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Blurb. “You are playing with fire," he growled as he pinned her to the wall by the throat, his nose trailing up her neck as he lean close to her. "And you know what happens to those who play with fire," the lust in his eyes was unmistakable. "They get burnt." ********** Salvatore De Rosso, an enigmatic self-made business tycoon, is the renowned owner of the De Rosso Empire. Ruthless, arrogant, cold-hearted and the most wanted bachelor in Marvolia. He is a storm in the business world and no one has ever defeated him as he remains the top one. Yet, there is still one dent in his perfect image. Tired of his promiscuous ways, his mother took a drastic step and did what he hated the most. Getting him married. Having just limited time to get her twin sister out of a deep-necked debt, Luciana Marinello would do anything to get her hands on money, even if it involve getting married to the most infuriating man in the whole of Marvolia. She vowed not to be swayed by his charm, yet she can’t ignore the pull of attraction between them. Salvatore watches Luciana like a wolf stalking its prey, she had stepped on his toe the moment she agreed to the marriage and for that, she will be punished… Retribution is best served cold, and passionately behind closed doors. Luciana is ready to reject his advances but soon she finds herself sharing his bed. Their vows may be fake, but the heat that ignites behind the closed doors of their mansion is absolutely, wildly, not!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"It has been made public today, that after two months on a business journey out of the country, Salvatore De Rosso, CEO of De Rosso Empire, and the most wanted bachelor in Marvolia will be returning today.

"We are coming to you live at the airport, where, as you can see right now, a lengthy line of people is awaiting his return." A young woman announced.

"We hope his plane touch down soon before the people become uncontrollable. We would let you know once his plane touched down," she cranes her head to the side and moved a little foot away from the camera.

The screen went black for a few seconds before she pops her head back to the screen.

"Sorry for that short but necessary break; we would let you know once the city darling arrives," she winks at the camera.

"I am Rosa Parks, coming to you live from Catmic TV," she blew a kiss at the camera before it went off finally.


"When will his plane get here Giovanni?" A female voice asked over the phone.

"Calm down mom, he would be here anytime soon, so just calm down," Giovanni assured his mother.

"Let me know once he does, I wish I was there to welcome him," she said.

"He would understand, besides, your health is more important than this."

"Call me when you get to the office, I can at least come there to see him, since it would be free of the crowd," she told her.

"I will," his eyes swept over the crowd. "I have to go now mom, I will call you once we get to the office," he hung up before she could say another word.

The screeching sound of the plane coming to a halt filled the airport and people began to push forward. Giovanni looked up just in time to see the door of the plane slide open.

"Now," he said into the small microphone attached to the pod in his ear.

Over twenty hefty men rush forward and pull the crowd aside, they used their bodies to prevent them from crowding the way.

All eyes stay on the door of the plane expectantly, they await the descent of their sweetheart.

Screams rent the air as his beautiful body filled the door. His face was hidden under the mask but it did nothing to hide his beauty.

Not even one of the crowd stops screaming as he walks down the few stairs.

*OMG, he is beautiful*

*He looks like an angel*

*I wish to have just a nightstand with him*

*I only need him to touch me*

Salvatore smiled at each comment about him, he waved his hand at them, and another round of squeal erupted.

He glided his way to the car, where his brother and two of his guard awaits his presence.

"Giovanni," he nods his head in acknowledgement.

"Welcome back little brother," Giovanni smirked, causing Salvatore to glare at him.

The guards pull each one of the doors open, and they stepped in, the driver ignite the car and they sped out of the airport amidst screams and shouts.

The guards also got into their cars and followed them, they flag down the driver and he slowed down a bit.

Two of the cars filled with guards moved forward, while the rest stayed behind, as they led the way to De Rosso Empire.


Right inside a convenience store, in a small neighbourhood of Marvolia.

A young woman seems oblivious to what is going on around her, as she tried to get herself out of the store, which was blocked by a crowd who is fascinated by what was showing on the big screen.

She finally manages to push through the crowd and get out the door, but not before she catches a glimpse of the man coming out of the plane.

She paused a little bit, just enough to see his face.

"What is so special about him, that there is this much crowd waiting for him?" She scoffed. "He is just one of those arrogant ruthless businessmen who only cared about themselves."

Staring at the screen one more time, she pulls her shopping bag closer to her side and moved to the sidewalk.

She flags down a cab, that took her straight to her house.

"That would be one bill ma'am," the cab driver said once they arrived at her doorstep.

She dips her hand into her purse, pulls out one dollar and gave it to the man.

"Here you go," she picks up her bag and walked to her door.

Pushing in the keys, she twists the door open and stepped in. Her phone rang at once.

She fished it out of her bag and placed it on her ear.

"Luciana," a voice called from the other end.

"Yes, it's me, Aria, is everything alright?" She asked.

"I just wanted to know if there is anything you will like me to buy on my way back from work?" Aria asked.

"Nothing, just make sure to get here in time for dinner," she hung up after that.

She drops her phone on the table and walked into the kitchen to start preparing dinner.


"Welcome back Mr De Rosso," the staff members all bowed their heads, as Salvatore walked into the company without sparing them a glance.

He got into the elevator with Giovanni, who pressed the top floor button, before stepping back to stand by his side.

"You could have at least waved at them," he nudges Salvatore at his side.

"I refuse to pretend to be nice one more minute, having to smile at them all took it till on me," he snapped.

"Are you forgetting who the older brother is here?" Giovanni asked, his eyes dimmed.

"Have you called Luca?" Salvatore asked, changing the topic.

Giovanni sighed before pulling out his phone, he placed a call to Luca and gave the phone to Salvatore.

"Master," Luca answered from the other end.

"You have 30 minutes to get it here," he scowled and press the end call button before handing over the phone to his brother.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"What is that?" Giovanni asked as soon as Salvatore pull the phone away from his ear and hand it over to him. "What did you ask him to bring here?"

"Tell the guards to let him in as soon as he gets here," Salvatore ignored his question and stepped out of the elevator, leaving Giovanni stoked.

"That b*stard," he cursed under his breath, before placing a call to the guards to tell them to let Luca in.




The loud moans of a woman could be heard coming out of the top floor of the company, no one dare to walk past the floor for fear of Salvatore firing them.

Those who have been working in De Rosso for years are immune to Salvatore's wayward way, and they know he hardly goes a day without sleeping with 3-4 women in his office.

"F*ck!! Salvatore growled as he thrust into the woman underneath him, repeatedly.

"Yes, that is it, fuck m


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