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Sinful Allure, A fire of desire

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She is a young flight attendant on the run from her past and he is a perfect mafia king, who runs the whole of New-York. He is a businessman by day and killer by night. Aria walks into his life like a breath of fresh air and the more he sees her the more he wants her, in every way possible. Aria has no idea what she is getting herself into once again, but the more she sees him the more she realises that there is more to him than that which meets the eyes. She is known for attracting all the wrong kind of guys, but would it be different with Adrian this time maybe? With their huge age gap and different lifestyles, would their love be worth fighting for till the end of time? Or will their differences get the better of them?

Chapter 1- First meeting

It was just after six in the evening when Adrian arrived at the airport for his red eye flight to London. He had kept everyone waiting on the tarmac for almost 2hrs, and if there was one person who wasn’t pleased, that was Aria, the flight attendant. It was her first time flying for his private company and she had no idea what to expect. She patiently waited at the door of the small plane and felt her heart skip a beat the moment her eyes fell on the very s*xy guy walking up to her,

“ Good evening sir” she said as politely as she could the moment he reached the top. Adrian looked down at the beauty infront of him thinking f*ck she looked hot.

“ Evening” he said quietly before he walked past her, looking very unbothered. Aria watched him quietly,

“ It’s going to be a long night” she thought before she smiled at a few of his men who followed him inside.

Once they were all onboard she closed the planes door and walked to the small galley.

Adrian walked towards the back of the plane and took his seat near the window.

“My names Aria and I will be taking care of you all for todays flight to London. The flight time is roughly seven hours and fifteen minutes. If there’s anything I can do to make your flight more pleasant, please do let me know and I will try my best” Aria said through her small mouth piece as she looked at him and his men.

Adrian leaned back against his seat lazily and watched her quietly as she spoke, her soft melodic voice catching his attention almost instantly.

“ You don’t see girls like her everyday” he thought to himself as he admired her natural looking features, thinking she looked beautiful. Aria walked over to him,

“ What would you like?” She asked as she held a tray of cold drinks in her hands. She had to admit up close he looked even more s*xy and a lot more serious.

Adrian rested his hand on his chin and looked up at her,

“ I’ll take the water” he said quietly yet clearly. Aria gave him a small polite nod before she put the glass of water infront of him and walked away. She walked to her seat and quickly fastened her seatbelt as the pilot announced that they would be taking of soon.

It was 2hrs into the flight and Aria had just served dinner to everyone. She had tried her best to not give Adrian any extra attention or check him out, but it was getting extremely hard as he looked effortlessly good.

She wondered how old he was as he didn’t look too young but had a nice bulky built muscled body.

“Can I get some more coke please?” One of the men travelling with him asked her, bringing her out of her deep thoughts. Aria gave him a small nod and smiled,

“Of course” she said before she walked over to him and poured some more coke into his glass with a can.

Adrian watched her quietly, his eyes falling on her nice behind and long legs. He swore quietly in his head and shook his head, thinking she looked barely twenty.

“Excuse me” he said getting all of her attention. Aria turned around and looked at him with a small smile,

“Is everything ok?” She asked, thinking his s*xy deep voice alone was enough to make her weak.

“How old are you?” Adrian asked her with a serious look, making her pretty eyes widen for a split second.

Aria moved a little closer to him and looked down at him,

“I’ll let you take a guess” she said with a small smile, wondering what his eyes looked like from under the dark sunglasses that he was wearing. Adrian listened,

“ I’d say around twenty” he said quietly, wondering what she would say. Aria smiled and looked at him,

“ You’re close” she said before she walked away, leaving him even more curious. Adrian watched her go, thinking it had been a very long time since someone had got his attention like she had.

Aria walked back to the galley and started preparing the hot drinks.

“ You might want to work a little faster” Adrian said to her quietly as he walked up to her from behind. Aria jumped a little as she wasn’t expecting anyone,

“ Is there anything I can help you with?” She asked as a bit of the hot water from the kettle fell on her hand.

Adrian took a step closer to her and looked down at her,

“ There is one thing actually” he said quietly with a hand in his pocket as he walked towards her. Aria felt her heart skip a beat as a bad memory from the past filled her head and she suddenly felt very scared. She took a step back and looked up at him with fear clear in her eyes,

“ Can you please go back to your seat” she said quietly, hoping he listened. Adrian stopped and looked at her,

“ Are you ok?” He asked quietly wondering why she looked so scared. Aria quickly got herself together,

“ Yes what would you like?” She asked with a small smile, trying her best to cover up how she really felt.

Adrian leaned back against the side of the galley and looked at her as she got back to making the coffee,

“ Tea would be fine” he said with a hand on his chin. Aria quickly prepared his drink and looked over at him,

“ Interesting because you look more of a coffee guy” she said with a small smile, hoping he didn’t question her further about why she got scared. Adrian listened,

“ Is that your way of saying look old?” He asked with a very small smirk on the corner of his lips. Aria stirred his tea and looked up at him with a small smile,

“ Maybe” she said with a cheeky twinkle in her eyes before she passed him his coffee.

Adrian took it from her perfectly manicured delicate hand and slowly walked back to his seat.

“ London couldn’t come sooner” Aria thought to herself as she prepared some food for the pilots.

There was still a good few hours of the flight left and she hoped Adrian kept his distance. She walked to the cockpit and smiled at both of the pilots,

“ dinner is served” she said politely. The pilots who were both in their late fifties looked back at her,

“ Well isn’t that great” one of them said with a small smile as he loosened his tie and got ready to eat.

“ How are the passengers? We have a very special person on board today” the other pilot said, getting all of her attention. Aria listened quietly,

“ Ah yes Adrian Delgado, let him know he’s welcome to come up here anytime he likes” the first pilot said as he opened up his food. Aria gave him a small smile,

“ I will” she said before she turned around and walked out of the cockpit, thinking so that was the name of her very s*xy passenger. It suited him perfectly and sounded just as fancy as he looked. She closed the cockpit door and walked back to the cabin,

“ The pilots asked me to let you know that you’re more then welcome to join them in the cockpit if you like” she said to Adrian with a small smile, hoping he agreed.

Adrian leaned back against his seat and looked at her,

“ Not trying to get rid of me are you?” He asked before he drank some more of his tea. Aria looked at him,

“ Not at all” she said with a small smile, although her tone of voice didn’t sound very convincing. Adrian slowly moved his eyes up her body,

“ Good to know because I much rather stay here with you” he said quietly yet clearly. It was then Aria realised that it was just them two there alone.

She looked around the empty cabin and wondered where his men had gone.

“ I sent them to rest” Adrian said quietly answering her unasked question. Aria felt her heart skip a beat and lost her balance slightly as the plane flew through some light turbulence. Adrian caught her before she fell,

“ Careful beautiful” he said quietly as he wrapped his nicely muscled arm around her waist and steadied her.

Aria held onto him by his big bulky shoulders and looked down at him thinking he looked so f*ck*ng s*xy.

“ Thank you” she said quietly, liking the feel of his nice hands on her waist. She noticed the bit of hair he had on top of them and had to admit they looked very s*xy.

He was wearing a few silver rings and had his sleeves rolled back a little.

“ No need to thank me, just give me a bit of your time” Adrian said to her quietly as he looked up into her big eyes that looked even more beautiful up close. Aria leaned down and looked at his perfect looking lips,

“ As you wish handsome” she said before she straddled him and wrapped both of her arms around his s*xy neck, thinking f*ck he even smelt amazing.

Chapter 2-Miles High Club

Adrian pulled her closer to him by her lower back and took off the dark shades he was wearing. Aria looked down into his nice long grey eyes that looked very mesmerising and good against his slightly tanned skin.

“If I thought you looked good before you look even better now” she said with a small smile as she admired his perfect features, thinking he really was very sexy.

Adrian felt something stir deep inside him the moment she pressed down on his dick,

“I could the same about you” he said before he pulled her down slightly and captured her lips in a hot kiss.

Aria closed her eyes and kissed him back passionately, losing herself in his arms and mouth. She sighed softly the moment his tongue brushed against hers teasingly and he sucked on it a little, making her moan.

“Fuck you sound good” Adrian said quietly as he slowly moved back from her and unbuttoned the f


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