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Pregnant for the Ruthless CEO

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Again, my eyes darted to the test strip and then to the picture. I'm pregnant and my husband is cheating on me. With her. Well, isn't this just picture-perfect? ~•••~ In the span of a few minutes, I found out my husband was cheating on me and I am pregnant with his child. What an irony! Ethan was a well known Billionaire and I guess that's why it's like this. So, I packed a small bag and left the house to Country R. The neighboring country. I filed for a divorce with the determination of raising the unborn child on my own and never telling Ethan about the child. I had a new life in Country S. A fresh start. A start away from my past life. But, who am I to dream? After one month, Ethan came crashing into my life again and this time, he promises to stay. I don't want him to stay. He wants to be in his son's life as well as mine. Why? He would do anything to bring me back to Country S while I would do anything to not go back to Country S. Now, we were two people under one roof with different missions. With the unborn baby being the bridge between us. Who will break first?


"A mail came for you ma'am.", A maid said as she stepped into the room. She was bearing a brown colored envelope that I knew offices used for carrying documents.I tore my eyes away from the Pregnancy Test Strip on the bedside table and collected it with a smile."Thank you."She bowed and left. I sighed and looked down at the brown envelope. Just my name and my address were written on the envelope. I didn't know who could have sent it to me and to worsen the situation, there was no sender.I shrugged and tore the envelope open. Photos fell out of it into my lap with their faces down. I emptied the content at once and just when I picked up one picture, my eyes darted to the time.It was five minutes, finally. The test should be done. My hand moved to the bedside table and I grabbed it off.I prayed silently in my heart for one line but when I looked at the strip, two thick red lines were mocking me. Straight to my face.A dark chuckle escaped my lips. What is this? What sort of mockery is this?! How could I be pregnant for that b*st*rd?! That loathsome, gruesome, cruel, cold, heartless monster?!My hand that was holding both things fell as a stray tear fell from my eyes. A soft patter made me look at my left hand which was still holding the picture.'Oh right, the mail.'The picture that was in my hand was dim and I couldn't see the picture. But it's obviously a bedroom. I immediately grabbed other pictures and finally the puzzle came into pieces and I saw the whole picture. My husband, and that b*tch, in a dim room under the sheets. I could see his upper body was naked so his lower half should be too. That b*tch even dared to bare her whole body while my husband smiled from behind her his eyes glued to her boobs.Again, my eyes darted to the test strip and then to the picture. I'm pregnant and my husband is cheating on me. With her. Well, isn't this just picture-perfect?This picture... I know who sent it. The sender is in the f*cking picture. She did this. She did it to taunt me. To show off. To bluff. Another tear fell and I wondered, "Why am I crying? This is all just so messed up. Get up, Val."Immediately, I stood up and yanked the wardrobe open. An array of Designer clothes of different colors filled the wardrobe and I shook my head. Very stupid.I should leave all that he bought with his money. I don't want to owe him anything. Anything at all. This baby, I'll take care of it myself. I don't need a cheater's help!I packed my essential pieces of stuff like my passport, brush, towel, slippers, and phone and finally I was ready with a small bag. The way I looked, you'll think I'm just going to get coffee.I changed out of my dress and wore a simple crop top and Jean trousers. Something he would never let me wear. I have to be "presentable", his words, not mine.I carried my red handbag that contained my essential pieces of stuff and walked out of the room. I was about to close the door when my eyes drifted to the photos on the bed. Damned photos. I slammed the door close with a loud bang and I saw the maids in the hallway turn their heads to me. I spared them no glance as I descended the stairs my hand trailing the golden railing as I walked. I looked down at the white sandals on my feet and I smiled. It's good to finally feel like me again."May I ask where you're going, Miss?""Coffee.", I replied simply without looking at who was asking me."Should I get your car–?""No, thank you.", I cut her off and I turned the knob of the door that led outside. I shut the door after me and I sighed. It's high time I left this miserable life anyways.As I was about to leave the gate, I turned my head to the gigantic white building behind me. My matrimonial home. Where I lived for 5 years. A hellhole if you ask me.I walked out of the gate and flagged down a cab once I was out of the estate."Where to, ma'am?""Airport."The car zoomed off immediately and I felt a heavy feeling in my heart. What if he found me and I was in bigger trouble? Alright then, first things first, when I'm settled down, I'll file for a divorce. Hopefully, I have the wits to do it.In no time, the car skidded to a halt. I fished my wallet and drew out a hundred dollars. I closed the door after giving it to the cab driver when I heard,"Miss? Your change.""It's fine.", I replied and without waiting any longer, I walked, more like ran into the airport. Thankful, there was one last ticket to Country R. I immediately purchased it and waited a whole hour before the flight was called. Immediately after the flight was called, I rushed into the airplane. My heart was slamming against my ribcage and I feared it would jump out of my mouth in no time.Even after the plane had taken off, I was still scared. The plane landed safely and I was in Country R. Far away from him. Hopefully.Settling in Country R was no joke. I had to change my hairstyle, I never really liked it, I did it to please him. I dyed my hair from black to blonde and I changed my last name to my former last name. The one I was bearing before I got married. I dressed differently from how I used to dress when I was his wife. I got a room apartment at a discount price and a job as a cashier at a Supermarket. One Month. For one month, I have been living peacefully. Until that day.It was a sunny afternoon and I was tired. Plus the pregnancy was taking a huge toll on me. I couldn't wait for my shift to be over!"Is that all?" I asked the old woman politely and she smiled."Yes.""Alright, thank you for shopping! Have a nice day ahead!" I greeted her as I bagged her stuff."You too, dear."I smiled and she walked away with her bag. Finally, the last customer."Good–" My greetings hung in the air as my eyes widened as I felt my heart rate pulsate. My throat ran dry and suddenly, I felt like the Air Conditioner here wasn't cold enough. He grinned at me and I clenched and unclenched my fist. My hand was shaking and I sure am shaking all over."Won't you bag my stuff, Val?" he asked pointing at the counter.I tore my eyes away from him to the counter where a bar of Snickers sat. Remember that divorce I was talking about? I filed for it, but I haven't gotten a response about whether my husband signed it or not.I looked back up at him with tears in my eyes."What are you doing here, Ethan?"

Public Bus

"What are you doing here, Ethan?" I asked through gritted teeth. What is his problem?! Can't I live in fucking peace?!"I'm here to shop, obviously, since this is a supermarket, no?" He replied gesturing at the aisles behind him. I gulped harshly and sniffed before I nodded my head."Of course. I'll ring you up." I said taking the bar of Snickers off the counter. I noticed my hand was shaking and as hard as I tried, the separation and all that, still after a whole thirty days, he has that stupid effect on me.I placed the bar in front of the scanner and slowly put it in a bag."Your bill is 3 dollars and 59 cents," I whispered and he nodded his head before he reached for his inner suit pocket and pulled out his wallet. He slid a Hundred Dollar bill and I eyed it before looking up at him."I don't think you heard me–""I heard you quite well. It's okay


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