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  • Author: Aisa
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Nate just stared at the gentle face of his sleeping wife. It's like an angel in his eyes, especially when she smiles. It was on his chest and he hugged her tightly like he always does every night, as if he was afraid that at any moment he would disappear. They had just finished doing the couple thing. His wife is undeniably beautiful. Include the beautiful shape of her body, no matter what clothes she wears, it suits her and makes her body curve appear even more. Its naturally red cheeks and lips that are soft to kiss. And his eyes he loves to look at because he remembers someone there. He has also gotten used to always seeing this scene every night when he lies down, next to his wife who snuggles up to his side and hugs him tightly. It always turns him on. And in the morning when he wakes up, his wife's gentle face is the first thing he sees. And the food that will be prepared and the tying of his tie properly that he still can't get it. "Babe...." His wife called softly. So he immediately panicked that he might catch her staring at him. "Hmm." He answered. He is not sure if he is awake, because his eyes are still closed. "I love you." He took a deep breath. If only it were that easy for him to say. That phrase he made a long time ago. It's not hard to love a husband especially since he already has all the qualities one looks for in a husband. But the only problem is that his heart has been owned for a long time. He gave it to the only woman he loved a long time ago. The girl he has been waiting for until now to return. So he doesn't want to tie the knot with any woman, but things have gotten so bad it slipped that he didn't even notice it. He never planned it this way. He doesn't want to hurt women. He doesn't want Ellesa to depend on him. Especially since he knows how much he loves her. What if the girl he's been waiting for a long time comes back? What will happen to Ellesa? Is he going to leave her? He does not know the answer to that question. Will the girl he loves come back? 'I'll be back. Do not worry.' That was the last word left by the girl he loved, before she left. He didn't even know which part of the world he went to. But he waited for it. That's how expensive it is. That's why he was so angry when he married Kay Ellesa, he avoided this woman for a long time but here she is and still very close. But when he met and spent time with Ellesa, it seemed that she gradually became special to him.


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