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A. D. Eunice

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About me

Hi my lovely readers, I am your author A. D. Eunice and I hope you would enjoy my stories enough to stay.


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I’m indebted to the richest man in Dravilsberg. Aziz Mustafa–the country’s darling offered me a way to pay back my father’s debt and get my family’s company back on its feet: be his mistress. I plan on avoiding him for as long as it takes to make him get over his obsession until I find him standing on the doorstep of my soon-to-be stepfather and realize the man I have been insanely attracted to will be my stepbrother in a few days. who will finally take everything that he’s ever wanted… **** Between dealing with her father’s bankrupt company, trying to find meaning in her life, and dealing with the news of her mother’s engagement, Lexi cannot afford to get her heart broken by the most powerful man in the country. Her only hope and prayer is to find someone who would invest in her company. But when the only person who is willing to risk investing in her wants to do so at a price, Lexi struggles to choose between fighting off her attraction for him and letting him show her just how much pleasure her body can take. What will Lexi choose? Nine Months With My Stepbrother is a step-sibling romance and the first book in the STEPBROTHER SERIES of stand-alones. This series does not have to be read in order.

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Blurb. “You are playing with fire," he growled as he pinned her to the wall by the throat, his nose trailing up her neck as he lean close to her. "And you know what happens to those who play with fire," the lust in his eyes was unmistakable. "They get burnt." ********** Salvatore De Rosso, an enigmatic self-made business tycoon, is the renowned owner of the De Rosso Empire. Ruthless, arrogant, cold-hearted and the most wanted bachelor in Marvolia. He is a storm in the business world and no one has ever defeated him as he remains the top one. Yet, there is still one dent in his perfect image. Tired of his promiscuous ways, his mother took a drastic step and did what he hated the most. Getting him married. Having just limited time to get her twin sister out of a deep-necked debt, Luciana Marinello would do anything to get her hands on money, even if it involve getting married to the most infuriating man in the whole of Marvolia. She vowed not to be swayed by his charm, yet she can’t ignore the pull of attraction between them. Salvatore watches Luciana like a wolf stalking its prey, she had stepped on his toe the moment she agreed to the marriage and for that, she will be punished… Retribution is best served cold, and passionately behind closed doors. Luciana is ready to reject his advances but soon she finds herself sharing his bed. Their vows may be fake, but the heat that ignites behind the closed doors of their mansion is absolutely, wildly, not!


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