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Love's Dilemma: The Ruthless Billionaire

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**WARNING ⚠️ THIS BOOK CONTAINS SCENES AND CHAPTERS THAT ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR READERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. IT CONTAINS SCENES OF VIOLENCE, S*X AND MANY MORE THAT SOME READERS MAY FIND SENSITIVE AND TRIGGERING. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. I felt his breath on my neck as he pinned me down. "Take off your clothes." He commanded as his eyes devoured every part of my body. I could read his mind, I know he couldn't stop picturing me naked, my legs parted open and him between them and giving me the best f*ck of my life. I was afraid, my hands holding on tightly to my clothes as though my entire life depended on it. "I….I …. can't." I whispered sheepishly, avoiding all possible eye contact with him. "Are you trying to tell me you're a virgin?" He scoffed, trailing a kiss down my spine and I shivered to his gentle touch." "Are you?" He pulled me to his body in a fleet,and raised his brows, His stare, intense while he teased me. I was embarrassed. My hands were already at the hem of my dress as I was ready to obey my master's orders. ****************************** Love at first sight isn't always what it seems as Charles falls for an ordinary girl. He finally finds love after all these years and would do anything to have her all to himself. Things take a drastic turn when he discovers that she's one of those who seek his downfall. He comes up with a plan, a scheme to kill two birds with one stone. A plan to have both what he wants. One wants the heart, while the other wants revenge. Will love prevail? Or will hatred win?

Chapter 1

THE MEETUP Bianca's POV ❤️'SAVE THE FOREST! SAVE THE FOREST!' The chanting, screams and shouts of the protesters could be heard from a distance. I smirked, feeling a little bit proud of myself for coming this far. I wouldn't have done it without him.The sign finally indicated for a pedestrian crossing. I swiftly crossed the road and their screams got even louder now. Yep. I was definitely proud of myself.I looked around wanting to see that familiar physique. There he is, my boyfriend. To be honest, I wouldn't have done anything if not for his words of encouragement. Not like I wasn't ever going to, but I needed a slight push and someone who would be there for me no matter what and I couldn't be more glad that it was him. I could see those shoulders,wide and broad and his jet-black hair, those features that I could easily recognize anytime, any day.I smiled as I made my way towards him and went ahead to tap him on the shoulder. He was stunned at first but when he realized I was the one, he smiled and went ahead to pull me into a hug."You're late!" He shouted in my ears.I was the organizer of this peaceful protest and I showed up late. "I know, something came up." He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me in confusion. "Something came up? What could be more important than this? I, for one, know how much effort and hard work you put into this." He was starting to look more serious about this thing than I was and I was glad he showed concern for me and this protest. Jason handed over the customized t-shirt that had the words 'save the forest' printed on it. It was a pretty bland slogan, but that's what we had to come up with on such a short period of time. "I know I wasn't supposed to be late, but there were so many customers to attend to at the restaurant." I said to him while putting on the t-shirt. "Well, you're not the only employee there right?" I wasn't though, but what was his point? What was he trying to prove? "I am not, but what's the point? When my boss needs me, I obey and do whatever she asks of me." I was staring hard at him now. What was I going to do if my boss wants me to stay and work overtime? Moreover, I loved my job. The joy of feeding hungry people, and putting a smile on their faces through food, I couldn't be more satisfied."I know B, and I'm not trying to argue here. What I am trying to say here is I know how much work you put into this, trying to convince people to see from your perspective and even getting them to come here. I know what happened, I was there and I don't want to see you get hurt or loose hope for trying to do something right." That was really sweet. I didn't know he cared so much like this, I hugged him. It was really nice to have someone caring and loving like him in my life, so nice. He wasn't lying though, he wasn't lying when he said I went through a lot to gather people here. A lot of people told me to give up, told me not to go sticking my nose into what don't concern me but I wasn't one to give up so easily. I wasn't going to sit back and fold my arms while the forest falls, never.Currently, we are standing in front of a multi-million company: GREEN CO. It is supposed to be a company that saves the planet, not destroy it. It's biggest project ever is to cut down the forest and supposedly renew it by building houses, blah blah blah but we all know that's a lie. No one was willing to admit it, no one was willing to stop them, just because they are wealthy, except me. Not even the Mayor of the town was.I moved to this town when I was seven, and immediately fell in love with it. It was different from the city. It was peaceful and quiet; everyone minding their business. It was because of this town that I fell in love with nature. The forest, the oldest natural artifact in this town, had being in existence for about 500 years and immediately I saw it, I was captivated. It was simply stunning. I went there almost everyday and even got lost more than once in it. I even got flogged because of it.My dad was always worried about me, even my neighbors but they got to deal with it later and I got accustomed to the route of the forest, I was literally a pro. I knew the forest like the back of my hands.But now, Green Co. was about to threaten my peace. They were about to cast out something really important to me and this town but the people turned a blind eye to it.Well, definitely not me. I was ready to fight anyone to keep the forest safe. Jason was right. This was not the time to loose focus, not the time to give up. I had come far already to throw all these away.I collected the microphone from Jason, and was about addressing the fine group of people who decided to join me in this good deed when the air suddenly turned cold. The atmosphere became tighter and the voices of the protesters went totally silent. No one spoke at that moment.I turned my head and that was when I saw him.The CEO of Green Co., Mr Charles Bandra. How on earth was he able to change the atmosphere of the room? How could someone have that much of a presence? How did he make everyone go mute? Even myself.He was accompanied by 10 bodyguards who were heavily built. They also had the same intimidating aura as their boss. I was staring hard at him now. He looked like a god. For some reason, I couldn't take my eyes off him.He turned his head and fixed his gaze on me. Our eyes met.Ooh boy, I was about to faint. I totally had chills back there, it was insane.What in the name of handsomeness is this? I was instantly drawn to him. I had only seen guys like this in movies, but I didn't know they existed, I didn't know they were real. I could only imagine a guy like him.Different thoughts started flooding through my head. His lips, his jawline, his lips again. It took me so much self-control to stop myself from biting on my lower lip. I just wanted to run into those muscular and toned arms of his and submit myself to him, make him do things to me... Shut up girl...!!! For goodness' sake, you've a boyfriend and he's directly beside you so why would you think about those things, you wh*r*! I was surprised at the way I scolded myself in the head. He was still looking at me with what had now turned into a glare and I involuntarily gulped, then he started walking towards my direction with two of his bodyguards. They were both hefty and heavily built, which made them to appear intimidating. One punch from them, and I was going to land in the hospital. Better not to anger them and look for their trouble. They both looked like they were ready for anything, ready to protect their boss, ready to pull down anyone who was a slight threat to his sanity.I gulped involuntarily. Again.That was how insane the pressure was. No one has ever made me feel scared like this before but I couldn't back down now, I had come way too far to back down. No one was going to change my mind about saving this forest, absolutely no one.

Chapter 2

THE SLAP Bianca's POV ❤️The pressure became more intense as he kept on walking towards my direction, still staring at me."How much do you want?" His voice sounded deep, monotone, whatever you want to call it. It commanded respect and authority. I looked back just to be sure who he was talking to. It wasn't me right? There's no way it's me."I don't like to repeat myself. Tell me your price immediately, I've better things to do." He was staring at me giving me a hint that I was the one he was talking to. What price? Is he trying to buy our silence? There's no way that would ever happen."You're not going to talk?" Obviously block head."You're really wasting my time." Then fucking leave. "I'll give you an offer. Five million dollars."Everyo

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