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Run away bride

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Vince Kristoffer Torres - handsome, rich, smart. But broken-hearted. He once loved honestly but because of his cowardice then, he lost it forever. And now, he's given another chance to love again.. The question is, will he be a coward again? Or will he learn from the past and fight for his love? Myca Rian Lee - beautiful, smart, rich. But it came to a point where she had to disobey what her parents ordered. She ran away from her marriage--an arranged one. And she met our broken-hearted man. Two people who are bound to meet and fall in love? Well, I hope so.

Chapter 1


"What?! What marriage are you talking about?! I won't marry who ever that guy is! I'm still young, Ma! All my life, I followed what you wanted. But not this time! I will never marry to someone I don't love!"

"Watch your mouth, lady! We're doing this for you!"

"Really, dad? For me? Or just for your company?!"

After saying that, I turned my back on them. I'm disgusted! Why do they have to decide everything I do in my life?

I have lived my life the way they wanted me to live it. I became an obedient child to them and now they want me to marry a guy I have never even meet?!

"You can't do anything, Myca. You will marry Glen whether you like it or not!" Mama kept shouting.

Huh! That's what they thought.

When I entered my room, I immediately packed.

I have made up my mind, I will run away tonight.

Because this time, I will defy their command.



"That's right, Big Brother! Your drinking isn't doing anything! You can't get Sugar back to you! Just move on already, for Pete's sake!"

I've heard my brother Vann talk to me over and over again. Even though what he says hurts, it's all true.

I keep drinking. Even though alcohol doesn't help me to bring my love back to me, it helps me to somehow numb my feelings.

I stood up and went out. Vann is too much of a nuisance to feel sorry for me and I'm getting annoyed. Because he doesn't know anything about love and the pain it can cause.

What can I do? Forgetting and moving on are things that are easier said than done. I'm still hurting and I'm starting to love it.

I guess I'll be a masochist.

Hey.. Shooey. I miss you so bad.

I got in my car and sped away. I just kept driving until a stupid woman suddenly blocked in front of my car. Fortunately, I was able to brake immediately.

My head got hotter. I'm bad at getting angry especially when I'm disappointed. Tails.

I'm heartbroken, for Pete's sake, can I still run? It's life on the right.

Frustrated, I got out of the car and yelled at the dumb woman who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"What the hell were you thinking?! Are you going to make me a criminal huh?!"

The woman still had her eyes closed. sHe only woke up when I shouted.

"Oh my God! Oh, thank goodness! I'm still alive! Hallelujah!"

Why didn't you pay attention to me?

"Hey, Miss! Is it possible? If you're going to kill yourself, don't feel sorry for other people? Just hang yourself. Get over it!"

sHe looked at me. And the first thing I noticed about him was his eyes that were illuminated by the light coming from my car. They were coal black. And round and round. sHe immediately came to me.

"Mister! I'm sorry! Actually, I'm not going to kill myself. Someone was chasing me earlier. So when I saw a car coming, I immediately blocked it. Help me, please!" she says.

What? I think it's cheating me.

"I don't want to. Just block another car. Don't bother me."

I turned my back on him and walked back to my car.

"No! Go ahead! Have mercy! I'll do everything in return. Just help me get out of here," she said again and grabbed the hem of my shirt.

D*mn it. Don't you even dare think about it, Vince.

"Please.. You too, if you read someone in the newspaper tomorrow who was r*p*d, killed, and thrown into the grave, I'm sure it will be me."

I faced him again. sHe seems to have thought about what she was saying. She looked disgustedly scared.

"I don't read the newspaper."

"I'll haunt you, you thought."

"I'm not afraid of ghosts."

sHe stomped. It looks p*ss*d off.

"shitt! You're so tight-lipped! Just help me! Bow!"

I was taken back.

Did she just cuss?

I bit my lip to prevent myself from laughing.

Oh well. Maybe it's not a bad thing to help out once in a while.

I got into the car.

"Fine. Get in."

I don't know what's wrong with this stupid girl and I feel relieved. Might as well keep her. At least, I have the distraction of thinking about Sugar.

D*mn it. Am I that desperate to forget the pain?

This is crazy. I am crazy.



Son of tofu! Even though I almost died because of the stupid thing I did, I'm still thankful to God and He didn't abandon me. He even sent an angel.

I looked at the man sitting in the driver's seat. Oh well, this man's face is really angelic, he just looks stuck and like he's bringing all the problems to the world.

His forehead was wrinkled and he was too focused on driving. He couldn't even look at me. Haaaayyy.

I was about to get my cell phone from my bag when I remembered that I threw my bag at my dad's crazy guards who were chasing me earlier. UGHHH! Why did my stupidity start working now?! What's up? Where will I live? I have no money!


I turned to Boy grumpy.


"come down," he repeated.

I looked around. Here we are at a bus terminal.

I bit my lower lip.

Dead. What's up with that?

"W-what.. W-because..."

"What? Don't tell me you don't have any money?"

Ts Do I really look poor?

Shame! Annoying!

"Eh.. it's like that. Hehe?" I said cute even though I know it doesn't look like cute.

He raised an eyebrow. Lychee. Why does this guy look hotter than gay?

"And so? I don't care. down he said."

Mud! It's really stuck!

What to do? What to do???

"Don't you feel sorry for me? I have no money. I have nowhere to live. I have nothing to eat..." I felt guilty.

His raised eyebrows still don't go down. I'll fix that!

"And what do you want me to do? Adopt you?"

It was like I saw a lightbulb in what he said.


"What?! Are you fckin kidding me?!"

"What?! It's wrong. Like this.. I'll come with you, you'll feed me, you'll let me live in your house—"

"What makes you so lucky?"

I ignored him.

"—and in return, I'll be your assistant. So, what do you say?"

When I looked at him, he was just gaping at me until it gradually changed to a grin.

"DEAL," he said, still grinning.

I was suddenly nervous at his smile.

mygod. What stupid thing did I enter?!


"You stay there first, I'm just going to buy something outside," said Boy grumpy.

Before I could answer, he ran away from me. Very antipathetic!

I looked at his room. In all fairness, clean. You know very well that it is a man who lives there. The dull color.

I took my bag and seat on the bed. I took a towel. I'll take a shower first. I can smell it. Shame on that man.

While inside CR, I couldn't stop feeling sad again. I wonder what I did wrong to be in this situation, that I had to run away from my parents just to avoid that arranged marriage. Now, here I am. To be a slave to a very arrogant, very opinionated, very antipathetic, very handsome, very macho, very yummy man?! Aisha.

That's shitt. Did that world suddenly join my thoughts? Thank you..

I immediately finished the bath.

When I came out...

"Brother, why don't you come---"

There was a man with big eyes looking at me..

At the same time, I kept getting stronger. He immediately left the room.

I still haven't recovered from the shock of..

"What happened?! Why are you--"

The grumpy man came in! He looked at me from head to toe. Earth, swallow me please!

"Sorry. Next time, lock the d*mn door!" he said annoyed and ran away before I could scream again.


"Brother, who is the girl in your room??" I asked my brother.

"Our assistant," he answered sparingly.

huhh? Assistant? That's s*xy!

I looked at him darkly. And I noticed...

"Wait, why are your ears red?!"

Hahahaha! I already know. I'm sure he saw that the girl was okay earlier. It's just covered with a towel and it's really s*xy. I grinned.. It seems that the woman who answered my brother's morning has finally arrived.

He suddenly covered his ears.

"Shut up, Vann." Then he walked to the kitchen and seat the table. Hmmmm.

"So, who is that?" I asked again. I don't believe it's just an assistant. Looks rich.

"I picked it up on the way. sHe offered to be my helper. sHe had nowhere to stay, so I agreed. Poor thing."

My smile widened even more. And when have you ever cared about someone other than Sugar?

"K. You said so."

I really hope that girl is the one for brother. It's like my life is getting lighter and the dark aura in this house is gone. It sucks already.

"Ahem. H-hello."

Both my brother and I turned to taste. That beautiful girl.

I approached him.

"Hi! I'm Vann, Vince's brother. I apologize earlier, Miss?"

"Myca. Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," I said smiling.

"Let's eat," my brother urged us, "And you, we'll talk about your job later."

Gosh. This older brother, pretending to be grumpy. I know that he is also beautiful her with Myca.

It seems that my role will be different in this story.


Chapter 2


"So, Myca... how did you meet this brother?" Vann asked me while we were eating. He was smiling and I don't know why.

I looked at Vince who raised his eyebrows at me and seemed to be waiting for my answer.

"Uhm.. what's the matter... I blocked his car when I saw him. There were men chasing me. And luckily he took pity on me and helped me."

Vann's smile grew even bigger. I think it even turned into a smile.

I guess my decision to enter as an assistant was really wrong. The Big Brother, let it go... then this brother seems to have mental retardation.

Ugh. I mean I'm sorry, Lord.

"Ohhh.." he grinned and looked at Vince. "You're being helpful now, Big Brother."

Vince's eyebrows met.

"Shut up and just eat, Vann," he said irritably. Then he looked at me. "And you, eat quickly and we'll talk about your use in this house."

I frowned


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