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Psychopath's Wife

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"I love You Raahi and I do not care whether you love me or not. If I am telling you that you are mine, that means you are mine and you have no right to love someone else" "What will you do if I fall in love with someone else?" And the next moment, she was caged between him and the wall while he dug his fingers hard in her cheeks. "You want to try me?" They told me that I am selfish and was blind to his love. According to their claims, I tend to accept that he loves me, but I couldn't love him. How could I? How could I just remain his wife? After being married for 12 years to Arhaan Awasthi, Raahi Awasthi finally decides to run away from him. But why?


A man's voice...

"No, She escaped me!" I cried as I settled on the floor of my empty house. She is nowhere to be found in the entire house.

She never does this, she never dares to step out of the house. Her world consisted of just me and our daughter. I am sure, someone has taken her.

I love her and she is mine, she can't go far from me, she needs to understand this. I am going to find her, she should be right in front of my eyes, listening to whatever I say. That's what she has been doing for sixteen years and that's what she should do till the end of her life.

She is my wife, mine. And she will be mine till the end of time. I am going to find her and pull her *ss right back here. Mrs Arhaan Awasthi can't leave her husband Arhaan Awasthi. Because being my wife is her identity and I am the reason for her existence.

A woman quietly entered the bus with her daughter and took a seat. She looked scared.

The woman's voice...


This is a wife, known by the name of her husband, Arhaan Awasthi. Everyone knows me by Mrs Arhaan Awasthi. But today, after 12 years of our marriage, I have finally managed to escape from my husband's life and house and I am hoping that I will escape from my husband's name as soon as possible.

Well, I am not alone who has escaped, I have my seven-year-old daughter with me. I couldn't leave her alone with my husband even if he loves her the most in this world and can do anything to protect her.

So today, Mrs Arhaan Awasthi has escaped from Arhaan Awasthi's house along with her daughter Arohi Awasthi.

I don't know that why I escaped from him, or why did I escape all of a sudden. All I know that I can't live with him anymore. But to be honest, I am scared as well, I have no idea where will I go or what will I do now. The only thing I know is that I have escaped.

I don't know what you guys will be thinking about my husband, but to be honest he is a good man. He claims to love me the most and he does love Arohi the most in this world. He takes care of all our needs and desires, he is good and he is loved by my parents as well.

In fact, people recognise me by his name, they recognise me as Mrs Arhaan Awasthi, but maybe I couldn't be his.

He always used to tell me that "I am his, only his, and no one can separate me from him, not even me myself."

He loved me way too much, but... I couldn't love him. Maybe I betrayed him while he was loyal to me. Truth to be told, he was completely mine, but I couldn't become his, never.

Arhaan provided me everything, whatever I asked or desired, he provided me with that within an hour, no matter if he was busy or free or stuck up at really important work. He was the best father to Arohi. He took care of her, her happiness and her needs perfectly, he loved her so much. He always treated her like a princess and me, a queen, maybe. Arohi is seven today, and in these 7 years, my beloved daughter didn't cry for anything. She might get angry at me, but she could never get angry at Arhaan. She loved her father way too much, for her, he is a superhero. After all his father loved her equally as well.

You might be thinking that if Arhaan loved us so much, then why did I escaped from him with my daughter? Well, I don't know, and I don't know what and how will I manage without him, how will I take care of Arohi, or do anything. He took care of me, he loved me, he took care of my happiness, but in the end, I couldn't remain loyal to him.

Well, this is Raahi, an infidel wife as claimed by the society, a victim, a survivor and a fighter and this is my story.

1. Seventeen Years Ago


I used to be a simple and happy to go girl. I had my fair share of dreams and ambitions and I wanted to accomplish something in my life and make my parents proud.

Well, this wasn't something unusual. This is a dream that every middle-class girl in India dreams of, to study and then get a job so that she can stand on her feet and make her parents proud before she is married off to someone. I dreamt the same.

But then, something happened. Whatever happened was something that a girl can read in some dark romance novels or movies, something which sounds romantic till the time it's a story, on the texts. But when that happens in real life, it turns out to be the worst nightmare of a girl's life.

And seventeen years ago, something happened that turned my entire life upside down.

I still remember that day clearly, the memories, the incidents all of it is crystal clear in my mind. And I don't feel good about it,


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