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President's Hookup Mummy Run, Daddy Is Coming

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Five years ago, her boyfriend sunk to the lowest of his career, having no other options, Karen worked hard to find evidence to clear his name. Without help from anybody, Karen turned to Ava her best friend for help. Ava found a way for her to earn money. It involved selling her ovum. They had agreed to use artificial means to harvest her ovum, but the buyer changed his mind. The buyers locked her in a dark room. Then, a man appeared in the darkness and tortured her a day and a night. Later, Karen received the money and successfully cleared Sage's name, sending him to new heights in his career. When Sage reached the top of the entertainment world, he decided to abandon her and cheated on her with Ava.He said Karen was disgusting. He looked down on her for giving  her dignity to another man. However, she had done it all for his sake.Worst still, five days after Sage dumped her, she found out from a news on tv that Sage and Ava were engaged.It was a big blow to her face!So out of betrayal, Karen showed up at their engagement party.  Karen approached a complete stranger and kissed him. Grey Crawley, the CEO of the Crawley' Corporation, had no interest in women of any kind.One evening, at a party with his family, he was surprised when a girl walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the lips. Following that one decisive kiss, he vowed to claim her as his own.

Chapter 1

“Karen Flints, take your things and leave, get lost! You're no longer needed here!"

Andrew Tate, Karen's boss, stood high on the stairs of the company conference room as he furiously yelled at Karen, who helplessly stared at him.

Karen was dumbfounded as she did not know things would turn out this way.

Karen was among the senior staff of this company. After graduating from college, she had worked at this Blue Sapphire company as a designer and her hard work eventually payed off when she was promoted as a senior staff, but now she was being dismissed like a begger by her boss.

After college, she had submitted her resume at various companies without any feedback from them, and she had even lost hope of ever getting employed at any company. It was at such difficult situation that this Blue Sapphire company eventually called her back and employed her.

After getting the job, she had worked very hard at the company like her life depended on it.she would skip meals just to finish her work on time and would even wake up very early every morning to come to work. But at the end, she was still sacked.

There was no way she was ever going to see any other job. Andrew Tate, her boss was hard to please and was very strict . Karen was even surprised that such a cold hearted man could promote her. Things would become hard for her after this, maybe an apology could be the only way.

All the staffs who were around the conference room could only whisper amongst their selves while they enjoyed the drama between her and their boss.

Because she was very intelligent, she got a lot of haters at the company and they must be happy now that she was being sacked.

Karen dropped the files she was holding at the flower vase close to where she stood and walked up to Andrew Tate, who was with an angry expression.

“Mr Tate, please give me one more chance and I promise I won't misbehave anymore. How do you expect me to fend for myself if you sack me. Please forgive me and I promise not to misbehave again.” Karen said as she placed her two palm together. If begging was the only way for her to sustain her job, why won't she do it?

“There's no excuse Karen, you are leaving the company. You know I don't accept any nuisance caused in this company. Please leave before I call the security guards on you." Andrew Tate told her, signaling for her to leave.

The previous day, she had found out her boyfriend Sage was cheating on her with her best friend Ava, so out of anger and betrayal she had bought an alcoholic drink at the company and drank to stupor to forget her worries. Unfortunately for her, since it was the first time she was trying alcoholic drink, she got drunk and ended up misbehaving at the company.

Although after catching Sage cheating on her, she did not expose him and because of the love she had for him decide to just forget about it. Morevever Sage was her better half

The way she acted was so bad that the workers at the company could only call Andrew Tate to handle her. Videos were taken of her and it was Andrew who later took her to an hotel room to spend the night. Now that she was fine and came to the company, she was being sacked and this was all that b*tch and scumbag fault.

"One more chance Mr Tate, I promise to be diligent. All this years I have served this company and never caused any nuisance, so why do you want to sack me now?" Karen asked.

" So the other workers who want to misbehave can learn from you, so please leave." Andrew told her.

After seeing that she could not win him over, Karen nodded and went to her office to pack her things. After that, she further proceeded outside and walked away. Her life was a mess now.

She was in a bad mood and needed somewhere to cool down. She bought her phone from her bag and saw that there was a miss call from Emma. With a frown on her face, she dialed Emma's number.

The call was picked by Emma almost immediately.

“What's up baby girl, haven't you gone to work already?" Emma asked.

"I've been sacked..." Karen said

“What? Tell me you are joking Ka?" Emma didn't want to believe what Karen told her. Who knows, she might be joking.

“This is not a joke, I have really been sacked and it really that b*tch and scumbag's fault. Are you at home?” Karen threw.

“I just got back from submitting my resume at that newly cosmetics company I told you earlier, hopefully I will be picked. Yes, I am at home, you can come.."

"Okay." After that the call was disconnected. Karen boarded a bus which took her to Emma's house.

Her blonde hair friend was making food when she arrived, and with a frown she sat close to her. At that moment, the news on the tv caught her attention.

"Famous actor Sage Mendes and Ava Reed have informed the media about their upcoming wedding. It was rumoured that both has been dating for a while now and it's finally time the couples has decided to tie the knot. Happy marriage life to both of them."

"This bastards, so they finally decided to get married just after Sage broke up with me for her. Ava has been my best friend for years, and I didn't expect her to do this to me. I hate her so much. She's a green snake in green grass, so pretendious. It was because of Sage that I was sacked at my work today, yet he seems to be having a happy life." Karen weep.

Emma quickly left the food she was making and went to her friend.

"What do you mean it was because of Sage that you got sacked?" Emma asked with a shocked expression. It was then Karen told her everything that transpired in her work, and how she got drunk in anger after founding out Sage was cheating with her best friend and misbehave in the company.

“After all you did for him, you don't deserve to be treated this way. You should get your revenge Karen. Sage can't be happy after putting you in this condition."Emma said wiping the tears from her eyes.

It was as if what Emma said trigged her anger and determination, a smile came on her face as she said, "Sure.. I will get my revenge abd the first step is to ruin their wedding."

After getting all the necessary information that the wedding was holding four days later, Karen got prepared to ruin their wedding.

Chapter 2

On the wedding day, Karen entered inside the Crescent-Moons Hotel with pride, and the intention to retaliate their betrayal.

As she made her way through the lobby of the hotel building holding her pink hand bag, her beauty attracted everyone.

Under her arched eyebrows were pair of bright and pretty eyes, a slim nose and cherry lips.

She looked so beautiful even though she had no makeup on.

As Karen located the conference room and walked there, she caught sight of the wedding poster and photos of Sage Mendes and Ava Reed, and she became even more angry.

Back then, her relationship with Sage lasted for three years, and Ava Reed was her closest friend during that time. It was only five days ago when Sage ended his relationship with her for no apparent reason.

Sage, now ex-boyfriend, was her beloved boyfriend for three years.

Ava was her close friend for eight years.

Five days ago, Karen went to the film set to give Sage a surprise.

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