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Sold To The Mafia Lord

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Being born into the family of Richard Davison, the CEO of Davison Hotels, was no fairy tale life for Carly, as expected. From the moment she was born, she was forced to walk in the shadow of her elder sister, to the extent of pursuing the same course in college, all in an attempt to fit the mold her family had created for her. Carly was seen as the black sheep of the family, the imperfect daughter who deviated from their expectations. But her fate would take an unimaginable turn when, after a failed business deal, her father made a desperate decision. He sold her to Alessandro De Luca, the infamous mafia lord known for his ruthlessness. Alessandro was notorious for his cold heart and the expectation was that he would treat Carly poorly, as nothing more than a possession. However, fate had different plans, and everything took a new turn.



I nervously checked my appearance in the mirror one last time before grabbing my purse and heading out the door. Tonight was the night I had agreed to meet up with Max, the guy I had been texting with online for the past few months.

We had chatted online for a very long time now, and it was finally time to take the leap and meet in person. He had suggested going to a popular nightclub in the city, and I didn't even think twice before accepting. I couldn't resist the excitement that bubbled within me.

Standing in front of my room door, I arranged my hair one last time. "I'm in college now, even though I still live with my parents, I have the right to go out," I said to myself as I took a deep breath.

"Relax, this is not your first time sneaking out. You're already a disappointment. What's worse than that?" I added, realizing the fact that no matter what I do, my parents will never be proud.

I checked my cellphone for a message from the Uber driver I had ordered earlier on. It took a while, but I finally received the message that he was waiting at the front gate. I tiptoed my way down the stairs, hoping not to wake anyone. Finally, I managed to sneak out of the house in one piece.

The drive to the night club was peaceful and quiet, mixed with anticipation and nerves.

The city lights blurred past, casting fleeting glimpses on the empty street only occupied by the finest building in the state.

In no time, we arrived at the club.

As I stepped out of the car and approached the club, the thumping bass of the music vibrated through the air, welcoming me to the vibrant world behind those doors. The line snaked around the block, filled with eager partygoers ready to dance or maybe drink the night away.

Spotting Max near the entrance, I felt a wave of relief wash over me.

"Max?" I called out over the music, hoping he would hear me. He turned around, a smile lighting up his face. He was just as charming as he seemed online, his eyes twinkling as he smiled and waved me over.

"Carly! I'm so glad you made it!" Max shouted back, his voice barely audible over the noise. I walked over to him, smiling. We hugged, and the warmth of his embrace immediately eased my nerves.

We entered the club together, the pulsing lights and energetic atmosphere engulfing us. The music was so loud that it felt like it reverberated within my chest. Max and I squeezed through the crowd, finding our way to a dimly lit corner where we could talk.

"You look so beautiful, Carly, more beautiful than your pictures," he complimented, and I couldn't help but blush.

"Thanks," I shyly replied.

"Come on, let's dance," I said as I dragged him to a free spot. We danced and laughed; it was the happiest I had been in a while. I just wanted to spend all my days with him.

As we danced, I looked up at the VIP section to see Alessandro De Luca, the infamous mafia Lord whose ruthless reputation sent shivers down the spines of all who crossed his path. But somehow, he managed to steal the hearts of every girl that crossed his path, especially that of my sister's, but I literally didn't care about him.

Rumors had it that he was both a cold-blooded killer and a mastermind of organized crime. Worst of all, my dad worked with him, or maybe for him, I don't know and I definitely don't care.

To my dad, he was perfect, the most perfect son a father could ask for.

Alessandro looked captivating, I won't deny that. His dark eyes gleamed with an enigmatic charm that drew everyone's attention, his perfectly tailored suit accentuated his broad shoulders, and a faint hint of danger lingered around him like a magnetic aura. Well, the danger literally lingered because he was surrounded by armed men.

I tried to look away, but despite my discomfort, I kept finding myself looking up at him. The third time I looked up, our eyes met, and he gave me this death stare that made me so uncomfortable. I looked away immediately, but when I looked up again, he was still staring.

"Hey, let's find a spot and, um, talk or maybe have some shots. I really need that," I whispered to Max, wanting to escape the weight of Alessandro's gaze.

"Sure," he immediately agreed, and we walked away from that spot.


Leaning against the railing of the VIP section, gazing downward, my mind wandered back to the heated clash I had with my dear ol' ma.

She had an unyielding drive to see me settle down and get married.

Ever since my Dad's unfortunate demise, she assumed the mantle as the de facto head of the family's mafia syndicate, a formidable and dreaded gang in the criminal underworld.

Her reach and dominance stretched far and wide, and she wielded it to safeguard our family's interests. Without hesitation, she passed the torch to me when I came of age, and that has become my life's mission, not some marital union.

The prospect of being tied down to anyone holds no allure for me. My sole focus lies in expanding our operations, maintaining control, and keeping our enemies at bay. Love and marriage are but frivolous distractions in my realm.

I actually came to this club to finalize a lucrative business transaction, and since the environment was soothing, I decided to linger for a while, perhaps even ensnare a captivating beauty to accompany me home.

Speaking of beauty;

I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, interrupting my thoughts.

I turned around to find Marco, the head guard of our family, standing there with a mischievous grin on his face. He was a loyal and trustworthy ally, but that didn't mean I let my guard down around him.

I've grown not to trust anyone around me, everyone is literally capable of anything when it comes to me.

"Boss, I've got someone I think you'll want to meet," he said, his voice low and filled with excitement.

I raised an eyebrow, intrigued by his words.

"And who might this be, Marco?" I asked, allowing a hint of curiosity to creep into my tone.

He signaled towards a beautiful girl whom he introduced as Marcella.

A smile played at the corners of my lips as I watched her walk seductively towards me. Marco had done well, indeed.

"Nice, she is just what I want for tonight." I said smirking.

I took her by the hand, and wrapped my other hand round her waist pulling her closer to myself, feeling her boobs on my face.

I imagined all I was going to do to her and it made my adrenaline rush.

"Gentlemen, it's time to leave." I ordered as gently pulled her away.

"You're coming with me." I said to Marcella and I could see her blush ear to ear.

We walked out of the club with Marcella walking close to my side.



As the night wore on, I saw Alessandro leaving the club I'm the company of his body guards and a young beautiful girl, wrapped around his arms like some prized possession.

Exactly what I expected from someone like him, well I just pity my Sister who seems to be head over the heels for someone who won't even notice her and even if he does, he won't take her serious.

"Forget about your family's business, you're here to have fun." I muttered to myself.

"Hey one more shot." I ordered laughing hysterically.

After taking it, I ordered another one.

"That's enough Carl, you have had enough." Max said taking the cup from me.

"That's not fun, you're not fun." I said still unable to control my laughter.

"You really need to get a hold of yourself Carl." He said holding me tight.



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