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Queen Of Heart And Reprisal

Queen Of Heart And Reprisal

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Drea Campbell, an entertainment reporter, has properly improved her life from a miserable childhood, she is proud of the strides she's taken to put her past behind her and continue as a strong independent lady. She found out the truth behind her parent's death and wanted revenge but falls in love with Jason Beckham, a movie star but Jason Beckham just wants to get in her pants and dump her like he always do with women, will Drea be special or will she be dumped like other girls? Curious? Read more to find out how this blooming romance turns out.

Chapter 1

"Get your head in the game!!!" Summer yelled on top of the music blasting from the speakers in the club.

"I can hear you without you screaming Summer" I raised my voice a little which I preferred to the yelling, it made my eardrum ache.

Summer has been with me for 5 years now.

If I can remember clearly, it was Christmas, mum sent me to pick up some Christmas decorations, and Summer bumped into me and spilled coffee on my white blazer, she apologized and gave me her sweater, we met again where I buy coffee almost every day, we became friends since then.

Her parents died when she was six and she was put up for adoption, luckily for her, she was adopted into a nice family, they are not wealthy but they are fine. She works at la belle beauty company, which makes facial masks, face cream, and others.

It's New year's eve and I'm here. Clubbing and getting intoxicated thanks to Summer's relentless idea to dance our way into the New year. Friends like her make you do the unexplainable. I love her nonetheless, she is the only person I consider a best friend because she's proven beyond a reasonable doubt that I can lean on her, cry and trust her.

I looked around the crowded club a lot of people clubbed their way into the New year and tonight I was of them. So dysfunctional. I wanted to be curled up like a ball in bed watching Netflix

"I'm going to call it a night, I don't feel too good and I have work tomorrow," I said, exhausting the last gulp of liquor in my glass.

"Don't be a party pooper " she said disappointed.

"Ten more minutes" I sagged my shoulders in defeat. Summer had a way of getting to me with that little cute puppy face she makes.

"You're waiting for the countdown Drea, afterward you can shove your ass in your Bentley and zoom off"

I inhaled deeply knowing I'd never win this battle.

"I'm going to need more drinks"

"Now that's what I'm talking about, I'll go grab one for you" she jumped up in the excitement and I couldn't help the loud giggle that escaped my mouth.

"29" I hear Summer shout, my body fell out of the trance. The countdown had begun and I joined in.

"5," we all said in unison

"Happy New year bestie, I wish us a hundred new years ahead" Summer hugged me off, guard.

"I think that's a curse having to live that long" I hugged her back

"No, it's not, we will still be sexy as fuck"

I laughed so hard.

"Can we go now? " I curved my lips

"Sure tiger ". She set her glass on the table and we exited the club.

I WOKE UP THE NEXT morning with a bang in my head, I didn't get drunk from last night but drank enough to give me a hangover.

I got out of bed, lazily heading to my living room. I saw my phone vibrating on the center table and Summer sleeping and snoring on the floor.

"Hey mom" I tried to conceal my hangover and tiredness

"Happy new year daughter, sorry I couldn't call you before now"

"I forgive you, mum"

"I wish you were here you know, cooking together and singing holiday songs with me in the kitchen, you know your dad is a bore"

"I wish I could mum but I already told you, I have a meeting today, maybe tomorrow, I will make it up to you and dad"

I said.

"Ok, I miss and love you"

"I love you too, mum, I have to go now"

I hung up.

If I don't end the call, she will get emotional. For the past two years, I hardly had time for them.

I got dressed and ready for work.

I'm an entertainment reporter and one year of experience.

I work for a Channel news broadcasting company.

I got to work.

"Miss Drea, Mrs. Shapen wants you in her office now"

Mrs. Shapen's secretary told me.

We have various branches.

Mrs. Shapen is the managing director of the branch in Los Angeles, where I work in.

I closed the door behind me.

"Drea, I have good news for you and bad news"

I got nervous.

"What's that?"

"I'm moving you to our main branch in Chicago"

"What... Why?"

I was speechless, The main branch???

"Yes, you don't want to?"

"I'd love to"

I said in excitement.

"Well, you should be there in three days cause they need a replacement or they will find another"

"I can get there tomorrow"

"Your choice, leave my office, I have things to do and you can leave early to prepare"

"Ok Ma'am"

I left.

I was excited and didn't know what to do.

Mum, yeah, let me call her.

I took my phone from my desk and sent mum a text message.

I know she will be sad that I can't tell her in person but I have a deadline.

I sent Summer a text too.

I stopped by a taxi and left.


"Drea! Drea!! Drea!!!"

Summer yelled.

I came rushing out of the bathroom with a towel on me and took a stick with me

"What happened? Where is the bad guy?"

I said looking around.

Summer laughed.

"There is no bad guy, you are going to work in the main branch"

She said with excitement.

"Is that why you yelled?"

"Of course, I am so proud of you"

She hugged me, I know she is sad.

"Thank you so much"

"So you are going to Chicago, that's like a billion miles away from here"

"Don't worry, I will try and come back"

I assured her.

"You must, ok, we need to celebrate this"

"I'm not going to any club"

The club is always the option.

She laughed.

"Ok, I don't have any idea"

"Why don't we cook some food or order, drink some wine, toast and watch a movie?"

"Okay, I'm only agreeing cause it's your last wish"

"Last wish, I'm not dying"

We laughed.

"so when are you leaving?"

"I already booked a ticket, I will be out by 10 am"

The cute puppy face again.

How do I fight this?

"That soon?"

"Yes, we still have like 5 hours before we sleep, ok? So don't give me that cute face"

She smiled.


"yeah, so I will order us some food, select a movie and bring out the wine, I will put on some clothes too"

The food came, and we drank, talked, and slept.

The next morning.

I woke up, got dressed, and left a note for Summer.

If I wake her up, I will be late for my flight.

I arrived at Sunnyville in Chicago.

My accommodation was taken care of.

I unpacked my luggage, took a shower, and ate mac and cheese.

I slept off early so I can wake up early to prepare for my first day at work.


"Mum, please don't leave me"

I said sobbing

"I'm not your mother, stop calling me that"


I cried and heard a noise.

I opened my eyes, it was my alarm, I turned it off.

I'm having that dream again.

I took my phone and checked the time, it was 7:00 am.

I rushed to the bathroom, took a shower, and wore a pair of pants and a matching top with a blazer and my hair packed in a bun.

I left the hotel I'm staying for a while till I get my own space.

I took my phone and checked Google Maps. I hurried to the nearest bus stop and waited for the bus.

Checked my phone again while waiting for the bus, it was almost 8:00 am, and I'm late, I should be at work already on my first day, and I think I need to change my alarm.

Finally, the bus arrived.


I rushed into the huge building.

I saw the reception, I don't know where to go, I will ask them.

"Good morning, I'm new here and I'm looking for Mrs. Denver William"

Mrs. Shapen told me to ask for that name, she will help me with what I needed.

"What's your name?"

The lady asked.

"Drea Campbell"

"Ok, one second"

She made a call.

"She will be down in a second, take a sit"

I sat down and waited.

"Where is she?"

A woman in pants and a shirt asked.

"She is sitting there"

The receptionist pointed at me.

I stood up and approached her.

"Mrs. Denver?"

"Follow me, I will show you what is needed"

She said as she was walking and I followed her.

After a while of talking and walking

"This is where you will be working"

She pointed at an office with three people, then I saw a vacant desk, and I figured it was mine.

"Meet your new reporter"

Mrs. Denver announced.

"Welcome, my name is Michelle"

A lady among them welcomed me.


I said with a smile.

"There is an interview going on, you should watch it, follow me"

We walked into the studio where the interview is been held.

It's Jason Beckham that is being interviewed.

Summer is one of his biggest fans, she is always saying he is the king of romance.

Well, I don't think he is, he has a bad record with ladies, and he is a playboy but Summer doesn't care, she is in love with him.

He looked at me and we made eye contact, this is my first time seeing him in person. he has blue eyes, I guess that's one of the reasons ladies fall for him and he is from a rich family.

The interview ended.

"Well, you should get back to work"

Mrs. Denver said.

"Ok ma'am"

I felt someone put a paper in my hand.

It was Jason, I opened my hands.

It's a dollar, he wrote "call me"

With a phone number.

Call him??

Chapter 2

"Mum, please don't leave me"

I said sobbing

"I'm not your mother, stop calling me that"


I opened my eyes, the same dream.

17 years ago

"You got first in class again"

My mum said and hugged me.

"I will give you a special gift"

She sat me down on her bed.

She opened her wardrobe and brought something out.

"This is a scarf I made myself"

She handed it over to me.

"It says mum loves Danielle"

I stood up and hugged her.

"I love it, thank you so much mum, I love you too mum"

I said still admiring the scarf.

"I love you more sweetie"

She grabbed my hand and we head to the living room.

"What's the special occasion?"

My grandmother asked.

"Elle got first again in class"

My mum said with excitement.



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