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"Die. Die Camelia, I hate your arrogant attitude! It would help if you died," Samuel added, continuing to choke Camelia until she was out of breath. Camelia tried to rebel, but it was difficult. Her chest was tight; tears kept flowing down her eyes as her gaze continued to stare hatefully at Samuel's face. Samuel released the choke on Camelia's neck. The woman's body fell to the floor limply. "Since you already know everything about Simona and me, There is no choice but to kill you, Camelia," Samuel said in a cold and piercing tone. Samuel accepted the golf club from his girlfriend, Simona. Without thinking, he hit Camelia's head with the golf club not only once but repeatedly until fresh blood flowed from Camelia's head. "Camelia Shanon, I have hated you for a long time. I won't apologize; you've ruined my happiness! You're an arrogant eldest daughter; I had to be forced to marry you. After this, I will live quietly without you." Samuel laughed with his lover. "Where are we taking Camelia's body?" Simona asked Samuel. "You can rest easy. I have prepared the most beautiful funeral for Shanon's dear daughter." "God, I want to live! To avenge all the pain of my heart," she thought with the pain at the end of her life. *** Camellia shannon philips has been devastated after finding out that the man she was married to all along was just using her. Having an affair and openly saying no after taking away all of Camellia's possessions, her husband Samuel also killed Camellia and threw her into a ravine. but Camelia didn't expect that she would be given the opportunity to be in Elisabelt's body. Camelia lives a new life as Elisa to take revenge for her hurt


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