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Seducing my ex boyfriend’s uncle

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“Make love to me.” I pleaded. I wasn’t thinking straight and I was only doing this to get back at Benjamin but the way Saint was currently looking at me did not help with my decision making. “Make love to you?” He repeated. He was probably baffled seeing as I was dating his nephew. “Yes.” I didn’t back down. Saint took a few steps closer to me, making me falter. Was he finally going to throw me out of his room for talking such nonsense? I held my breath as I waited for the inevitable rejection. “I don’t make love, mia cara. I f*ck.” ~•~ When Adriana Jensen catches her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, her first idea is to get back at him by sleeping with his uncle, Saint, but when she is rejected by him, she sees it as a challenge and stops at nothing to make him break before their trip is over. Saint Rossi has no business lusting after his nephew’s girlfriend but he cannot help his obsession, especially after she boldly gives herself to him. He tries his best to stay away from her because she is too good to be brought into his darkness, but it seems like fate had other plans for the pair.

Chapter 1: Open minded

Adriana Jensen


“Guess what, Fab!” I screamed when I went back to the spot Fab and I had been sitting with our other friends before Benjamin called.

“You know I can never guess. Just tell me the good news.” She prompted while the three other girls looked at me curiously.

“I am also going to Miami for the holiday!” I exclaimed. Fabiola had told me some days ago that she was going to travel to Miami for a short vacation after our exams. It was the last day of our exams and everyone was pumped for summer, including me.

“Really?” She squealed, hugging me. “We should book the same hotel!”

“Of course,” I replied. Out of the four girls present, she was my best friend. We had met during our freshman year of college while the others were slowly integrated into our group, making us five by the end of junior year.

“This is so not fair,” Charlotte muttered, making sure we all heard her. “I have a stupid family vacation in Costa Rica along with my ‘fiancé’s’ family. I just know Antonio is going to get on my nerves for the whole month.”

Charlotte was the definition of old money. She had been promised to Antonio since birth and now, their parents were forcing them together. Antonio always used that to annoy my friend. I also met her during my freshman year. We happened to be in the same department but never ran into each other until a party in the second semester where someone roofied my drink. She took care of the guy and he was still in jail.

“At least, you’re going on a vacation. I have to intern at my father’s company.” Sofia spoke out. Sofia’s father had his company and was waiting for Sofia to finish studying before she worked at his company. It seemed like he was getting impatient. She was also my coursemate. We were all studying business.

“I also have to intern at my dad’s but he approved going on a short vacation before I start. I’m going with Benjamin’s family.” I told Sofia. We were in the same boat.

“You should be grateful you even have somewhere to intern. I have to work throughout the summer if I want to be able to afford law school.” Chloe, our last friend imputed. Her father was dead and her mother was, for lack of a better word, a junkie. She was sponsoring herself and was drowning in student loans, but she wouldn’t accept help from any of us.

“Go on my trip with me and I’ll pay you for all the hours you missed.” Charlotte pleaded only half kidding. Her family was a pain in the ass most of the time. Her fiancé was even worse.

“I might just take you up on that offer,” Chloe replied, making us all laugh.

“So we are all not going to see each other for a while.” Fabiola sighed, seeming sad.

“Make sure to text the group chat whenever you arrive,” Sofia warned. “We can meet up for drinks or something.”

“I’ll be gone for a month.” Charlotte reminded us with a groan. “Adriana and Fab are only going away for two weeks. Mine is twice their time.”

“We’ll text you every minute of the day and make sure you’ve not gone crazy yet.”

“Please, do.” She sighed as she stood up. “I’ve got to go now. My brother says we have some kind of dinner party or something.”

We all blew her kisses and waved her away. She had four older brothers who were all protective of her and her younger sister. They would throw a fit if she didn’t listen to whatever they said and she usually did so to avoid much trouble.

One by one, everyone left until it was just Fab and me. We shared an apartment near school. Charlotte had a driver drop and pick her up from school every day while Sofia and Chloe shared a dorm room. It didn’t stop them all from frequenting our apartment though.

“When is your trip with Benjamin?” Fabiola asked as we finally started the short trek to our apartment complex.

“It’s not just Benjamin. His parents as well.” I reminded her.

“It’s so cool to travel with your boyfriend and his family.” She gushed.

“I know right?” I grinned proudly.

I’d met Benjamin a year ago at some party my father dragged me and my sisters to. He was four years older but I didn’t mind and neither did our parents. They approved of the relationship, most likely because of both our financial backgrounds, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that we loved each other.

“But we’re leaving in a week. On Sunday evening.” I added.

“Oh my, how do our dates coincide?” She was excited and so was I.

Sure I was going on a trip with Benjamin’s family, but it also meant I could spend some time with my best friend in the two weeks I was going to be there. In fact, I was more than excited. I was so going to explore with her. It was always more fun when she was by my side.

“Will you and Ben share a room?” She nudged me.

My face flushed immediately. “I don’t know. Depends on how open-minded his parents are, I guess.” I knew Benjamin was going to suggest sharing a room. I could only hope his parents were against it despite us being adults.

“What if you have to? Will you…” she trailed off but I knew the question she was asking.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “I don’t know if I’m ready yet but I might. I want to see what the fuss is about.”

Fabiola laughed. “You will understand the hype if you do. It will make him so happy.”


Benjamin and I had been dating for a year but we had never had sex. The furthest we had gotten was him rubbing my clit and eating me out, but I had never experienced the orgasm women talked about. On the days he got horny, I merely gave him a blow job and assured him I’d be ready one day.

He was very sweet about it and told me to take my time, but I knew he was sexually frustrated. Was it finally time to give myself to him?

Maybe, I should allow it on the first night of our trip. It would be a big surprise for him and he would be very happy with me.

I smiled to myself as I formulated a plan in my head. I had to go do some shopping online.

Chapter 2: Leggy blondes

Adriana Jensen


Fab and I drove to the airport together. Benjamin was going to pick me up but I told him it wasn’t necessary so we ended up meeting him at the airport.

I put on a smile when we arrived at the place where he and his parents were sitting. Benjamin immediately stood up to greet me. Despite his parents watching, he kissed me on the lips, making me blush when I realized everyone was looking at us.

“Hey, Fab.” He nodded at her, taking both our suitcases.

“Adriana.” His mother finally called out, opening her arms for me. I hugged her shortly and greeted her husband before my eyes landed on the man beside her husband.

“That’s my uncle,” Ben said when he noticed the confusion on my face. “He’s the one sponsoring this trip.”

He had dark shades on so I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me or not. However, that didn’t stop me from


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