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Menna Ayman

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About me

My name is Menna Allah Ayman Mahmoud Abdullah, an Arabic novelist, I am 22 years old, I have previously worked with the Wattpad platform with more than one exclusive Arabic work, and my work on Wattpad exceeds a million views, I hope you enjoy my books ♥️♥️


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  • 👁 83
  • 5.0

The events of the story revolve between the past and the present, and the present begins with the protagonists of the novel, where the hero was a millionaire in his thirties, with a sharp and cruel nature and did not tolerate anyone, and that stemmed from his harsh childhood and everything he went through affected by the accident of his mother’s death, which he witnessed with his own eyes, and the heroine was also a university girl She is twenty years old and has been living with the family that adopted her since she was two months old. The story begins with the protagonist’s father insisting on him to find his cousin, i.e. (the heroine), kill her and avenge his mother’s death. While the hero was already looking for her because he holds her and her mother responsible for all the troubles that happened to him in his life, and indeed he will find her, but he will be surprised by her that he is about to marry her lover, so that he is forced to marry her so that he can take revenge on her and avenge his mother without anyone interfering between them to save her, and indeed He married her against her will, after he threatened her with the life of her family, who was staying with them, and she was forced to agree to this marriage. He took her to his house in which he lived alone and began his revenge journey, where he abused her once and showed his weakness in front of her a thousand times, because he is only a person, in any case he has a personality Confused, a mixture of strength and weakness, and this is because of what he meant since he was a child of ten, and this will become clear with the passage of events, he will r*p* her, beat her, torture her, and practice his sadism over her despite his attachment to her and his feeling of need for her, so that the thing that will change the course of everything happens, the heroine will bear a child and this will be Everyone's weak point, the hero's father will prevent him from harming her in order to get a granddaughter, and indeed the hero will comply with his father's orders, but there are those who sought to kill that child and his mother as well, and this is the part of the past, the hero's father's wife is also his aunt and she married his father after his death Her sister, in order to be able to control everyone, she has great power over the hero and he becomes weak in front of her, and she was the one who encouraged him to hurt and torture the heroine, but the love in his heart turned him into another person, and he began to protect her instead of taking revenge on her, but inside him he was struggling between his love for her and revenge For his mother’s death at the hands of her mother, until the truth was revealed, but at a later time, the hero learned that his aunt was the one who killed his mother and her fetus, as she threw her from the stairs and killed her in the hospital, and even tried to kill her cousin and blame the heroine’s mother entirely, and this is because she loved The father of the heroine, who is her cousin, and she dreamed of marrying him, but he did not reciprocate this feeling, so that this love turned into a deadly obsession that caused his death as well. The hero learned of that fact, but in the end, where the heroine hated him and would not forgive him, but there is a big surprise that can change the course of Events, the heroine's mother is still alive after it became clear that the hero's father was holding her in order to take revenge on her for killing his wife, but he also loved her against his will, and this first part of the story will end with the birth of the new child, which could be a reason for giving the love story That's another chance, and See you in the second part..


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