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The Billionaire Clumsy Assistant

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Catherine gets involved in a fatal accident which kept her in a coma, in the coma, she starts another life with a kind friend that took her in. After finding a new job, she becomes entangled with the cold CEO 'Brian Jones' she works for as a personal Assistant after accepting the contract of being his wife for the space of some months, due to the money and benefits involved. "I'm fed up with all of this," Catherine yelled loudly with anger, throwing the scattered document containing their marriage contract at Brian's face. "The documents says no yet," Brian chuckled, puffing a smoke from his cigar. "I don't care, I can't put up with this hell again," Catherine replied and started walking out. "Walk out of this, and get to face the consequences bitterly... Your best friend will pay dearly for it," Brian threatened with a cold voice which sent shivers down Catherine's spine and stopped her from moving any further. ________ The book cover was found in the internet. I only designed it to suit my taste. if it is yours, Dm. Facebook_ @Succy Writes. Email_@[email protected]

Chapter 1

A sober looking lady could be seen draining down bottles of Alcohol in a bar, she sat alone in a specially reserved table that was always kept for her, away from people as one of the top potential customers. She looked at the label on the bottle of Alcohol she was holding, before gulping down almost all the contents in a goal.

"Please Young Miss, it is enough," a man dressed in a black suit, standing nearby chipped in, but the lady didn't bother about what he said and set to open another bottle.

"I said it is enough, this is the seventh bottle now. Why are you making your life miserable?" The man in black suit that obviously looked like a body guard said with more seriousness.

"I don't care, you can clearly see it," the young lady replied and settled on the bottle to start gulping down the contents again.

"How would it look like when you get home today, reeking of alcohol and badly drunk... How will your mom feel?" the man in black suit said again.

"Thomas, I'm doing what makes me happy and also gives me the reason to continue with life, allow me or I would send you back home, so you would go back to your boring miserable post," the lady said in a slightly drunken voice, before belching out loud.

"Please Ma'am, it is high time you stop doing this already... it's been weeks now and you are getting more addicted to it," the man in black suit who is identified as Thomas said.

"It gives me peace and makes me forget all of my troubles. it is the best friend I have ever had, please allow my friendship with it to last longer," The lady said in a drunken voice.

"Catherine!" Thomas called not being able to take it anymore.

"Did you just call me by name?" The lady whose name is Catherine asked.

"I'm sorry ma'am!" Thomas quickly apologized.

"Hahaha!" Catherine laughed in a drunken way, moving her head around.

"I got you, call me Catherine or whatever I don't care," Catherine added.

"Please ma'am, as your personal bodyguard, your parents are going to fire me over this... They have been warning me about this which I have been avoiding but you are now trying to make everything complicated for me. What am I going to tell them? How would I explain how you managed to get drunk again," Thomas said.

"I'm doing this because I don't want to marry Mr Albert's Son, I don't love him," Catherine confessed while she opened another bottle.

"It is enough, you are drunk that is why you are saying rubbish, I can't remember if you are getting married to any Mr Albert's son," Thomas said and knocked the alcohol's bottle off her hand, it fell to the ground and scattered into pieces, the contents spilled all over the floor around there.

"I'm sorry," Thomas apologized loudly when the sound attracted people and made them look at their direction even from a further distance.

"Why are you apologizing you idiot, they deserve it, they deserve everything that I'm doing... they hurt me," Catherine blurted, staggering when she stood up.

"Let's go home," Thomas said again.

"No, I don't want to leave this place, I don't want to go home," Catherine sobed and sat on the ground.

"I guess I will carry you home then," Thomas said and carried Catherine up, in a princess style.

"My Knight in shining armor has come to the rescue of a princess in distress like me," Catherine gushed with happiness, staring and smiling at Thomas who in return didn't pay attention to her. He carried her to the car and dropped her in the back seat.

"Don't leave me alone, I want to cuddle you... I'm feeling so cold," Catherine said as Thomas dropped her down. He didn't pay attention to her and shut the door. He went to the driver's seat and started the car, before closing the door. He hit the highway, playing soft music.

"I'm hungry... my stomach hurts," Catherine cried out.

"We are getting close to home okay? Exercise a little more patience," Thomas said.

"I can't, I want to eat right now," Catherine thundered and grabbed the driver's seat.

" What are you doing Catherine?" Thomas asked with panic.

"You don't want to give me food, so we ain't going any further until you give me food," Catherine said in a drunken voice and held on more tightly on the driver's seat, grabbing Thomas hands alongside.

"Catherine let go, we are going to die," Thomas pleaded, but Catherine didn't listen.

"Give me food, give me wine," Catherine said again, adding more force.

"Catherine, let go... please," Thomas pleaded as Catherine's grip on his hand was hindering him from controlling the car.

"No, you are a bad person, I hate you," Catherine said and shunk her teeth on Thomas' neck.

"No Catherine," Thomas groaned with pain before further losing control of the car. It started controlling itself, hitting on other cars until it stopped by itself in the middle of the road. Thomas, who thought they were dead, opened his eyes and looked around before looking at the back seat. He saw Catherine sleeping peacefully as if nothing happened.

"Gosh!" he groaned and hit on the starring. " She nearly got us killed again," he blurted.

"Please, the driver of the car that nearly caused an accident should wait... don't move an inch, this is the road safety," a loud speaker announced from a distance as a police siren was held, coming alongside.

" F**k! Thomas said and quickly started to the car engine and it roared to life, he sighed in relief before speeding off.

"Don't move!" He could hear the loud speaker announce, but he didn't care. The last time that Catherine made them get into trouble with the road safety officers, it was hectic and they nearly got apprehended by the police when the road safety officers on duty that day decided to involve and hand them over to the police.

Thomas got home after a thirty minutes drive, the gate automatically opened when it recognized the car as usual and Thomas drove in before it closed. He parked the car in the garage and carried Catherine out before heading inside. He met Mrs Byers, Catherine's Mom in the sitting room, drinking wine and watching the evening news.

"Did she get drunk again?" Mrs Byers asked.

"Yes ma'am!" Thomas said as he stopped moving, still carrying Catherine who was fast asleep.

"Quick, carry her to her room upstairs before her father comes down. He is back from the states," Mrs Byers said quietly in a rush.

"Yes Ma'am!" Thomas replied and hurriedly left for Catherine's room, still carrying her, he dropped her on her Queen-sized bed when he went inside her room, but surprisingly Catherine grabbed and drew him down to lie on her. "I love you," She muttered in her sleep before capturing his lips with hers. Thomas looked at her with wide eyes after hearing the confession, he tried to break free knowing fully well that her behavior was due to the Alcohol's influence. Catherine grabbed on his waist and deepened the kiss which he couldn't resist anymore and reciprocated. After some minutes, he suddenly broke off the kiss, realising himself. He was just a mere bodyguard to the daughter of a ruthless multi-billionaire. If he gets caught in this, then everything about him would be over, besides he isn't supposed to take advantage of her vulnerable state right now, even if he had had a crush on the beautiful goddess lying on the bed harmless and weak, since years now.

"Thomas," he heard Mrs Byers call. He quickly rushed out after covering Catherine up with a blanket.

"Yes ma'am!" Thomas replied when he got to the sitting room.

"What kept you long in there?" Mrs Byers asked suspiciously, staring at him directly in the eyes, he averted his eyes and looked down, knowing fully well that looking back at Mrs Byers in the eyes was a huge offense for a servant like him.

"When we got inside, she unconsciously pushed down some things from the lamp stand near her bed, so I have been fixing and arranging them back to how it is supposed to be."

"You are just stressing yourself, Thomas! you would have informed the maids to take care of it. Why were they hired and being paid," Mrs Byers said.

"I'm sorry ma'am! I will do so next time," Thomas replied.

"Thomas, where is my daughter?" A handsome middle aged man asked, climbing down the stairs.

"She is already asleep honey," Mrs Byers said with a smile as she stood up and walked towards the end of the staircase to wait for the middle aged man to come down.

"You are still awake?" The middle aged man asked.

"Yes dear, I couldn't sleep alone in the room and didn't want to disturb you further in the study room, so I came down to the sitting room to keep myself busy," Mrs Byers said.

"Why did you guys come back late, was the shopping delayed?" The middle aged man asked.

"Yes, Mr Byers," Thomas replied.

"Why are you referring to him by name?" Mrs Byers asked, anger reflecting in her eyes as she felt her husband being disrespected.

"I'm sorry, ma,am!" Thomas apologized.

"Leave him alone, darling! I asked them to refer to me by name," Mr Byers said to clear the air.

"No, I don't like that... I feel you being disrespected and belittled when you are far above that. From now on, everyone must go with the title Sir, only the people equal or higher than my husband will go with his main name. Am I understood?" Mrs Byers thundered.

"Yes ma'am, I will relate it to other servants.

"Mr Byers, the tea you requested is here," a maid announced as she hurried towards their direction. Mrs Byers became more angry and dashed towards her.

"Please honey, don't," Mr Byers said, but it was already too late, two slaps landed on the maid's cheek which shook her off balance, everything she was carrying on the fancy tray fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

"I will never condone any form of disrespect in this house. Whosoever that calls my husband by name will instantly get fired or taught a bitter lesson. Now clean everywhere up, some of your monthly salary will be deducted to replace everything that got broken," Mrs Byers announced. The maid that was pushed to the floor, quickly sprang up on her feet and started picking up everything hurriedly.

" Why go that length, she never knew that calling me by my name as I asked them to, has been prohibited. Why pounce on her when she hasn't been informed beforehand?" Mr Byers asked.

"Don't think about that anymore, honey! I'm feeling sleepy, let's go inside," Mrs Byers said and grabbed her husband's hand. She started climbing upstairs which he followed with no choice, as they disappeared from sight, the maid started sobbing silently.

"Don't worry about your monthly salary, I will replace any money that gets deducted," Thomas said before he started leaving.

"Thank you so much Sir," the maid quickly appreciated with a smile and started cleaning her eyes. Thomas was higher than every other servant in the house in as much as he wasn't the head, but the respect he deserved was always accorded to him especially by the maids and other lowly servants.

Chapter 2

Catherine stretched as bright lights shone directly on her eyelids, she slowly opened them before yawning. It was dawn, everywhere was looking bright, her windows were already open and everywhere looked neat. She guessed the maids were already here to clean up and would come back later to change the sheets and dress the bed. As she sat up, she felt a sharp pain inside her head while her stomach started acting up, she quickly rushed inside the toilet when she felt like throwing up. She continuously vomited everything in her stomach for more than five minutes until nothing was coming out again. She flushed the toilet, washed her hands and cleaned her mouth before heading back to the room to lie down. She was experiencing another hangover, from the too much alcohol intake from last night. "Gosh! I feel like I'm dying," she blurted. A knock came on her door, before a maid with a tray walked in.

"Good morning Young Miss, your mother asked me to give you this for


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