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This little synpose already shows that it was a success even on Amazon and on wattpad that has more than 400,000 reads. Come read our judge and our dance teacher and learn about these beautiful stories. How I wanted to know a love that made me shudder all over. I, Samantha Ferrari, am 20 years old and I am a dance teacher. Dancing came into my life as a way to forget the hurts and rejections, because I'm a chubby girl, yeah, I am, I'm not obese, but people look at me like I'm an animal, and that's unnatural. I keep thinking: will I ever find a love that lasts a lifetime? A knock on my baby made me meet the woman who would completely change my life. I am a man who no longer believed in love. And because I'm too busy for my job as a judge and having a bigger occupation in life is being a father and mother to my daughter Cristal, it never occurred to me that on that beat I would finally know love. My name is Damion Filip and I will show this beautiful woman the love of a man with Greek blood in his veins.

Chapter 1

Samantha Ferrari

Dancing has always been part of my life. Since I was a little girl, I used to watch movies that portrayed dance, but when I watched, I didn't see the swing of two people, but the souls of those who were dancing. Also, I have a love for plants. I leave the house after watering my girls (yes, I treat them like daughters), I go to the car, turn on the radio and the song starts playing: Solo a tu lado quiero vivir, by the group JYVE V.

I was so distracted on the street, listening to music, when I realized I had just crashed the car. I was so startled that I didn't notice that the door of the slammed car was being opened and a man who looked like a Greek god came out. Soon the Greek god was on my side asking me questions, but at the time, I couldn't concentrate, such was the shock I took. The car was one of them, but the man next to me... My God, what man is that? I tried to focus again, and he was asking again:

"Miss, are you all right?" - Asks me that Greek god. I think... concentrate, Samantha. But how with such a man? However, with effort, I manage to speak, my voice comes out shaky:

“I'm sorry sir, I'm fine!

"It doesn't look like it, you need to get out of the car," he said.

- But I am fine! — emphasizing what I was talking about.

"Are you feeling something?" he asks again as he opens the car door. When I got out of the car and I was face to face with him, I felt a little dizzy, if it wasn't for him to hold me, I would definitely end up with my face on the floor. And, my goodness with panties, what kind of man was that? What hand is this?

I thank him for the help, I lean against the car and watch, thanking God that the street was quiet, it was always like this early in the morning, very quiet, then I see him watching me, I start to blush and I decide to answer right away. this god:

— But I am, don't worry, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, just give me your number, and I'll ask my car insurance to contact you. I see him reaching into the pocket of his black jacket and pulling out his insurance card, handing it to me, his name was Damion Filip. I reached for my bag, handed over my insurance card, my name and said:

— Nice to meet you, Samantha Ferrari — I say, he gives me his hand again and squeezes mine.

“Damion Filip,” he replies, the touch of his hand sets my body on fire. I walk away and say I'll contact him, I get in the car, I turn on and walk away from this Greek god, I take a look in the rearview and see that he's still standing there, I start to imagine, this, yes, could be the love of my life, I end up laughing.

What a man, huh! At the very least, you must be married. What woman in her right mind was going to let that piece of bad road loose? I wouldn't let it myself. I'm going to school, I wasted so much time with that Greek god. I heard the time on the radio and I couldn't believe I was really late.

Chapter 2

Damion Filip

I woke up as soon as my alarm went off, I mean after looking around I see a pair of small blue eyes jumping on top of my bed, now do you understand my alarm clock? It's my 4-year-old daughter calling me as usual.

— Daddy, Daddy! - Cristal says, still jumping on my bed, I close my eyes again and turn my head, pretending to sleep.

"Wake up, daddy, you promised to take me to school today, let's go," says Cristal, I give up lying there and wait for a distraction, I pick her up and throw her on my bed, as I always do, hug her and smell mommy/ baby that she loves, I keep hugging her and I decide to look at the alarm clock to see what time it was, 6 am, I noticed that Cristal got out of bed. The custom was for me or our housekeeper Sabrina to wake her.

— Good morning, Πριγκίπισσα μου. “It means my princess, since she was born. The doctor placed that little package in my arms, and when I held her for the first time and saw her, the first word that came t


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