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Rebirth: Revenge of Love

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In a wealthy century-old family, Seraphina's fate is destined to be entangled in a complex web of conspiracies. From a young age, she unexpectedly became a pawn of human traffickers, separated from her true family and replaced with the daughter of an ordinary household. As she grew older, her true identity became a deeply hidden secret. In this intricately woven story, the identity of the CEO fiancé remains a mystery. He is a cold and distinguished man, distant in demeanor, yet harboring a deep affection for the swapped daughter. He even divorced the true heiress to stand by her side, becoming her unwavering support. On the other side of the narrative, a gentle musical prodigy born into another century-old family hides a captivating dual identity. On the surface, he appears gentle and kind, a beloved idolized star. However, in pursuit of the false heiress Seraphina, he feigns affection for the true heiress, becoming entangled in the complexities of this love whirlpool. The childhood friend who admires the false heiress represents the dark forces in this story—a person with a violent and paranoid personality, possessing high intelligence and antisocial traits. Consumed by pathological admiration, he kidnaps Seraphina, using any means necessary to eliminate her status threat, plunging her into darkness. What makes this story unique is that every character is portrayed as a villain, engaging in a web of deceit and deadly alliances. Ultimately, this nefarious alliance succeeds in ending Seraphina's life. However, fate never allows her to give up. After death, Seraphina is given the opportunity for rebirth and chosen as the destined corrector. She discovers that with enough energy, she can grow stronger and even rewrite the rules of destiny. Seraphina embarks on a new journey, collaborating with other chosen ones, collecting energy to unveil the truth and rewrite her past destiny. She faces a challenging decision—whether to forgive and let go or to seek revenge, all in an effort to reshape her future. This is a gripping novel, filled with elements of suspense, romance, and revenge. In this world of intricate conspiracies, Seraphina will use her newfound strength to rewrite her destiny, becoming the chosen corrector.

Chapter 1 raised from the dead

Upon the stage of love and indifference, where the profound awakening blossoms, sinners find themselves beneath the scrutiny of judgment, yet goodness remains conspicuously acknowledged.

In the undulating tides of passionate movement, a revelation unfolds, akin to divine inspiration. Sinners, amidst nuanced guidance, seek themselves, while beauty radiates in silent brilliance.

Upon the stage of love and apathy, a tempest within the heart howls, tearing at the essence of the soul. In the courtroom of conscience, sinners articulate defenses for themselves, while virtue, unheralded and unmasked, remains unspoken.

The tapestry of life is woven with lines of laughter and sorrow, and each decision constitutes a stroke on the canvas of tomorrow. For within the dichotomy of love and disdain, an awakening emerges, breaking the chains of agony.

Therefore, let the scales of justice weigh the depth of the soul, for within the symphony of existence, every beat conveys the message of truth. The awakening, like a luminous beacon, shines in the twilight. On the conflicting stage, truth is unveiled.

Tongues of flames engulf all, and the intense conflagration completely consumes Seraphina.

The last scene she witnessed was Caden rescuing Ava, forsaking her.

How did things progress to this juncture?

Seraphina and Ava were both abducted; Ava, adored by many, while Tang Ning, despised by all. Their focus solely on rescuing Ava, in a dilemma, Seraphina became the forsaken one.

She heaved a long sigh, closing her eyes.

Amidst the explosion, the dilapidated factory crumbled into dust, leaving no trace of Seraphina's remains.

A sound of wings flapping echoed in her ears, as if a chilly sensation touched her face:

【Do you hate? Among these people are your father, Alexander, and mother, Eleanor; your biological brother, Maximilian; your non-biological sister, Ava; your boyfriend, Caden; your fiancé, Ethan; your close friend, Blaze. If any one of them chooses you...

You were bound here to save Ava!

Let me introduce myself; I am Adora. Your divine aide, and you have been chosen!】

In the past, Seraphina's sole obsession in life was Caden.

She had adored Caden for eight years, colloquially termed as his online devotee.

Yet, it was Caden, without hesitation, who chose to save Ava between the two.

At that moment, Seraphina's heart died completely.

Adora:【Ava, a pseudo-heiress, universally favored; you, a true heiress, lost everything at the outset of a misaligned life. She is life's victor, and you, bereft. Don't you wish to reclaim what was originally yours? The love of your parents, your fiancé, and Caden – this lad has been deceiving you from the start. Even this kidnapping, orchestrated by Ava's admirer, Zarax, was intentional, seeking your demise.】

Seraphina chuckled softly, "Ava has affections for Ethan, yet Grandfather Smith only acknowledges me as the true heiress. Our families had arranged a marriage contract years ago, with the intention for me to wed Ethan. It seems Caden's true affection lies with Ava, doesn't it? To be with Caden, I insisted on ending the engagement with Ethan, paving the way for Ava and Ethan to fulfill their destinies."

Adora: [!!!]

[So, you were aware of all this.]

Seraphina, with a melancholic disposition and limited popularity, was far from foolish. Over the years, she had long understood the trivialities of romantic entanglements.

After Seraphina's demise, Ava proposed the creation of a charitable foundation in Seraphina's name, earning acclaim for her kindness. Each person had a bright future: Ava became an internationally renowned superstar, Ethan joined the billionaire's club at a young age, Caden emerged as a genius composer, Maximilian was hailed as an esports god, Blaze ascended in the military ranks, and even Zarax, the abductor of Seraphina, became a formidable figure.

All these outstanding men were vying for Ava's attention.

Adora handed Seraphina the Book of Destiny: [Bah! Ava is nothing but a promiscuous woman, enjoying the company of various men. Do you wish to make them pay the rightful price?]

Seraphina also witnessed the tragic death of Grandfather Smith. He had investigated the truth behind Seraphina's abduction, tracing it to Zarax of the Olivier family. Finally, Zarax was defeated, but succumbed to a terminal illness.

Grandfather Smith was the only person in the world who genuinely cared for her.

Seraphina: "Can I save Grandfather Smith?"

Adora: [With our collaboration, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. It seems you have agreed to form a pact with me?]

Seraphina: "Give me a reason. I believe everything in this world comes at a cost. You wouldn't assist me unconditionally, would you?"

Adora: [The intricacies of this world far surpass our initial perceptions. Within every ostensibly ordinary realm, there exist observers responsible for maintaining order, yet, regrettably, some of them display bias. In this parallel world, the observers favor Ava and Ethan, leaving you to navigate a life often overlooked.]

[The higher authority bears an unspeakable name; we refer to it as "Nil."]

[The merciful "Nil" orchestrates emissarial spirits and selects a corrector to traverse parallel worlds, rebirthing and rewriting destinies to restore order to the path of peace and justice.]

[You are the chosen "Corrector."]

Seraphina: "If what you say is true, then must I confront the power of the divine, engaging in an epic struggle between dust and elephants? It is truly unimaginable."

Adora: [Allow me to formally introduce myself; I am your celestial aide, known as Adora. Throughout this confrontation, our lives are intertwined.

You need not worry, for in the correction process, any additional dissatisfied energy that should not exist will be quantified and collected as points, available for exchange in transactions for necessary items.]

Seraphina: "I wish to reclaim everything that rightfully belongs to me, ensuring that those who love me do not suffer due to my existence. I am at your disposal."

Chapter 2 I am back.

When Seraphina regained consciousness, she found herself on the set of "Sweet Romance."

This was a variety show she had participated in two years ago, centered around sweet love, featuring four invited couples. The audience was drawn in for the heartwarming content.

The first couple was an elderly pair, veteran director Julian and retired actress Elena, married for twenty years, their union akin to a gentle stream with its own warmth.

The second couple comprised the queen of the music industry, Lily, and her boyfriend Sebastian, a decade her junior.

The third couple was Ava and Ethan.

The final pair consisted of Seraphina and Caden.

In her daily life, Seraphina tended to be reclusive, disliking social interactions and vehemently avoiding involvement with variety show media.

Caden remarked, "I want to introduce you to my fans, let everyone know that I have the best girlfriend in


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