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  • Author: Zemora
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 182
  • 7.5

In a wealthy century-old family, Seraphina's fate is destined to be entangled in a complex web of conspiracies. From a young age, she unexpectedly became a pawn of human traffickers, separated from her true family and replaced with the daughter of an ordinary household. As she grew older, her true identity became a deeply hidden secret. In this intricately woven story, the identity of the CEO fiancé remains a mystery. He is a cold and distinguished man, distant in demeanor, yet harboring a deep affection for the swapped daughter. He even divorced the true heiress to stand by her side, becoming her unwavering support. On the other side of the narrative, a gentle musical prodigy born into another century-old family hides a captivating dual identity. On the surface, he appears gentle and kind, a beloved idolized star. However, in pursuit of the false heiress Seraphina, he feigns affection for the true heiress, becoming entangled in the complexities of this love whirlpool. The childhood friend who admires the false heiress represents the dark forces in this story—a person with a violent and paranoid personality, possessing high intelligence and antisocial traits. Consumed by pathological admiration, he kidnaps Seraphina, using any means necessary to eliminate her status threat, plunging her into darkness. What makes this story unique is that every character is portrayed as a villain, engaging in a web of deceit and deadly alliances. Ultimately, this nefarious alliance succeeds in ending Seraphina's life. However, fate never allows her to give up. After death, Seraphina is given the opportunity for rebirth and chosen as the destined corrector. She discovers that with enough energy, she can grow stronger and even rewrite the rules of destiny. Seraphina embarks on a new journey, collaborating with other chosen ones, collecting energy to unveil the truth and rewrite her past destiny. She faces a challenging decision—whether to forgive and let go or to seek revenge, all in an effort to reshape her future. This is a gripping novel, filled with elements of suspense, romance, and revenge. In this world of intricate conspiracies, Seraphina will use her newfound strength to rewrite her destiny, becoming the chosen corrector.


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