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Stitching a Path to Vengeance: The Rise of Lucia Montess

Stitching a Path to Vengeance: The Rise of Lucia Montess

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Palma Wilson seems to have it all - good looks, intelligence, and a wealthy family business to run. But his arrogance and sense of entitlement make him less than charming, especially to those less fortunate. Lucia Montess, on the other hand, is a beautiful young woman with a heart of gold. Despite her humble beginnings, she dreams of lifting her family out of poverty and making a difference in her community. Their worlds collide when Wilson's reckless actions lead to the death of Lucia's father. She seeks justice through the courts, but Wilson shows up with an unrepentant attitude that only fuels her rage. Just when Lucia thinks she can't go on, a chance encounter with an elderly couple changes her life forever. They offer her a path to success and financial stability, but at a price that forces her to question her own morals. As Lucia rises to power, she makes it her mission to bring down Wilson and his family's business. But when he falls on hard times and seeks a job at her company, she seizes the opportunity to make him suffer. As they work together, however, she begins to see a new side of him - one that's vulnerable, humble, and surprisingly charming. Despite their rocky start, she finds herself drawn to him, and he to her. But their love is forbidden, and Wilson's family stands in the way. As they struggle to find a way to be together, they uncover a shocking truth that threatens to tear them apart forever. In this gripping tale of love, power, and redemption, two people from opposite worlds find themselves fighting against all odds for a chance at happiness.

Chapter 1

It's just another day within the country. For common people, it's just another day to hustle and if their hustle does not pay, they go back into the slum they come from with an empty stomach.

For the rich, it's just another day to plan a business meeting and make some six figures into their account. Rich men do not hustle, they strategize and earn.

'I need to finish this assignment,' Wilson scoffs while he emptied from his cavity. He is bent on finishing that assignment.

He stretched himself gently to relax his nerves because he has been up all night with his eye glued to his laptop.

Wilson is a dark, tall, broad-chested man with six packs. He is born to the Palma's family.

He removed his eye glasses that had been on his eye for the past 8 hours. He laced his hands on his head just to feel relaxed.

He stare at his laptop gently while he uses his left finger to scroll it's scrolling bars to see what he has done.

A smile shown on his face inaudibly, 'god damn it! I am almost done,' he celebrated within.

He gave the work a second glance, he nodded his head gently, because, he has just done a very good job.

'let me quickly finish,' he expressed within as he wears his eye glasses and glued his eye on his laptop.

After a while of engagement, 'i am done,' he tossed within himself with a smile.

'That would be my mum,' he said with a smile. He could hear her foot step approach his door gently.

Wilson knows how is mother walks, he is sure a very smart man.

Not quite long, he could hear a swift knock on his done, "mummy… I know it's you. I will join you in jiffy," he said with a smile all over his face.

"You better be quick. Your food will soon get cold," she emphasised and walked off his door.

'Mummy can never change her attitude. She does this almost everyday, I am getting bored cause, it's becoming a culture,' he whimpered within.

He closed the lid of his laptop and slides it into the back pack beside him. He zips the bag quickly and heads for the shower.

After some minutes at the shower, he walks out all freshened up ready for the days business.

'let me go grab my food,' he said inaudibly and walked out of his room gently.

The house Wilson lives is a modern infrastructure. It's a very large infrastructure and beautifully arrayed. No one will enter that house without giving kudos to its design.

The hinges of Wilson's door creaked open, he he walks out and banged the door behind him.

He met his mother and walk pass her without saying a word.

It's not new to his mother, because, she has corrected him on this attitude of his severally, but he is unyielding.

He walks hurriedly to the dining table just to have something to put in his belle. He drags the dining table and sits.

His dad; Palma is there ravishing his food gently.

"Wilson… Wilson," he said while he laughs gently.

Wilson looked up as he took a loaf of bread to ravish the food, 'what's up with this man this morning,' he thought.

When his dad; Palma saw he has successfully gotten his attention, "you are sure a spoilt brat….son! You can't even greet your own father. I guess you are too big," he puked with an heavy laugh from his cavity. Just to make a joke out of him and at thesame time, telling him what is right.

Wilson stared at him for some time, 'i don't know why dad is always with this attitude,' he thought within himself. He felt slightly embarrassed, "good morning dad," he greeted reluctantly.

Palma laughed out that he almost got choked on the food he is stylishly gulping. He didn't say a word but kept battling with his food.

'This man,' Wilson shake his head, because he is just sick of all his drama. He took some loafs and quickly gulped it with the egg fried with it.

After eating, he drinks the tea and walks off gently. Not quite long, the door of the main house was opened by him so that he could leave for his daily duty.

"Good morning sir," Jim greeted, when he sighted his boss at the entrance of the house.

He already cleaned the car. He has also checked the car's engine to ensure its in a good condition to work.

Wilson walked hurriedly to the car, "gosh! I forgot my bag pack in my room. Please go bring it for me," he expressed with disappointed shown all over his face. He couldn't believe he forgot the briefcase. Still, he knows it is not too late to get everything straightened.

Jim rushed inside. He met Wilson's dad, "good morning sir," he whimpered from his cavity with a smile.

Palma nodded his head with a smile all over his face, "good morning. What are you doing inside? Your boss is outside, or did he forget something again?" he said with a smile all over his face.

"Yes sir. He forgot something," Jim expressed.

Palma laughed out so loud that he couldn't control himself, "go and pick whatever it is he forgot, it's in his nature," he said using his hand to demonstrate.

Jim laughed inaudibly and rushed inside. He picked his boss bag pack and rushed out.

"Ok sir," he voiced almost silently.

"Have a nice day," Palma expressed with a smile all over his face while he watch him leave.

The door hinges creaks open and was almost immediately banged.

"Come and open this door," he whimpered out of his cavity with a smile.

'Gosh!' Jim exclaimed in disappointment and shake his head in pity.

Wilson will never step his feet into the car, because he feels too big to open his car.

Jim rushed to the car and opened the car door, while holding the briefcase. Wilson enters into the car. He sits properly while Jim handed over the briefcase.

"I don't feel like holding this today. You know what? Put it in the booth," he expressed with a total disgust for the brief case.

Jim quickly withdraw his hand and closed the door of the vehicle. He opened the booth and kept the brief case there.

Not long after, he entered into the car and starts the engine.

"You know what I want. Just do it," he said when he realized Jim started the car without switching on the AC.

Jim nodded his head and quickly switched on the AC.

Jim's professionalism in handling vehicles is what gave him an edge over other people that came for the job interview.

Wilson will never hire a Dutch bag to handle his car, So, he is sure good at what he does.

Jim revised the car gently and drove honourably on the road. He obeyed all the traffic signs and makes sure he doesn't offend anyone while driving.

He dodged all the pot holes on the road, making his drive a safe one.

After a while of drive, they arrived at Palma Wilson's fabric-making industry

The Palma Wilson's fabric-making industry is a very big infrastructure with a lot of workers working within it. The industry is known through out the country and different orders were being made from different states within the country.

The company prides itself on its quality fabric and integrity. One thing about the Palma Wilson's fabric-making industry is that they always deliver.

Jim quickly park the car at the garage which was only made for Wilson. Wilson believed he can't park his car in the slot made for different visitors and different company's truck.

He believed he is a unique person, as such, everything he owns should be treated special; in a unique way.

After he has successfully parked the car, Wilson sits inside the car expecting Jim to open up for him.

Jim didn't slack in his duties, he went to his door immediately he stepped out of the driver's side. He opened the car for his boss.

Wilson stepped down gently from his car. He arranged his shirt and walked out of the garage gently.

Jim quickly closed the door and made way to the booth to take the bag pack. He took the bag pack and closed the booth. He heads to leave the garage when something strike his mind, 'let me close the door,' he thought to himself and quickly head to the car. He locked the car with key in his hand.

He looked around it to ensure its security. He smiled to himself and dashed out of the garage.

'Gosh! He doesn't really care,' he whimpered out of his cavity when he saw that his boss has walked a distance.

He rushed after him, because, his bag pack is in his hand.

After a while of jog, Wilson stared leftwards to see who jogs to his side, 'Jim!' he echoed within without saying a word.

He made way to the entrance of the industry. His face clutched with a smile when he sees that all his workers are terribly busy, 'this is really good,' he retorted audibly that Jim could hear what he said.

Jim stared at the workers as they worked terribly.

Wilson stepped inside the industry gently without making a noise.

Not quite long, his secretary; Sandra Howell walked to meet him as he stepped inside gently.

"Good morning sir," she greeted gently with a gentle smile ravishing on her beautiful face.

"Morning Sandra," Wilson answered arrongantly. He stared at her as if she is not an human being.

"So sir…," she is about to speak when Wilson cut her mid-way.

"I know I have so many meetings that I should be informed off, but don't make it look like I am signing a death warrant. Go away for now," he retorted arrogantly. He waved at her to go away, because, he is not ready to hear anything at the moment.

The secretary felt somehow and walked out of the place. 'He is always like this. He just talks anyhow,' she retorted within and hissed silently, minding her business.

Other employees could hear how he spoke to his secretary.

"Mr.Wilson is just a spoilt brat," a worker speaks to the other with disgust.

"I hate him with passion. I remembered the day I went to meet him, what pained me the most was that you were not there. He lashed at me terribly that I felt less of an human," another worker puked with so much hatred.

They made sure they speak so low that Wilson cannot hear a thing except he is there with them.

"Gosh! He is sure not like his father; very respectful, not arrogant and easy going," a worker said with so much humour, admiring Wilson's father; Palma.

"Wilson is just a piece of shit that should be thrown in the gabbage. He really lacks manners," another worker expressed with so much hatred.

"I believe one day he would be thought a lesson," the worker concluded and returned to what he was doing.

Wilson walked gently to supervise every section within the industry, making sure there is good work-flow.

"Get me the record keeper, Jim! Be fast about it," he whimpered from his cavity.

"Ok sir," Jim nodded and walk hurriedly to meet Mr. Darin.

"Good morning. Mr.Wilson wants to see you," he said to the record keeper.

"Ok, I will be with him shortly," he expressed. The record keeper quickly gathered what he has recorded in one place. He packed them and headed to meet Mr.Wilson.

'Is this a record Mr. Darin? Go back and correct the errors or you lose your job,' those words echoed within his head. Mr. Darin remembered how he lashed at him. He didn't want that to repeat itself.

He walked gently with fear all over him towards Mr. Wilson, thinking profusely.

Chapter 2

The poor are always a lousy set of people that get entitled to a rich man's wealth. If he fails to deliver, they call him so many outrageous names that he wouldn't even expect. So, the poor are always tagged ungrateful.

The whole community is rowdy, because of many people that uses the route. Different kinds of domestic animals could be seen roaming the environment.

Their poo; always smelly, are seen all around the area and that has been a part and parcel of a poor man's life.

"Good morning ma," a young beautiful lady approached the seller at the super market.

"Good morning," the seller responded with a terrific look.

"How much is this bread," the young beautiful lady asked the seller.

The seller smiled inaudibly to mock her within her heart, "that bread is just 700," the seller said knowing fully well she wouldn't be able to purchase it.

The young lady smiled, "take and pack t


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