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Slave of your body

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Harry Green is a dominant, handsome, and seductive man. His egocentric, cold, and responsible personality is and will be apparent to society because respect is one of his attributes, while at night his daring and dark side comes to light when one of the mall employees discovers her boss's great secret. Alexandra Morin is the girl who drives the unbreakable Harry Green crazy.


Harry Green, at the age of thirty-five, has taken over the family business and is in charge of the massive "West Edmonton Mall." As the most coveted bachelor in the Green family, his single life is a good life. However, the family thinks that the man who has everything might have some unusual tastes, such as "loving someone of the same s*x." But these are just assumptions, as nobody knows what Harry's pastime is after a hard day's work.

Behind the serious profile of the imposing Harry, there is a great weakness that nobody knows about, as he has kept his private life secret for years, saying that oil and water don't mix. His egocentric, cold, and responsible personality is respected in society as one of his attributes. However, at night, his daring and dark side comes to light when one of the employees at the mall discovers the great secret of her boss.

Alexandra Morin is the girl who drives the unbreakable Harry Green crazy the moment she enters as a new user of the "Hidden Pleasures" app.

Alexa's main job is as a saleswoman in one of the stores in the mall, and her second job is to receive calls from customers who need a heavenly voice to make them forget their sad reality and fly away. The "Hidden Pleasures" app is a subscription platform for exclusive and explicit sexual content, only for those over +18.

VIP customers of the app have no limits and fewer restrictions. For Alexandra, being part of the app is a juicy new income, as she will be able to pay for the house she has always dreamed of, tricking her aunt into thinking that she is paying monthly rent to live in a huge mansion on a saleswoman's salary.

Alexandra's goal is to generate a lot of money so that she doesn't have to look for another way to achieve what she has now, as the saleswoman's salary is not enough to pay an electricity bill. She says that beauty costs just as much as maintaining a life surrounded by luxuries.

Alexandra closes her eyes every time she receives a call on her iPhone with a pink cover and heart-shaped figures so that she can imagine that the person on the other end of the call is a big man; robust, with big biceps, and she is transporting herself to where he is, approaching him, touching his broad back with her hands until she reaches his hard and strong arms, causing her body to react with a warm sensation.

The girl's imagination grew and grew as she didn't hear the true voice of the person begging for pleasure and affection, since most clients preferred to hide their true voice and personal information. The girl was so bold that she made men go crazy with her perverse imagination, causing both to connect.

The fixed call schedule was at night, but all that changed when she came to the attention of one of the VIP clients. She was recommended by the platform and the last straw was when the girl appeared in the bestseller list, the man couldn't resist and didn't hesitate for a second to dial the number of the "strawberry girl"... That's the pseudonym of Alexandra Morin, neither she nor anyone within the application imagined that a new girl could be the sensation of men.

Harry interacts with the strawberry girl by phone, and the first thing he proposes is to play a game in which both will have to act and improvise. The man is demanding, but the girl is not far behind, as the first thing on her list is not to give up.

She took a deep breath upon hearing the request of that unknown client and then imagined the man of her fantasies again, recreating together with the client a hot, fiery, and exciting atmosphere. It was not difficult for Alexandra to guess the client's tastes, she performed well and gave him what the man was looking for; attention, affection, sensuality, erotic scenes, and having a dirty imagination like his.

The call lasted three hours and when it ended, he told her that he promised to be one of her clients, but made it clear that he is not one of the clients with a fixed schedule, since being a VIP client. He has the right to call whenever he wants.


Like every morning, I leave my new home, that huge house where I like to live for the rest of my life since I have everything I want, I don't want to look back because I care about what I have and what's in front of my eyes.

I get on my motorcycle and before starting it, I give my house one last look, yes, it sounds nice to say "my house"!

I put on my helmet, and before I get late, I tell my girl we can go, "Ducati"; it's the motorcycle of my dreams and I have achieved it with a lot of effort, it's not that I'm selling my body, although I have been offered, but no, because he agreed to give pleasure through the app.

I've been working with the app for several months, and through it, I have obtained; a big house, food, clothes, and this great motorcycle… All the people who live in this residential area of 73 Westbrook, must imagine that this girl is a millionaire, it's better if they think that way because I don't want anyone to know that my second job is to give pleasure to those men and women who need some time to enjoy pleasure and fantasy.

The good thing about living here and having a bike is that my job is only ten minutes away, yes, I have everything I used to want and if I keep working where I am, it's because it's a simple facade, but I don't want to leave my friend alone.

My friend Alexis is somewhat special, so he doesn't like to socialize with anyone, given that society has been overly cruel to him about his liking for people of the same gender; his parents stripped him of everything, even his house, simply because he doesn't like women and refused to accept a marriage he didn't want.

Before he approached me and confessed what his parents had done, I was someone who wanted to devour him whole, but when he told me about his preferences, all my thoughts vanished because the guy doesn't like bread. For a few minutes, I was in shock before I told him not to worry, and that he has a job from which he can become independent. Being a cashier and salesperson doesn't pay enough to have everything he has, but it's a start.

My friend has lost an entire family but gained an unconditional friend, and if he asks to live with me, I am willing to give him a room because he doesn't deserve to live on the street, although he has told me he has rented a shared room.

Both of us seem like a pair of siblings because there's not much difference between Alexandra and Alexis, and I think that's why we connect.

I parked my motorcycle and hurried to enter the shopping center. It's already late! The worst part is that my phone hasn't stopped ringing, and I can't answer because I have to hurry.

Wait...wait...wait, Alexandra, that guy getting out of that BMW car is none other than the boss, "the owner of everything my eyes see." Hmm, what a handsome man, how I would like to be the woman of his dreams, fantasies, or even girlfriend.

Oh my God! It drives me crazy to see that man, I want to run toward him with the intention of telling him that I can fulfill his dreams and make them come true, although there is a risk that he will humiliate me by telling me that I am not his type simply because I am a simple underwear and exotic toy salesperson.

He closes the door of his car, and without expecting it, let alone planning it, he drops some bags he is carrying in his hands. Wouldn't it be bad if I went to help? I have to gather the courage to help that specimen of a man.

Oh my goodness! He is so handsome!

"Are you okay, miss?"

What? Is he talking to me? I just came to help with the bags he dropped.

I won't deny that I rushed, that I ran towards him and not towards my job (where I'm sure I could be fired).

"I think you need help," I finish, picking up the pair of bags he dropped. "I don't mind, sir." I stand up with difficulty. They are too heavy! God, everything indicates that there are books inside those bags since they weigh like rocks.

In acting

Now that I'm just a few meters away from this man, I'm dazzled by how attractive and tall he is. I definitely fall short in describing the elegant suit he's wearing and those bright blue eyes that are watching me attentively.

God, I need a moment to allow my breathing to return to normal because this man is stealing all my breath away.

"Thank you," he mutters in a husky voice. "You didn't have to bother, but now that you did, I want to thank you."

I give him my trembling hand, we greet each other, and when our fingers touch, I feel a strange and exciting shiver that runs through my whole body.

This man has to be mine! Ha, only in my dreams.

I have to remember that he's the owner of a huge shopping center and would never want to be with a woman who earns the basics.

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Green," I blush, and all I want is to throw myself at his lips. I want to know what he's capable of


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