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Revenge with the taste of love

Revenge with the taste of love

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The events of the story revolve between the past and the present, and the present begins with the protagonists of the novel, where the hero was a millionaire in his thirties, with a sharp and cruel nature and did not tolerate anyone, and that stemmed from his harsh childhood and everything he went through affected by the accident of his mother’s death, which he witnessed with his own eyes, and the heroine was also a university girl She is twenty years old and has been living with the family that adopted her since she was two months old. The story begins with the protagonist’s father insisting on him to find his cousin, i.e. (the heroine), kill her and avenge his mother’s death. While the hero was already looking for her because he holds her and her mother responsible for all the troubles that happened to him in his life, and indeed he will find her, but he will be surprised by her that he is about to marry her lover, so that he is forced to marry her so that he can take revenge on her and avenge his mother without anyone interfering between them to save her, and indeed He married her against her will, after he threatened her with the life of her family, who was staying with them, and she was forced to agree to this marriage. He took her to his house in which he lived alone and began his revenge journey, where he abused her once and showed his weakness in front of her a thousand times, because he is only a person, in any case he has a personality Confused, a mixture of strength and weakness, and this is because of what he meant since he was a child of ten, and this will become clear with the passage of events, he will rape her, beat her, torture her, and practice his sadism over her despite his attachment to her and his feeling of need for her, so that the thing that will change the course of everything happens, the heroine will bear a child and this will be Everyone's weak point, the hero's father will prevent him from harming her in order to get a granddaughter, and indeed the hero will comply with his father's orders, but there are those who sought to kill that child and his mother as well, and this is the part of the past, the hero's father's wife is also his aunt and she married his father after his death Her sister, in order to be able to control everyone, she has great power over the hero and he becomes weak in front of her, and she was the one who encouraged him to hurt and torture the heroine, but the love in his heart turned him into another person, and he began to protect her instead of taking revenge on her, but inside him he was struggling between his love for her and revenge For his mother’s death at the hands of her mother, until the truth was revealed, but at a later time, the hero learned that his aunt was the one who killed his mother and her fetus, as she threw her from the stairs and killed her in the hospital, and even tried to kill her cousin and blame the heroine’s mother entirely, and this is because she loved The father of the heroine, who is her cousin, and she dreamed of marrying him, but he did not reciprocate this feeling, so that this love turned into a deadly obsession that caused his death as well. The hero learned of that fact, but in the end, where the heroine hated him and would not forgive him, but there is a big surprise that can change the course of Events, the heroine's mother is still alive after it became clear that the hero's father was holding her in order to take revenge on her for killing his wife, but he also loved her against his will, and this first part of the story will end with the birth of the new child, which could be a reason for giving the love story That's another chance, and See you in the second part..

Chapter 1

Adam looks at her with disapproval, surprised by her exaggerated anger!!  He didn't say anything to her to make her so angry!!  He just asked her for a little while to get ready for a move like this, so he sighed

"May I understand why you are so fanatic now!! I didn't do anything. All I asked of you is some time to be ready for such a step!! At least I'm ready to propose to you?!"

Diana looked at him with a sharp look, indicating the anger and objection that she bears to him over his words. She does not want to continue with him in a relationship that has no name except that they are only friends!!  Basically, she does not recognize such relations between a young man and a girl, only to look at him sharply and with anger flying from her eyes.

"Listen to me, Adam, I don't like this relationship between us, we've been dating for a year and all this year and you're telling me things like that, is there time left to give it to you!! This is your last year at university and when you graduate you will work."  With your father in his partner, what is your problem now!!I no longer like this informal association, either you take a step in that relationship or we end it?!.

Diana said that last sentence while feeling so angry that she almost punched him in the chest, but she controlled her anger so as not to spoil the matter between them.

Adam noticed all that anger to realize that there is no escape, he must listen to her so that she does not think that he does not want her or evade her, he wants her to be with him always, but he wanted to establish his own business first, but what is the harm in an official connection in order to get rid of that gossip  stubbornness!!

"Diana, I just wanted a few time to start my own business, I don't want to work for anyone, not even my father, so that when I meet your father I tell him I'm Rockefeller's blood and not Ian Rockefeller's son, I wanted to make my own business."  me, but it seems you won't let me

Adam looked at her, smiling with love and admiration, saying, "I give up, you stubborn one. Well, I'll come see your father next Thursday, and I'll bring my parents with me."

With a smile on her face, Diana cheerfully said, "Give me some time to think about it then."

Adam raised his eyebrows in disapproval, replying quarrelsomely, "Okay, I'm withdrawing my words."

Diana punched him in the chest, exclaiming, "You idiot!"

"This idiot loves you very much," Adam replied, smiling lovingly.

Diana's face blushed and she hesitated to say shyly, "Me too."


Henry rolled himself with his majestic figure with his tallness and width of his shoulders and the look of his dark eyes that cut the breath of everyone around him, moving with steady steps heading towards his office, directing his talk to someone through his cell phone, "Okay, we're on our date today."

Henry ended the call, recently turning to his assistant, adding sternly, "Inform Mr. Asif that I have come and sit in my office."

His assistant nodded to him well. As he entered the library, removing his jacket and revealing his sleeves, Henry went to his office, sat down in his chair, and pressed the button next to him, talking to his help, telling him sharply, "Tell them I want my coffee now."

Henry finished his speech without waiting for any response from her. He looked at those files in front of him, examining them, intending to take a look at them following what was happening in his company!!  And if all is well!!  As soon as he began to examine them, he was interrupted by his father's entry into the office, looking very angry, and Henry exhaled, adding, with boredom, "Good morning, Mr. Asif."

I describe a look that carries a lot of anger and resentment, followed by narrowly

"There is no good as long as that girl is out of my grasp."

Henry closed his eyes, trying to get rid of all the anger he felt when talking about that damn girl, Henry said arrogantly and confidently, "Don't worry, I'm close to her, and very soon I will take her home and we will do with her what we want."

Narrow I describe between his eyes a speaker with an inquiry!!  "Have you found where you're staying?!"

Henry got up and went to the library window, inhaled some fresh air, to regain his calm and added, explaining, "I received some information that there is a girl in Los Angeles named Diana Ruslan Adams who is a student at a university there, and she is twenty years old."

Sev rose in a hurry, holding Henry's arm in anger

“Send your men to bring her here at once.”

Henry smiled mockingly, adding, "Are you kidding me, Mr. Asif? We certainly won't kidnap her, but we'll make her come with us without problems or attention."


Diana entered the house with great happiness and a smile brightening her milky, angelic face. She stood trying to regulate her breath before entering her father to tell them what happened between her and Adam and tell them that he would like to visit them and let them know when he and his family would come so that they could prepare for that.  To her father's voice allowing her to enter.

Diana walked into the room, heading towards her father, hugging him side by side

"I miss you so much, the most beautiful father in the world."

Jimmy gave her a questioning look, raising one of his eyebrows, "You see what is the reason for all this love and tenderness, it seems you want something very big."

Diana was embarrassed that her father would always find out about her "Actually and something important, it looks like something serious," Jimmy said cheerfully.

Diana smiled at her father's quarrel with her, then added with a calm smile, shyly, "Actually, Dad, there is a young man from my university who wants to meet you."

Jimmy's face was in shock, as he knew that a day like this would come, but not now, he is very attached to her, it is not easy for him to leave her that quickly, Jimmy looked at her with an inquiry adding!!

"He wants to marry you, doesn't he?!!"

Diana nodded at him with a lot of embarrassment and shyness, while he smiled at her half a smile that did not touch his eyes, adding to an inquiry tinged with sadness, "Why the hurry, my dear!! Did you get bored of us so quickly, my daughter.!!"

Diana gave him so much love and then hugged him cheerfully, "What is this talk you're saying, my dear!! Do you see me getting ready for marriage now!! This will only be an engagement and this is of course if you allow!"

Jimmy smiled at her with love and affection, inquiring, "What are the qualifications of this young man!! What year is he in university!! What is his job!! Who is his father, and who is a family?!"

Diana smiled at her father's annoyed manner, which does not suit him, he does not tend to appearances, as he cares about the essence of the person in front of him, then Diana took a calm answer to him, "My name is Adam Ian Rockefeller, son of Ian Rockefeller, owner of the Rockefeller Import and Export Company, in his last year at university.  When he graduates, he will work with his father."

Jimmy felt there was no way out of this predicament, and he sighed with a half smile, "Okay, tell him I and his family are waiting for him and his family next Thursday at home."

Diana's face was filled with a smile from the intensity of happiness. She embraced her father with love, eagerly replying, "Thank you very much, Dad."

" you're welcome "


Chapter 2

Part of the past

This boy, who is not more than ten years old, is sitting with his sister, who is six years younger than him, playing and having fun in the garden of their father’s palace, who cries for wealth and luxury.

"What are you doing, Henry, you're cheating," cried the girl, with childlike anger and innocence, the wave of speech toward her brother.

This child looked at her with a slight anger and annoyed features at what she said, to shout at her angrily, "No, I am not cheating, but you are the loser here, and it is not acceptable for you to say of your older brother a cheater, I will go to my mother and tell her what you said."

Henry ran towards the palace, while Britty realized she had gotten herself into a big bind and would be punished for what she said, so Britty yelled at him to stop and not tell their mother, "Henry, I didn't mean that, well I'm so sorry but please don't tell  Mom "



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