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Rejected By My Billionaire Husband

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I, , Clyde Rosenberg, reject you. I want nothing to do with you. You have my name and that is the only thing you can get from me. My heart belongs to another and it will be till I die, so act like we aren't married because I will never love you or regard you as my wife.” Tears flowed down Kaia’s face at his rejection, a rejection from the man she married. Kaia Beaufort is the illegitimate child of the Beaufort home. Hated by her family, especially her step-sister Hazel who was adored by her father. On the night of Hazel's engagement party, drugged by Hazel, Kaia ended up becoming intimate with drunk Clyde Rosenberg, her sister’s fiancée, and a ravishing handsome billionaire. A s*x video was leaked from the night of their encounter and Kaia was forced into a loveless marriage with Clyde. Clyde rejected Kaia but Kaia insisted that she would stay, just to make him see that he will one day need her in his life. But when Clyde divorces her and sends her packing, she swears to keep her pregnancy a secret, take revenge, and make him regret everything.



I, Kaia Beaufort have always been the illegitimate child of the Beaufort home. 

According to gossip, my mother was my father's mistress who desperately wanted to have my father for herself. My mother thought being pregnant for my father would make her a member of the family, only for my father to reject her, a heartbreak that led to her death during my birth. 

My step-sister, Hazel has always hated me. She never stops to remind me of my mother's sins and my father adored Hazel, making me feel worthless. 

I grew up lonely, always cast out by my father and stepmother who treated me as a maid.

Throughout my twenty-two years on earth, I was never invited to any occasion hosted by my family. My father saw me as a mistake, he hid me from the crowd and never failed to rub it on my face. I have always been isolated until now. I was surprised when my father insisted that I attend Hazel's engagement party. 

The last thing I wanted was to be here, I walked into the hotel, feeling lost and different.  

I amped further towards the blonde receptionist who quickly smiled at the sight of me. 

“Good day, how can I help you?” 

I smiled back. 

“I am here for an engagement party, I don't know which hall it's located in,” I said. 

“Oh.” She muttered and glanced at the computer in front of her, “Three engagement parties are going on at the moment.” She raised her gaze at me, “Name of the engaged, please.”

“Hazel Beaufort,” I responded immediately. 

Her eyes lit, “This engagement is strictly by invitation, you must be?”

I sighed. 

“Kaia Beaufort, her stepsister,” I replied, feeling tense. 

“Oh, a sister. Splendid! It's on the fourth floor.” She revealed. 

“Thanks.” I smiled and walked into the elevator. 

I got in and my father's voice rang in my head. 

“You always make me proud.” He said to Hazel a few days back when he realized that she is engaged to Clyde Rosenberg, the richest and youngest billionaire in Los Angeles. Since that day, father's favoritism has doubled. 

“You are late!” A sharp but very familiar voice snapped behind me. 

I shut my eyes. “Speak of the devil,” I muttered under my breath. 

“You said something?” She asked in a disgusted tone. 

I turned around and found Hazel staring at me with the most evil glare I had ever seen.

She looked very beautiful, her perfectly styled blonde hair rested firmly on her shoulder. Her deep blue eyes were sharp, adding a fierce appearance to the shining red lipstick on her lips. 

She wore an expensive diamond necklace which of course was a show off of my father's wealth, and I knew she was going to make a perfect bride, a witch in disguise. 

“I came after all, aren't you grateful?” I frowned. 

Hazel laughed. 

“Grateful? You stupid bitch!” She fired, hatred glowing from her eyes, “The last thing I wanted was to see your ugly face at my engagement party, but Father insisted that I invite you. According to him, we are family but I don't see you as one.”

Anger rose inside me. 

I wanted to punch her right on her face and ruin that perfect makeup of hers. 

I wasn't jealous of her but I despised how much she and her father speak so little of me, making me feel like trash. 

“I don't even want to be here,” I spoke. 

Hazel rolled her eyes and chuckled dryly, “Like you had a choice. You are nothing, Kaia, you will always be nothing! Take a look at the cheap dress you are wearing, you can't even afford to look nice in public, so pathetic.”

I gulped hard. 

She is right. 

I am badly in need of a job and my finances are on the brink of collapsing. Father stopped my allowance years ago, and I have been fending for my needs while Hazel spends his money lavishly. 

I wanted to respond but she was quick to stop me. 

“I will keep our differences away, this is my party and I won't want you to ruin it.” 

She stopped a waitress and picked up a glass of wine. 

“Here, have it. See it as my sign of peace, but don't get too comfortable, it's all going to crumble once I am married.” She grinned. 

Speechless, I clicked my tongue and took the glass of wine from her. 

“Enjoy the party,” Hazel said and walked away, heading towards her group of bridesmaids. 

I sipped the drink and the party continued. I watched my sister have the fun of her life, her eyes filled with happiness. 

I scoffed and glanced at the empty glass. 

Suddenly, I felt dizzy. 

I narrowed my gaze, biting my lower lip as I struggled to stand on my feet. 

“What's happening?” I asked myself as I staggered out of the hall, I wanted to be far away from the crowd. 

“Was the alcohol content too much?” 

My vision suddenly became blurry and I was fighting hard to see my way through. 

It was a night party but I never planned to become drowsy. 

Suddenly, I mistakenly hit someone and fell on the cold floor. 

“Hey! Watch it!” The voice yelled in anger. 

“I am so sorry.” I quickly responded as I got on my feet. 

I heard the stranger curse and walked away. 

My head began to bang. 

I placed my hand on my forehead, “What the hell is happening to me?” 

I rested my other hand on the wall for support, my vision was getting blurry by the minute and I knew that the worst was going to happen if I didn't get into the hotel suite I paid for in advance, a suite I decided to spend the night in and returned home first thing in the morning. 

Quickly, I opened my bag. 

“Shit!” I cursed, realizing that I had forgotten the room number. 

“It's 12a Ruby, it has to be,” I muttered to myself as I staggered down the hallway, I kept looking at the room numbers on each door. 

“Here it is.” I heaved a sigh of relief. Quickly, I twisted the door knob and surprisedly, it was unlocked. 

Not thinking for a second, I dashed in and closed the door behind me. By now, my situation has become worse. 

I lay on the bed, trying to catch my breath. 

I was sweating hard and the heat that arose in my body was tempting. 

“My love.” A voice called from behind me. 

Startled, I tried to get out of bed but I suddenly felt paralyzed and was unable to move. 

There was a man in my bed!

I didn't say a word, my heart pounding faster than ever. 

Suddenly, he touched my shoulder and planted a soft kiss on the back of my neck. 

The effect of the kiss was so strong that I found myself moaning in pleasure. 

“You like it, huh?” The voice whispered and kissed my ear. 

There was a strong stench of alcohol coming from him but it turned me on the more. 

My body shook and craved for the pleasure from this stranger.

The room was dark and to my surprise, I wanted the man to touch me like he owned me. 

It was clear that he was drunk and might have taken me for someone else but I was overwhelmed with lust that I didn't resist. 

“Look at me, darling.” He whispered and I found myself turning to him. My visions were so blurry that I couldn't see his face clearly but his scent smelled heavenly. 

“I love you, baby.” He said so seductively and pressed his lips to mine. 

I couldn't help but kiss back, it was hot and fierce as our tongues collided in pure passion. 

I wanted more and he did too. 

Slowly, he went down my neck and began to undress me. 

In seconds, I felt naked in front of him. He shoved one of my breasts into his mouth and I heaved with pleasure. 

He pleased me and felt so good that I didn't fight back. Clearly, I was vulnerable in that state. 

“You are beautiful, your body is beautiful.” He complimented me, stroking my right nipple, and quickly shoved his rod inside me. 

“Argh!” I screamed. 

My eyes widened in surprise at how big it felt. He began to stroke in and out of me, the sweetness overtook the pain and my body shook in ecstasy, my fingers dug deep into his flesh. 

We made sweet love making, the pressure was so fierce that I felt a warm sensation filling me, and he released his seeds inside me. 

Immediately, I blacked out. 

“Who are you?!” A loud voice woke me up. 

I tried to get up but I felt a bang in my head. 

“Who the fuck are you?” The male voice roared in fury. 

At that moment, the dizziness flashed away from my eyes, I gazed up at the stranger and froze in shock. 

Standing naked before me was no other person but Clyde, my step-sister's fiance.



The party last night was intense. I excused myself from my group of friends who still had enough time to act wild. 

I felt tipsy, the drinks I took were already having a great effect on me. Unable to control myself, I struggled and got into my hotel suite arranged for me and Hazel, only to wake up and find a stranger lying in my bed. 

It was morning and the rays of the sun found their way into the hotel room. Frightened, I quickly got on my feet, my eyes unable to leave the lady who slept peacefully.  Her long black hair scattered around the bed, her body was flawless and there was not a simple blemish on it.  I glanced at my body, I was stark naked too and my heart intensified with anger.

  “Wake up!” I yelled.  I watched her slowly open her eyes.

She appeared to be struggling to get up, but I was burning with rage. 

“Who are you?” I roared.

  “Who the hell are you?” I screamed at the top of my voice. 

Quickly, she stared at me


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