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Singer and Her Billionaire

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Sienna just wanted to be a famous singer known for her songs and to enjoy her life in peace. However, Sienna never thought the man she approached that night would change her life. The man believed Sienna was pregnant and forced her to marry him. Greynard was talkative, but at times, he did not say anything at all. Sienna had been cautioned about Greynard's dangerous nature; he was a different person when she wasn't around, and he harbored many secrets. Sienna must uncover the truth about the secrets Greynard was hiding and where Greynard resided before marrying her would tell everyting.

Chapter 1

Sienna's POVI was happy that people liked a new song I wrote.I poured all my feelings and emotions into that song. It took me almost six months to finish and sing the song in front of all my fans.I wasn't sure if they were my fans because I never created a fan club name, and I was convinced that some of them just wanted to eat and drink at the cafe where I work and sing."Thank you for listening to my new song," I said into the microphone, my heart still pounding as I looked at the audience."I hope that when you share my video on social media, no one will try to claim the song as their own. I will take legal action!" I said passionately, and everyone applauded in support of my actions."Of course, I am the first person who will defend you, and I will fight for you." Violet put her arms around my neck and winked at me. I smiled; she was a friend who was always there for me."You will fight with me, right? Because you all love Flower." Violet said excitedly.I smiled broadly as I watched the reactions of everyone who had always wanted me to sing on the big stage, record in famous studios, and do a duet with Ariana Grande. Oh, what a big dream. I didn't know if God would grant it."You got lots of flowers and chocolates, Sienna." Violet pointed to dozens of bouquets and chocolates in the warehouse where we changed clothes. "Oops, I mean, Flower." She grinned broadly.I took a letter in a light blue and white flower bouquet. I like reading letters from my fans. "I like your voice. I wonder if your face is as beautiful as your voice."I like their praise."Woah, they are very curious about your real face and name." Violet helped me put all the chocolates into my backpack. Every Saturday and Sunday, I always brought a large plastic bag to put all the bouquets in."I want one. Chocolate with vanilla." Violet showed me her chocolate favorite. "Can I have it?" Violet begged me.I pinched her cheek. "You don't need to ask for permission or beg me. You can take what you want; they like you too, my backing vocalist.""Hey, ladies. Please get back to work," Louis opened the door, a crack just enough for his head to peek through. "Don't forget, you guys work every day.""You should at least raise our salaries." Violet protested, even though she knew Louis wouldn't change his mind. "Sienna has made your cafe always busy every Saturday and Sunday night."I quickly changed into my work uniform and tied my hair into a ponytail. "I'm ready to work!"I left the warehouse, leaving Violet, who hadn't finished arguing about a salary increase with Louis.I smiled at the customers who asked me to refill their drinks and requested red velvet cake as a treat for those who drank fifteen glasses of booze without becoming inebriated or passing out."Thanks, sweetie." A drunk man winked at me when I put down his friend's food. I was shocked when he was about to pull my hand, and I was lucky that his friend immediately helped me.I stood by the door and looked around the busy cafe. I could feel Louis' happiness, who was counting money at the cashier.I found that guy again. He always sat alone in the corner of the room, ordering a cappuccino and a cupcake. I noticed he didn't ever invite his pals or girlfriend."Hi." I decided to approach the man with black hair and baby-blue eyes.Tonight the man wore a light brown shirt and black trousers. The food and drinks he ordered were gone. "Don't you want to order another drink or try something else on the menu?"I dislike how my mouth doesn't always align with my thoughts. I wanted to approach him to ask why he was alone, but I felt too embarrassed to inquire about something so personal."I don't want to order any more food or drinks, and don't want to try other menus because I'm already full," said the man.I didn't expect him to answer me because all this time, he just nodded and shook his head."Will I be kicked out because I've finished my order, and I don't want to go home yet?""Oh, of course not." I shook my head and smiled formally, a smile for customers."I honestly remember you because you have been sitting in this place alone for the past week. I'm sorry if my actions in remembering you made you uncomfortable." I bowed my head, showing I sincerely apologized."I'm glad you remember me." The man smiled faintly."You can accompany me. I mean, do you want to sit with me?" He pointed to the empty chair in front of him. "I've been waiting for you to approach me since I first came to this cafe.""What do you mean?" All the hairs on the back of my neck were standing. His words made me suspicious of him."I am your fan. When I heard your voice, I immediately fell in love with you." The man seemed sincere.Wait. Wait. There was something strange about the man's words.My eyes widened when I discovered something strange. How did that man know I was a singer at this cafe?Okay, okay. I couldn't panic. Maybe the guy thought I was that mysterious singer because I wasn't visible when Flower and Violet sang."You're wrong. I'm not a singer. I'm just a waitress in this cafe." I smiled wide, hoping my smile didn't look scary and that he believed my lie."I like your voice. I seem to have seen you singing in church?" The man rolled up his shirt sleeves, exposing the hair on his hands. He then rested his elbows on the table and his chin on his palms.My eyebrows knitted together. "How do you know I have a good voice? I'm in the choir; I sing with my friends.""I'm sure your voice is good. You wouldn't have been chosen as a choir member if your voice wasn't good," he said confidently.The man lied. I never sing in church.However, I would use his lies to hide the truth. On the other hand, I have to get away from him before he finds out I was lying.I feel uncomfortable. During the two years I sang in cafes, no one knew I was Flower.Oh, maybe my face resembles the choir girl in church that the mysterious man saw! My opinion was very reasonable."Hi, Sienna." I frowned when a black car stopped before me, and I tried to recognize who the man in the car was."Why are you just standing across the street? Why don't you go in there?" asked the man with black hair and rolled-up shirt sleeves.I took a step back when I managed to remember the man. He is a man from whom I should stay away because he has the potential to reveal my identity."Why are we meeting again? A few hours ago, I approached you because I thought you were lonely, and now we meet again." I didn't know who I was protesting to."Our meeting was a coincidence," said the man. "Do you want to go to that club night with me? I'm as lonely a man as you think."I looked at the man's luxury car. He is a rich man. I could go into that nightclub with him."Don't be shy with me, Cutie Pie." The man smiled crookedly.

Chapter 2

Wow, this luxurious nightclub was exclusively for the wealthy, children of officials, artists, and models. It was a stark contrast to other club.I didn't regret accepting the man's offer to pretend to be his girlfriend. Luckily, the three burly, fierce-faced guards didn't ask us to prove it with a kiss.I looked around with a fascinated look. I'll never forget this tonight, spending half the night in a fancy nightclub and dancing with models on the dance floor."Why do you want to go to this place so much?" asked the man. He unfastened the top two buttons of his shirt, revealing hair and a tattoo of half a wing on his chest.Gosh, why do my eyes always look where I shouldn't?"I just wanted to compare it to the nightclubs I usually visit with my best friend." I was too lazy to go to bar; if Violet didn't invite me, I would sleep the night.I have wanted to go to this nightclub fo


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