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The Mission Kill You

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Queenzella or often called Zella is one of the secret agents. Zella is on a mission where she has to track down a serial killer in Cristopher's house, no, more precisely she is trying to pry information from Kenneth Cristopher who is the brother of the very private Mikequel Cristopher. Being a maid in Cristopher's house is crazy, especially since Kenneth has something inside him that always disturbs Zella's peace. Will all of Zella's plans work? or instead, he fell into a complicated love story? then how Zella completed all her missions and caught Mikequel the serial killer who loved her

Chapter 1

A loud sound came from a woman's fingernails tapping on the metal table. A cold gaze, without the slightest hint of a smile, stared at the projector screen that displayed a series of photographs taken over a period of thirteen different days. Every thirteen days, murders continued to happen to young women in Milan, Italy.

"How was it?" Audrey, one of the leaders of the secret agency, was now looking at Zella.

"Just think about it first; you're just a maid coming and going and not staying, Zella." Diandra, who is also a secret agent,

"I'll think about it." Zella was still trying to strategize in case she accepted this worker.

"Queenzella." Audrey was the leader who had been with Zella.

Zella had been with Audrey for five years. Yeah, she did not join from the beginning in the form of an agent led by the best leader. Originally, there were only three secret agents: Audrey, Diandra, Layla, and Queenzella herself. They were the last to join to perfect the three great people.

"Yes, sis." Zella considers Audrey her sister; Audrey and Diandra helped Zella's development a lot.

"I'm confident in your abilities, regardless of what will happen later." Audrey put down her best handgun, not only Audrey.

Diandra also put down her favorite folding knife. They were both staring at Zella, while Zella was only staring at the two sharp and dangerous weapons that she had learned.

This mission was particularly difficult for Diandra, as she was going to a Christopher family mansion. Zella would never know what she would face in there.

"I will complete this mission!" Zella placed her handgun on the same metal table.

"Good job, Zella! I like your brave attitude! Let's set the strategy for the next day." Audrey gave Zella a small pat on the shoulder, and a phone call from Audrey's son forced the leader to leave early.

Now all that was left were Diandra and Zella, who was still focused on the projector screen. Zella's eyes continued to look at the changing photos, one by one if she observed in detail—all the murders were committed at one point, namely by stabbing at the vein in the neck.

"You observe first; do you find it strange the way he kills?" Diandra looked at Zella.

Diandra had discussed this with Audrey earlier. Audrey should plan to go down to complete this mission. However, Diandra forbade Audrey, thinking that they both had overprotective husbands. And this mission was not just one or two days.

"He killed her by stabbing her in the vein." Zella immediately said what she thought.

"That's right! Not only there, you see, he also pulled out his index fingernail." Diandra zoomed in on a few visible photos of the victim, whose index finger was turning blue because the nail was gone.

"Yeah, I noticed that too. But d*mn it! "Christopher's youngest son always gets away with it and has no evidence or traces of a crime to his name." Zella clutched her hands; previously, she had asked Layla who was so skilled in hacking internet data, but still, there was no criminal record for Mikequel Cristopher.

"He's quite cunning and clever in playing the action." Diandra nodded and agreed with what Zella said. She was amazed at how Mikequel Christopher's murders worked; how could they accuse Mike of murder? Even though Mike has no evidence of committing murder. Of course, the families of the victims

They said that Mike had been close to their daughter, but unfortunately, no one could put Mike away or seek justice for murder. Mike's family seems to be good at covering up their son's scandals.


"What's your name?" The young woman was attracted by the cute-looking, handsome face.

"Call me Mike or Mikey." The man caressed the face of the young woman, who had been driving him crazy for the past few days.

"Mikey?" The woman stroked Mike's chest.

"I want to be a cat for you." Mike licked the young woman's neck, taking a small bite of the ear of the woman who would become his target.

"My cute cat, I want to be with you forever."

The woman, whose name Mike didn't recognize, immediately pulled Mike by the scruff of the neck and crushed his lips brutally. Mike was not going to miss this opportunity; he immediately picked up the little body and headed for the stairs that would lead them to the master suite.

They were now in a villa in Italy. Mike deliberately booked the villa to get in on the action, his hands going straight to the action. Taking off all the clothes of a twenty-one-year-old woman, Mike will always look for young women from 18 to 21 years old because they are still stupid and innocent in the eyes of 27-year-old Mike.

Mike caressed the face of the woman named Cindy. His hands began to descend to touch all the beauty on Cindy's body and sighs filled the room. Mike hated the sound of his voice. But since he had not yet united his body with Cindy's, Mike let the mouth continue to speak of the naughty play of Mike's fingers.

"You like my game?" Mike whispered, his eyes looking at Cindy's face, which looked very frustrated. Without warning, Mike brought their bodies together.

"Say goodbye, baby," Mike whispered one last time before his hand stabbed Cindy with the scissors right in the neck.

Fresh blood flowed on the bed. Mike just smiled. He loved the sight of blood. Mike seemed to be obsessed with it.

Mike's phone kept ringing. He stopped laughing and answered the call from someone. "Hello Daddy, Mike killed another person." Mike proudly told his father.

"Tell me, where are you now?"

Mike moved the phone out of earshot before bringing it back to his left ear again.

"Daddy Mike's eardrum could be damaged! Mike is at Mark's villa." Mike casually mentioned the name of the villa, which wasn't famous but would be famous soon because of this murder case.

"Stay away from there; Daddy will take care of it!"

"No, Daddy, I can handle it."


Mike turned off his cell phone by throwing it hard against the concrete wall beside him. Focusing again on the dead woman, Mike dragged the body off the bed and carried it to the bathtub.

Mike turned on the faucet to fill the bathtub to the brim. Stroking Cindy's pale cheeks, Mike hand poured soap onto the surface of the water and let the water lather. His hand turned off the faucet, and the milky white water turned pink as it mixed with the blood that was still flowing.

"Take a bath, baby; you have to be beautiful... And you have to smell good to face God." Mike took the sarong and went back to touching Cindy's beautiful hands with nail art. Without wanting to waste too much time. Mike pulled one of Cindy's index nails off.

"I'll take this as a souvenir." Mike left with the nail pieces of his victim.

Chapter 2


Zella's cell phone continued to ring, her hand fumbling to her left side. Zella's eyes were still closed trying to find her cell phone that was nowhere to be found.


"Z04. Listen to me! Murder happened again today, we have to go to the crime scene."

"Shit!" Zella woke up from her sleeping position. She had just returned at two in the morning, and at 6 am Zella already received a call from her leader.

"Okay, I'll be there soon A01." Zella turned off the phone, there was no more time to gather her life. Zella scrambled out of bed, put on her jeans, and pulled on the black t-shirt and leather jacket that was thrown on the sofa.

Before leaving she took a few pills to get rid of her slight hangover. That's right! Zella's habit is that when she gets a lot of assignments, she has trouble sleeping so she has to drink a bottle of w


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