all up, we hadn't had anything to eat. It's against the cafe rule to eat while on duty unless it's our break time and we still have a few minutes before the break. I think I'm gonna collapse if I don't find something to eat.

The customer was leaving finally and there was less work. Sasha stared at me and said " I'm tired "

" me too"

We went back to the counter after serving all the customers. I use that moment to have some coffee. I need it in my system right now.

There was a new customer, the door opened and he came inside. I've seen that face somewhere but I can't put a picture to it it all made sense now. The bus. The same green-eyed man I saw on the bus this morning. He walked in majestically like he owned the place. He finds a spot to sit. I couldn't stop looking at him.

I was enticed by him. The wa


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