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The Mission Kill You
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Queenzella or often called Zella is one of the secret agents. Zella is on a mission where she has to track down a serial killer in Cristopher's house, no, more precisely she is trying to pry information from Kenneth Cristopher who is the brother of the very private Mikequel Cristopher. Being a maid in Cristopher's house is crazy, especially since Kenneth has something inside him that always disturbs Zella's peace. Will all of Zella's plans work? or instead, he fell into a complicated love story? then how Zella completed all her missions and caught Mikequel the serial killer who loved her

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Lycan Cadwallader Alpha was forced to marry Luna, who was not the Moon Goddess' choice. Luna, who became a Lycan Mate, was Ellenia Collies, a Mafia leader in her previous life, and woke up in the body of a beautiful woman called Lucilla Callister, who was the daughter of a Beta who had a disability and could not speak before. Elle who was in Lucilla's body. Forced to marry an Alpha who came to her parents' residence, according to them Lucilla the owner of the body was rejected by one of the Alphas who in the end, Lucilla tried to commit suicide by drowning herself in the lake the night before. It was the Lycan Alpha who rescued Lucilla from the lake. He wanted, Lucilla to be Luna's candidate to replace the moon goddess' previous choice. Lycan had to have an offspring before the full moon. If Lycan and Lucilla did not have offspring before the full moon, it would be a curse. Lycan had never considered Lucilla as his wife. Lycan only needed offspring as a lap that he was the strongest Alpha Werewolf.


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