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sex with the devil

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His breath heated her bare skin. "You. . . shouldn’t be. . . here.” She shivered. “But now I am.” He placed his first finger on the knot of the towel, and slightly dragged it out of position, letting it fall to the ground. Now she was standing naked before him, she couldn’t do a thing, not even to hide her pride. His gaze fell on her breast, slowly down to her V spot. A smirk played on his lips, as if staring right at that junction was heaven. The power to resist the urge burning in her was gone, rather her body responded positive to it. “Kiss me, Luci. Please. . .kiss me.” A Bargain Must Be Fulfilled. My rules. A life is needed. That was the deal. The night started as it should. It was supposed to be a meeting. But then something happened. Something I was wholly unprepared for. And what I saw changed everything. Sonia. I wanted her at all cost. I broke my own rules after that. And I didn’t keep my end of the bargain. Because walking away was no longer an option I would grant either of us, no matter the cost.



Luci held her cheek and she held his hand, not wanting to pull away. She kissed his palms, rubbing it on her cheek.

She lets go of the shirt on her chest, exposing her breast to him. For the first time Luci was staring at her bare chest. Those bally breast pointed at him, hungering for his touch, his kiss.

She takes off her trouser, laying stank naked before him. She wasn’t shy. No, she can’t.

He smirked evilly, like he was staring at the Jezebel of his time, hungrily wanting to devour her without minding if Ahab was watching them.

The touch of his fingers on her skin ignited a spark in her stomach, causing an invisible goosebumps on her skin.

This was another moment he wanted her… A rate of her. A time to commit the real Sin.

Sonia closed her eyes as Luci’s fingers slowly moved across her face, tracing her lips they continued down her neck.

Her body grew hot under his touch and her muscles slowly relaxed. She opened her eyes and found him staring at her with admiration.

She knew very well that she was beautiful but never felt more desirable than at this moment. The way he undressed her with his eyes made her body flush.

He slightly pushed her to the bed, their eyes fixed to each other. Sonia’s gaze followed as he takes off his shirt, tossing it on the sofa.

He kissed a path down her chest and stomach. Sonia could feel the heat of his lips, making her body ache for his.

Her nerve endings tingled with pleasure as she writhe on the bed, hips gently bucking.

His hands slipped into her thighs and she cried out a half sob of pleasure as he touches her delicate, aching flesh.

Sonia could feel his touch, all she knew was the heat that moved through her, the need, the want and desire burning in her like a blaze.

And she was speechless… nearly mindless.

He slid his hand over one hip, and another on the other hip, over the smooth skin, spreading her legs as he slide down between her thighs.

She jumped, twitched.

Her back ache as his lips sensually played with her sensitive skin. His gorgeous face rises from between her already spread legs, lips kinked to the side in a knowing smile.

He was loving it… and she was loving it too.

Her eyes trial with admiration from his deep, sparkling eyes to his strong jaw and chiseled biceps.

She grasp at the satin blanket beneath her, a desperate attempt to anchor herself as another wave of esctasy breaks.

His hands entwines with hers, holding her steady. “ Don’t… Stop..” she moans under her breath.



It was a sunny day, everything about Otranto was always boring on a sunny day like today.

Mr Richeal sat on his favourite single handed wooden chair, staring down from the two storey building which looked much older than man.

Hands folded around his chest, listening to conversations which had nothing to do with him.

He was just a simple definition of hopelessness. He had lost his wife and only daughter two years ago from a deadly illness, and since then he has been praying for death.

Death had become his constant wish, but it is always said, things barely comes when you needed them the most.

Or maybe he just haven’t learned, death was a man of surprises. He prefers the surprise visit to the hopeful ones.

There he sat until the evening came. The church bell rang, it always rings at 5pm.

Mr Richeal took his chair with him back into his house to make himself dinner.

He checked the cupboard, he only had one tin of oat which wasn’t filled.

It was only enough for that night. “No, I’m as good as dead.” He cursed.

He took a small pot and a spoon, making a fire in the stove. He places the pot on the stove, then he added a little water into it with the oat.

He kept stirring the oat until it became tick and yummy for dinner. He added the little sugar which actually won’t do a thing.

Just like that, he ate his oat not leaving a grain in the pot. He digested it with the jar of water one of the little kids had fetched him during the noon.

He sat quietly on his favourite chair, eyes staring at nowhere. One can’t predict Mr Richeal’s age, he was a lot older than his age worst still, the grey hair on his head made him look much like he was in his late eighties.

There came a knock on his door. He had thought it was one of his mates who had come to pay him a visit.

But to his greatest surprise, it wasn’t anything close to what he was thinking.

A young gentleman stood by his door, dressed in a black tuxedo and a black hat which matches with the long tinted coat he was putting on.

“Good evening, Mr Sotomayor.” He greeted.

Mr Richeal replied his greeting but that didn’t cleared off the curiosity on his face. “Good evening, gent. How may I help you?” He asked.

“ I have journeyed a far distance and I am stressed out, I need a place to spend the night.” He said politely.

“ Though I do not have much to offer to you, and my home is a bit messy, but I hope you can feel comfortable to spend the night as you have just said.” He opened the door for him to enter.

“ All I had left was a little oat, but I ate all just few minutes ago. Honestly, I wish I can do something for you but… “

He cuts him. “ Don’t worry about me, I only need a place to rest and not to dine.”

“It looks unfair not to have anything to serve to my visitor, especially stranger ones.”

The gentleman smiled but said nothing.

“ But since you said you aren’t hungry, let me go make your bed ready. Please, be a little patient with me.” He rushed into one of the room, it was empty and dusty too.

He managed to clear the dust and curbwebs away, he took his foam to the room, spreading the only neatest bed spread he had.

It was his daughter’s favorite blanket. He never used it for any reason, but seeing how well dressed and spotless the gentleman was, he knew it was time he has to make use of it.

He walks out after twenty minutes, “I have make your bed ready. You are free to make yourself comfortable.”

“ Thank you. “Said the gentleman with another smile.

It was already looking like a habit to him. He would smile at every statement Mr Richeal said to him, and none seems funny but yet, he would smile.

Mr Richeal escorted him to the room, “Please, managed this.”

He takes off his hat, holding it in his grip. He turns to the old man, “Thanks once again. Good night.” He walks in, shutting the door gently after him.

Mr Richeal exhaled heavily. He was so ashamed of himself, and he promised himself to always keep his home neat in case of unexpected guests.

He went into his room to get some sleep too. He spread some of his dirty clothes on the ground, lying on them.

His hands rested behind his head, his eyes staring up to the ceiling. “Why would someone like that feel so free to spend the night in a home like his?” He thought.



He woke up as early as 6 o’clock the following morning to find something to offer to his guest.

He had to borrow a tin of oat from his favourite costumer at one of the stores.

He returned home. Turning on the stove light, he drops a pot on fire with a little water contained in it. He stirred the oat, pouring it into a wooden bowl.

He added a half spoon of sugar, then a cup of water beside it.

Just then, the gentleman was up. He walked out fully ready to continue his journey.

“I made you something to eat. I know your journey ahead is tough, please do accept this.”

He sat on the long stool, taking hold of the spoon. He took a full spoon of the oat, dropping it into his mouth.

He kept eating until he was filled. “Thank you, Mr Sotomayor, I’m full.” He drops the spoon back on the table.

He gulped half of the cup of water. He stands up, “ I must continue my journey now.” He said, putting on his black leather gloves. “ It’s an honour to meet you, sir.”

Mr Sotomayor was excited the gentleman didn’t really complain about the previous night.

“It’s nothing, young Mr.”

He looked around, “I haven’t seen your wife or children since the previous night, I hope I didn’t get them uncomfortable?”

“ No, not at all. I lost my wife and daughter two years ago. I live alone.” He said sadly.

“ Oh, I’m sorry for your loss, Mr Sotomayor. I wish I never asked.”

“It’s… it’s nothing. Keeping it as a secret won’t bring them back, thanks for asking.”

“ Do you wish to have them back alive?” The gentleman asked.

Mr Richeal stared transfixed at his question. No one had dared to ask him that.

“If it were to be possible, I would love to see them one last time.”

“And what if I told you, it is possible to see them for more than a last time, would you believe me?” He asked again.

“ There is no doubt in seeing.”

He smiled. “Because you have accepted me into your home, you gave me shelter and food. There is nothing more pleasing than any of these you have done for me. For this good things, I have decided to help you.”

If anyone is to tell Mr Richeal that this was reality, he will for no reason believe.

“Wouldn’t you mind for a deal with me, Mr Sotomayor?”

Mr Richeal thought of the joy to watch his wife and only daughter back alive, it was much more than enough for him.

“I do.” He said.

“I will give you three options, but you are free to choose all, I will grant them all to you. You have my words.” He smiled. “ First wish, I will give you wealth, fame and prosperity. Every generation shall hear of your name.

Two, power. You will have the power to rule over the earth and not even the United State president can take that power away from you.

Third, eternity. You shall live to see your fourth generation. Your choice. “

Mr Richeal thought for a while, he knew this was too much for him. He knew having the three wishes all to himself would make him a god.

But he wasn’t the greedy type. All he wanted was happiness, and a little enjoyment before his death.

The power and eternity, was actually not his thing. “I choose the first wish.” He said.

He smiled again. “Granted.”

He stands up to leave. “ I didn’t get to know your name, young mister. “

He stopped. “ I bet you don’t wanna know who I am.” He said.

“I do. At least I can tell my generation of your goodness to me, and to the whole world as well.”

He smiled. “ I am Lucifer, Lord of the underworld. But just in case, do refer me as Nomed Sacrod.” He held the door handle, “ You shall receive a call tonight, it shall be your first call to duty, try not to miss it.

And about your wife and daughter, you will have them back according to your desires. But remember, a wish always come with a price. What will I have in return?”

“ I will make your name known to my generation, and you will be their Lord and salvation. Every life who doesn’t accept you shall be smited out of my name. You have my words.”

He laughed for a while. “ Don’t you think the price is too much?”

“Not so much for what you have done for me and my household. Once again, you have my words.”

He smirked. “ Let’s call it a deal.”

He left. Before Mr Richeal could make it to the door, he was gone.

He waited patiently or rather… impatiently for night to approach. Somehow, miraculously a telephone appeared on the table.

He was shocked, he knew the words of the young mister were no lies.

While he was waiting for the evening, there came a knock on the door.

He was reluctant to open the door, when he finally did, his heart first rose in excitement before he even thought of what next to do.

He was staring at his long lost wife and daughter. He had thought they’d look dirty and rusty but no, they even looked much more healthy than he is.

After a long hug, he ushered them in, made them oat to eat. Surprisingly, they do remember everything, except from the part that they were once dead.


Finally, night approached. About 8pm that night, the telephone rang.

He looked at his wife and daughter, “I have to take this.”

He picked the telephone, placing it on his right ear. “Hello?” Asked the voice from the other line.

“ Hello. “He responded.

“ Am I speaking to Mr Sotomayor from Otranto?” Asked the feminine voice.

“Yes, you are.”

“Great. My name is Melissa White, state manager of the Publix Super Market in Florida. I’ve read your files… “

“ Files? “He asked. “ What files? “

“ We’ll explain that to you later but right now, we need you at the company. I have sent a private jet to Otranto, you will be flying over to the state first thing tomorrow morning.” She informed.

“ What about my family, will they come along?” He asked.

“ Yes, of course. Your flight to Florida is for a permanent position, we would not like in a process whereby you leave for some family stuffs so, I have as well ordered for their stay too. “

“ Thank you so much Mrs White, I really do appreciate this. “

“ My pleasure, Mr Sotomayor. Your seat has been reserved already, we are waiting for your return, hoping to see you at the company tomorrow.”

“ I will not fail you, ma’am.”

“ Uhmm… about the ma’am, I think you should just refer me as Mrs White. Guess I haven’t told you yet, you’re the new CEO of our company, it’s an honour to have you with us, Sir. “ She congratulated.

Mr Richeal glared at his wife and daughter with his mouth wide open. “It’s an honour to hear from you, Mrs White.”

“Good night, Mr Sotomayor. We meet tomorrow then. “

“ Good night. “She hung up.

“Honey, who was that?” Asked his wife.

“ Dad, who just called you? “ Asked his little daughter.

“ Before I go straight to the point, I wanna let you both know something. I didn’t just get this telephone and this special call because I wanted to, I got it because of my good gestures towards my guest last night.

This morning, before he left, we had a deal. And that call, that was the deal. As from tomorrow, our lives will be different. We’ll be leaving to Florida first thing tomorrow morning, and I’ve got a company to manage.”

“ Oh my goodness. Are you for real?” Mrs Sotomayor exclaimed in shock.

He nods his head. “ Publix Super Market, it’s the biggest shopping mall in the state. As from tomorrow, I will become the CEO, and that’s all thanks to this gentleman.”

“ Why don’t you tell us who this gentleman is?”

“ He said his name is Nomed Sacrod, Lord of the underworld.” He replied.

“ You know the devil always have a way to take back, what did you offer to him in return? “ Asked his daughter.

He looked at her for a long while. He finally replied, “ I promised him that my generation, starting from you will serve him and no one else. That was our deal.”

To Be Continued…



Mrs White had given them a phone call where they would meet their private jet.

Mr Richeal and his family had nothing with them as they left Otranto to Florida. They wouldn’t want to bring more shame to themselves.

Even though they were on their best outfit, to the people in town and outside the state, they looked like rags.

“Joyce, we are finally in your dream.” Mrs Sotomayor said, holding her hand. “ Flying in a private jet has always been your dreams, haven’t it?”

Joyce smiled. “ Yes, it has. But, I thought this era has no private jet. I mean, the ones from the newspaper were scientific research for the 20th century. And if my assume is right, then we’re are in the 19th century. “

Mrs Sotomayor sighed, turning her gaze to her husband.

“ Joyce, no one is doubting your assumption.”He said.

“ I never said either of you are. I was only being surprised, that’s all.”

“ Have you forgotten so soon that it was the devil himself who offered us


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